Top Ten Best Reasons For Being Fat

The Top Ten
1 You're from America.

america is known for having the largest population of fat people, the more u eat, your body will become fatter

What about Henry VIII?
And when you look at Fat Acceptance then look at people like him.

Its always the same with fat men and women.
"Where are you from? "
"America. "
(No ones surprised)

Kim Jong un disagrees

2 You love food.
3 You want to be the world's fattest woman/man.

guiness world records, the fattest person alive - ronluna

4 You want to keep warm.
5 You can squish people.

I am in fifth grade and I am not even 70 pounds yet is this bad?

omg this is the reason I weigh over 12000 pounds! - Okami

If they call you fat you can squish them! - Gunnar9797

6 It's genetic

Yeah, but it also came with periods.

7 You get handicap privileges.
8 If you keep getting fatter, you won't get wrinkles.
9 You can make funny fat people videos for Youtube
10 It'll be more comfy to sleep

Unless its super hot
Or your step bro sneaks in your room to listen your guy

The Contenders
11 You can press multiple keys with one finger.
12 It's more socially acceptable than it used to be
13 Many people will help you
14 You have drunk too many beers
15 You're lazy
16 You don't want to change
17 You're in denial
18 It's trendy
19 You can post articles on the web saying why you love being a fatty

Some people want to read that stuff.

20 You have more estrogen
21 Puberty caused it
22 You want to die sooner
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