Top Ten Reasons for War

The Top Ten

1 Economy

Oil has to do with Economy and ways people make and use money, without it we would not be traveling the world by car/boat/or plane. It is something that fuels the Economy, but so does the war itself. It fuels the economy by adding jobs to produce war time weapons and people to fight the wars. It helps with population growth in a time when the population has sored to an almost unsustainable number.

2 Oil

The Middle East is full of this Evil black liquid... That's why the world has been on fire for years


3 Colonization and Conquering

There's Always one country thinking it can rule the world, But Powers are always changing, and even the Strongest Power can be destroyed, For example In the past Britain was the Undefeated Empire... Then It was Japan then China then Soviet union and now it's the U.S.A... Thank God The Colonization System has stopped for good many people were dying out there.

4 Religion

Religions make the people good, but it also is reason why people are dying


5 Nuclear Energy

This is The main reason for war in the 20 Th Century which was Mainly between The United States and the soviet union. Nuclear weapons Can really Destroy the MAnkind and they should absolutely disappear from the surface of this world

6 Racism

The continuous Hate Between Blacks and whites surely was a great reason for war

So many government official give peace talks to no avail

7 Instinct

War is due to man's thoughts to acquire or take all that is desirable and to disregard or destroy all that is not desirable in his environment, and with each conquest become more powerful, more rich, and more of a leader of men and the desire of women, it is aggression, it is testosterone.

8 Power
9 Population Control

Besides economy I believe war has to do with controlling the size of the population. By eliminating populations of people you open assets for others, such as jobs.

10 Cruelty
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