Top 10 Reasons Final Fantasy VII is Overrated


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1 Nostalgia
2 3D games were considered a really big deal back in the 90s

Worse yet, the graphics look about as good as Star Fox for the snes and it fails the story oriented game.

3 It's the only Final Fantasy of the original seven that most people have actually played all the way to completion
4 Final Fantasy VI, IX and even IV were all vastly superior games from the same series

I'm glad there's a list called Problems with Final fantasy 6 fans because at least I'm not the only one who's having problems with them

5 Ridiculously long and stupidly unskippable attack cutscenes
6 So easy, it's pretty much Baby's First RPG (just like Chrono Trigger, actually)
7 It had utterly horrible and atrocious-looking graphics even for its time
8 The storyline is dull, clichéd and about as irritatingly, pointlessly drawn-out as you can get

People like this game because of MUH STAR WARS PLOT, Terra being abused (mentally) by the "Star Wars Empire", and Magitek. It's the Majora's Mask of the franchise that has it's own massive hipster fanbase that is akin to Majora's Mask of N64/3DS. I cannot control people's horrid tastes and that horrid taste era reared its ugly head back in 2002. There is sadly no cure for the horrid taste since 2002 and Final Fantasy VI is the equivalent of saying Britney Spears is hot back in 2002.

9 Let's be honest, the only real reason why people like Sephiroth as much as they do is pretty much because of how hot he is; same with Cloud, actually
10 It's pretty much literally just a more edgy and post-apocalyptic version of VI

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11 There are just so many vastly better RPGs out there
12 Final Fantasy VI was on the SNES and had infinitely better-looking graphics
13 The characters are incredibly boring.
14 Many of the other Final Fantasy games were vastly more challenging overall
15 The combat system was dumbed down even compared to most of the previous games in the series
16 Square apparently thinks that the game deserves a remake even more than VI does
17 Again, it's the main reason why VI probably isn't even going to get a remake at the rate that Square is currently going
18 The morals behind the story were painfully forced, ham-fisted and pretentious, and not even in a good way like what you see in games like Mother 3 and Undertale
19 Stupidly overpowered characters and summons galore
20 An overall mediocre cast of characters that also includes quite possibly the absolute worst African American stereotype in video game history (Barret, of course)
21 It's just a bland and mediocre game in general when you compare it to a lot of the other stuff that the genre has to offer
22 Xenogears was literally the prototype for it and still turned out to be a vastly better game in almost every way
23 Honestly, Sephiroth isn't even the best final boss battle in the series
24 Overall, even the soundtrack really isn't the series' best, especially with how incredibly fake the midi instruments used in it sound
25 Let's be real here; Kefka was a far more threatening, interesting and unique villain than Sephiroth was
26 Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were both way better and honestly much more innovative games
27 There were honestly much better games on the PlayStation
28 It's part of the reason why Square Enix is no longer allied with Nintendo the way that it used to be
29 Although the beginning and end of the game are both phenomenally memorable, everything else in the game is mostly relatively forgettable
30 Even Final Fantasy V was technically a better game for its time
31 It's the game that started the FF series' current trend of shamelessly whoring itself out to anime weeaboos
32 Sephiroth is easily the most overrated video game villain of all time, with Cloud being probably the most overrated protagonist
33 RPGs (and video games in general) have just come so incredibly far since its release
34 Seriously, people literally bought the PlayStation just to play this stupid game
35 The game really isn't as sad or as emotionally/morally deep as people make it out to be
36 Both the villain and the main protagonist are literally nothing more than your typical clichéd sexy-haired anime bishies with gigantic swords
37 The English translation for it was pretty questionable to say the least
38 Everyone is always calling it the best game ever made (just like Ocarina of Time and Undertale, two almost-as-overrated games)
39 Barret can't suplex a train
40 Sephiroth didn't destroy the world
41 There are legit critics who actually consider it to be the best overall game in the series
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1. Nostalgia
2. 3D games were considered a really big deal back in the 90s
3. It's the only Final Fantasy of the original seven that most people have actually played all the way to completion


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