Reasons to Feel Sorry for Peach and Rosalina


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1 Rosalina Gets Hate for Appearing in Everything

Daisy, Peach, and Waluigi fans hate her for that. - ParkerFang

Caused by Rapid Daisy Worshipers - ToadF1

True! it's like t=how mario gets hate cause he's "mean" to luigi - Adventurur2

2 Peach Always Gets Kidnapped

And Mario has to Save her all the Time - ToadF1

3 Rosalina's Backstory
4 People Treat Peach Like She's Amy Rose

Saying Peach is Bossy, Immature and a Brat compared to Amy - ToadF1

Is it because she's Amy's rival in Mario and Sonic series? - ParkerFang

5 They Both Get a Lot of Hate in TheTopTens

Compared to Other Websites in Existence - ToadF1

6 Some People Tell Lies About Peach

"She's Rude" "She's Bossy" - ToadF1

7 They are Often Labelled Overrated for the Sake of It (Especially Rosalina)

Okay...I guess she is Overrated, but not as Overrated as Luigi and Yoshi! - ToadF1

8 Some People Compare Peach to a Random Character/Person/Thing and Say Peach is Worse

And sometimes natural disasters and Satan - ParkerFang

9 They Both Have Annoying Haters

Daisy has them too - ParkerFang

10 Both are Picked on by Rapid Daisy Fans (Especially Rosalina)

I could say the same for Pauline. Now Daisy fans hate Pauline. - ParkerFang

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11 They are poorly designed


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