Top Ten Reasons Feminists Need to Leave the Video Game Industry Alone

I love video games, but those idiotic feminists are targeting it.

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1 It's not their games so they don't get to decide what's in them

This list shouldn't exist, its just here to attack girls who want to play video games. Its like the "boys are stupid throw rocks at them"

Just because games like Hyperdimension Neptunia have some questionable design choices doesn't mean you can attack it.

" You don't see men trying to tear down buff guy characters"

Some men would if the buff guy character was designed to be more appealing to female gamers than to look like a strong idol for guys. I've seen a few of games that had very attractive male characters who come in different shapes and sizes that appeal to women, and there have been men who complained and made fun of the characters designs because it was not to their liking.

I even seen some men trying to tear down characters from T.V. shows, movies, books, celebrities, and even video games. it's ironic and funny that some of these list that guys are complaining about what some women might do, some of the men are already doing it themselves, such hypocrites.

Exactly. Go make your own game. - GlassweighanCountess

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2 More men play games than women

This isn't about feminists this is about not wanting females playing video games.

Almost 60% of the people playing The Sims are female. Yes males play The Sims but you just want to cry and say women can't play video games they are too stupid.

Some people play games and some don't!

Actually only 4% more men play video games than women so it's not as much of a disparity to make this an important note. Also shouldn't feminists be concerned about the video game industry if more men play video games than women, which falls in line with video game marketing pandering mostly to boys considering the statistics? - Erucu

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3 There doesn't always have to be a female character in a game

Completely agree, just as there doesn't have to be a female lead in movies to make women feel important in male lead genres. If there were any male supporting characters hogging the spotlight in female movies then guess whats? SEXISM!

4 There are more male protagonists because there are more male gamers

In the early games design, the games were unisex and made for families to enjoy, and there were more female game developers at that time. When Nintendo start marketing their games, instead of putting it in the electronic section, they wanted to sell their games at the toy aisle, they choose the boy section, and marketed to them, and the other brands start doing the same thing.

So there probably aren't many games, or as many games for women as there are for men because of the old fashion marketing even though there are a lot of female gamers who love video games. This does answer to why there are more male protagonists, and it's not because there are more male gamers, but because of what started it. There probably would've been more female protagonists if games were marketed for women at the start.

Everyone loves games, and not everyone has to like every games since there are like different categories for age, gender, and interest. Guys can like their sexualized female ...more

I actually don't think it's a big deal if there's some females in a mostly male game. The problem is creators have to be careful not to stereotype males or females. Both genders get exaggerated quite a bit in some video games, and in other games, they don't. I don't really care what gender characters are... - Turkeyasylum

Nor do I, that's the point I'm trying to make. But some feminists don't comprehend that. - Therandom

It's true, we play more games. - Therandom

5 Females don't have to be masculine

I agree with this, not all females don't have to be masculine.

I agree. But sadly, there are gals are so obsessed with feminism that they act all macho about it, which is pathetic. And it's ironic that there are feminists who claim to hate macho guys but behave macho themselves. If that isn't hypocritical, I don't know what is.

I can do weight-lifting, judo - I'm female.

Next they'll be going "HEY, MEN HAVE PENISES, WHY DON'T WE?! "...
I'm sorry, that was crude. Still calling it, though. - mattstat716

6 Women have equal rights, they're just trying to ruin everything men like

Men bash everything only for women.

Women are equal in the USA at least. - LordDovahkiin

untrue - Erucu

Yes you do let me think most of the pop music in the charts, Twilight books/films, I'm not a fan of it also 50 shades of grey, television talent shows have many female fans.

I'm not a Feminist but everyone on the internet seems to think they are scum.

7 Females can have sleazy outfits

Feminazis who get offended by sexy women in games (who are actual characters, mind you, them being a sex object and nothing else is usually kind of boring) are usually fat slobs who are so far from attractiveness that a female with redeeming qualities is "offensive".

Some can actually be hot

8 They're ruining an amazing thing

Why are you crying over girls playing video games?
Why do you cry over feminists thinking they are all the same (third wave)

I think they should stick to real life problem instead of video games. - Delgia2k

This doesn't really bother me much, mostly since my favorite video game franchise(Kirby) has a protagonist whose gender I'm not even sure of. - Garythesnail

9 If they want games to have their "requirements" then they should make their own game
10 There are bigger issues in women's rights than women in video games

Like women being treated like slaves in third world countries - GlassweighanCountess

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11 Violence can and should be in games

Violence isn't actually a requirement. Just being a good game is enough. - MKBeast

12 Bayonetta was created by a woman
13 The Neptunia franchise was created by a group of women

This kinda confused me. How does a series full of fanservice appeal to feminist? I don't really think that just because a series made by women doesn't mean it's for feminist.

14 They ignore blatant sexism in hip-hop music

What about the blatant sexism in hard rock and indie rock? - Erucu

Or rap. - mattstat716

15 Female characters don't have to be a certain way to be valid inclusions in a game

Princess, damsel, wears pink, not playable, etc are just as valid character types as those that are playable, scantily clad, tomboyish if not butch, and (the most overused and now meaningless word on this whole site) badass.

16 Skinny women in video games are not body shaming
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