Top 10 Reasons Final Fantasy VI Was a Better Game Than VII Was

The Top Ten Reasons Final Fantasy VI Was a Better Game Than VII Was

1 Vastly more challenging

okay? - ParkerFang

2 Has much deeper meaning to its storyline despite the story itself being infinitely less complicated than VII's
3 Its plot isn't blatantly weeaboo-pandering, edgy-for-the-sake-of-it horse-drivel like VII's is
4 Better final level, final boss (and final boss theme), and better ending
5 Kefka is a way better villain on nearly all accounts than Sephiroth

Well he kinda sucks to me - ParkerFang

6 Supports up to four members per party, as opposed to a measly three in VII

So 8 has 3 too do you hate 8 too? - ParkerFang

7 Unlike VII, it didn't have a god-awful Japanese stereotype of black people in its character roster (yes, Barret, we're looking at you)

That's racist - Gehenna

8 Overall more atmospheric and considerably less fake-sounding music
9 Despite being 2D as opposed to 3D, the graphics still looked A LOT better (in fact, almost as good as Chrono Trigger's)
10 Barret can't suplex a train

The Contenders

11 It had a ninja named Shadow in it...with a dog named Interceptor, no less

Shadow 4 Smash!

Meh he's alright - ParkerFang

12 Much more serious and less cheesy tone than VII's (ironically enough)
13 The main hero and villain of the game aren't just generic sexy-haired anime dudes with ridiculously big swords

Or a girl with weird magical powers - ParkerFang

14 Considerably more innovative at its time, pushing the limits of its home system way more than VII ever did
15 Got much better handheld ports
16 VI didn't get played by that stupid overrated Vinny from Vinesauce (at least, not yet)

Sure or Cait sith - ParkerFang

17 Has an actual legit art style that doesn't look like complete garbage
18 VI (debatably) isn't actually responsible for the FF franchise being the way that it is now...again, unlike VII
19 It refined the series in just about every way that it possibly could, whereas VII was actually quite a bit of a step back
20 Gets its praise solely for just how phenomenally good of a game it is, while VII gets its praise more for how big of a deal 3D graphics were considered at the time
21 Let's be honest; although VII needs a remake infinitely more, VI deserves one vastly more
22 It allowed you to break the game in ways that were actually fun
23 Although it still involves a lot of waiting, it at least doesn't require you to wait through ludicrously long cutscenes for just about literally every single attack like VII does
24 Stereotypical world-dominating and world-polluting evil corporations are pretty much nowhere to be found here (outside of Vector)
25 Seriously, it's the reason why Kefka is in Final Fantasy Dissidia
26 More replay value, honestly
27 Less linear, offering a lot more overall freedom to the player
28 VII was pretty much literally just an edgy post-apocalyptic ugly-graphiced version of VI, with several gameplay mechanics and plot elements ironically dumbed down compared to the SNES game
29 Better English translation
30 Has a villain that actually manages to more-or-less destroy the entire world that the game takes place in mid-game
31 Considerably less overrated
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