Top 10 Reasons for Specific Undertale Characters Being Adorable

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1 Just About Every Single Thing About Them (Alphys, Asriel)
2 Adorkable (Alphys, Undyne, Burgerpants, Papyrus, Temmie)
3 Mimigas with Horns (Asriel, Asgore, Toriel)
4 Their Adorable Lesbian Crush on Each Other (Alphys and Undyne)
5 Fluffy Snow-White Fur (Temmie, Greater Dog, Lesser Dog, Annoying Dog, Asriel, Asgore, Toriel)
6 Anime Eyes (Papyrus, Mettaton, Toriel, Onionsan, Asriel)
7 Anime Hair (Mettaton, Temmie, Frisk, Chara)
8 Implied Crushes on Just About Every Major Character in the Game Excluding Flowey and Chara (Alphys)

Is it weird that I find Alphys shippable not only with Undyne, Asgore, and Frisk (male player), but also with Sans? I mean, think about it.
They are short.
They know timelines.
What else is there to prove?
Both Sans and Alphys:
I am a very tall migit. -asdfmovie
During the quiz w/ MTT, I am like... what in the world? Asgore, the human, Undyne, and an I don't know. I chose Undyne at random and it was right, so I just question Alphys's sanity with so many crushes.

9 Big Ears (Temmie, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, Undyne)
10 More Than Ambiguously Gay (Aaron, Mettaton, Papyrus)

The Contenders

11 Little Big Brother and Big Little Brother (Sans and Papyrus)

Don't be intimidated, Squidward...
(Sees Sans)

12 Chubby (Alphys, Asgore, Catty, Endogeny, Sans)

I wouldn't call Sans fat, he is BIG BONED!
I wouldn't call Asgore fat, or Alphys...
Or Endogeny...
That leaves poor Catty.
Woof, lay off the MTT burgers!

How is Alphys fat?
Sans is bigBONED
Asgore was stresseating for his ex
Catty tried to get Burgerpants but got glamburgers and steaks of mtt
Endogeny... wait a minute...
En dog eny

13 Big Softies (Papyrus, Asgore, Toriel, Greater Dog, Endogeny, So Sorry)
14 Best Friends (Undyne and Papyrus)
15 Undyne Obsession (Papyrus, Alphys, Monster Kid)
16 Naive Childlike Innocence (Papyrus, Asriel, Monster Kid)
17 Tea and Flowers (Asgore, Flowey, Muffet)
18 Small Size (Alphys, Sans, Annoying Dog, Temmie, Frisk, Chara, Young Asriel)
19 Oh No, He's Hot (Mettaton, Asriel)
20 Dora Hair (Frisk and Chara)
21 Sleeps in a Race-Car Bed and Still Listens to Bedtime Stories (Papyrus)
22 High-Pitched Nasally Voice (Alphys, Papyrus)
23 Perpetual Goofy Smiles (Sans, Papyrus, Madjick, Gaster)
24 Secretly Lesbian (Undyne)
25 Dorky Buck-Toothed Smile (Alphys)
26 Cute Feet (Toriel, Alphys, Asriel, Asgore, Undyne)
27 Nerd Glasses (Alphys)
28 Shyness (Napstablook, Alphys, Shyren, Asriel)
29 Still a Kid at Heart (Papyrus)
30 They're Dogs (Greater Dog, Lesser Dog, Annoying Dog, Doggo, Dogi, Endogeny)
31 They're Cats (Burgerpants, Catty, Temmie, Neko Sans)
32 Mew Mew Kissy Cutie Obsession (Alphys and Undyne)
33 Facial Expressions (Burgerpants, Alphys, Undyne, Temmie, Toriel, Asriel, Asgore, Mettaton)
34 Cute Crying (Asriel, Asgore)
35 He's a Flower (Flowey)
36 His Box Form Looks Like the Parking Robot from the First Episode of Wallace & Gromit (Mettaton)
37 Muscles (Aaron)
38 Small Puppy with Great Big Suit of Armor (Greater Dog)
39 Severe Blushing Habit (Alphys, Asriel, Toriel)
40 Cat Face (Undyne, Temmie, Burgerpants, Catty, Mettaton)
41 Brock Eyes (Frisk)
42 Rosy Cheeks (Chara)
43 Big Noses (Alphys, Toriel, Asriel, Asgore, So Sorry)
44 Beady Noses (Greater Dog, Annoying Dog, Lesser Dog, Burgerpants, Nice Cream Guy, Doggo, Catty)
45 Alphie (Alphys)
46 The Nicest People You'll Ever Meet (Alphys, Toriel, Papyrus, Young Asriel, Asgore)
47 Big Heads (Alphys, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, Sans, So Sorry, Frisk, Chara, Muffet)
48 Endless Teasing (Mettaton, Muffet)
49 Names (Muffet, Temmie, Papyrus, Flowey, Alphys)
50 Girly Girl With Incredibly Boyish Appearance (Alphys)
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