Top Ten Reasons for Admin to Revive TheTopTens Forum


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1 It never should have been cancelled

TTT forum was a great idea! You probably just didn't put it where people could easily notice and access it. And if you did, just give it time. Nothing ever becomes popular immediately, things catch on, and I promise you this will catch on if you bring it back. Even if it wasn't popular, there were a few people who used it, so keeping wouldn't have done any harm. How about giving it another shot? - Songsta41

The forum had a dedicated link in the top navigation of the site so it was noticeable and accessible. It was online for two years so we gave it plenty of time. - admin

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2 It's a great way for TopTenners to interact with each other

Being able to talk to PetSounds and Keycha1n at the same time is probably my dream come true! - Garythesnail

3 We can use it to improve the site

That's the problem with our wiki forum: Admin has no jurisdiction over it, and therefore he cannot endorse any idea in the wiki which has the intention of improving the site. The only way we can suggest something is through messaging Admin.

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4 It would become popular
5 It can be a place of discovery

If a lot of people like one thing (i.E. metal music, drama movies, etc.) then they can write all about it and hear others opinions and whether or not they like the same things. If someone who doesn't already like it sees al the positive things being said about it, they will be more likely to try it, more likely to find a new passion, and it would all be thanks to you. That's how I feel about metal and I want other people to know what it's like. - Songsta41

Or in other words, if someone's opinions are well-founded, they get respected, and if their opinions are backed up with stupid reasons, they're roasted and "bashed"

6 It can make new TopTenners quickly become popular and feel at home on the site

If you have an attraction that people instantly love, a lot more of the visitors will frequently come back to the site and the site will become more popular in turn. - Songsta41

7 You can use it for group messaging

Group chats are the first thing that I would add to this site. PREACH - Puga

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8 It can make for more user friendships
9 All the TopTenners would think highly of you for returning it
10 Admin can use it to easily spread the word about any announcements or changes to the TopTenners
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