10 Reasons Finn Should Not Have Died on the 100


The Top Ten

1 He could've been interesting with Clarke and Raven

That's the only reason, I can understand. Thank God this is number one. - Mesel

2 He was really caring for Clarke

Yeah...we all see what happened because of him caring for Clarke. 18 innocent Grounders. No particular reason. Just saying... - Mesel

3 He had the most potential

You mean his talent for everything? This isn't just potential. This is an overpowered character. - Mesel

4 He saved so many lives

He determined so many lives. - Mesel

5 He was not mean like Luna or Murphy

Finn killed 18 innocent people. Without any reason. Just because they were there. In the wrong place at the wrong time. What did Murphy? He avanged himself on two people who tried to kill him. Don't you dare say anything against Murphy and protect the overrated Finn in the same sentence. You're right about Luna. She was a terrible character. But John Murphy is just adorable. While Finn is an overrated hero who's able to do everything you can imagine. That's very boring by the way. Think about it. - Mesel

6 He killed the guy with one eye

So...what? That's a reason? "Hey man, Jasper killed two Grounders in the first season, so why don't keep Jasper alive? " - "Wow, that's...evident." - Mesel

7 He was Clarke's boyfriend and Lexa should have forgiven him

Yeah... Do it Lexa... This guy bangs the blond girl you like. Forgive him for killing all those people. - Mesel

8 He was a fan favorite character

Yeah. That's true. And that's sad. Sorry. It's just... I hate him. - Mesel

9 He made me laugh a lot

He made me moan a lot. Don't get it wrong. - Mesel

10 The producers lost money after

Did they? Wow. But the series grows a lot after his death. - Mesel

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