Top 10 Reasons Fortnite is Better Than Minecraft


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1 It has guns It has guns

These days people only play games with violence, especially guns - FallenBlaze

This is the number one reason? This is how this world is today? We don't like nice, creative games? We like guns and violence games. WOW.

Although I hate Minecraft, I'd agree it's better than the cancerous game of Fortnite.

I'm suprised B1ueNew didn't made this list. - Userguy44

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2 It's free It's free

If Fortnite wasn't Free it probably would've had less people playing it. Yet Minecraft isn't free - FallenBlaze

Wait... I accidetally voted for this. But yeah its free. I don't play fortnite though - Lucy1402

3 It's newer It's newer

OH LOOK It's THE NEW GAME FORTNITE, LETS PLAY IT! All people do is get the newest things, not bad, but just ridiculous - FallenBlaze

Just because something's new doesn't mean it's better.

4 It has great graphics


No it doesn’t?

5 It's popular It's popular

Can't we all agree? - FallenBlaze

6 No lag No lag

It lags less at least - FallenBlaze

That's not true there is lots of lag and I have good internet

7 More active players More active players

No actually minecraft has more

8 It's a challenging game

What do you do in Minecraft? , just build a house, Fortnite has a much better building system - B1ueNew

That will get you glued into the game and stay there for hours - FallenBlaze

9 It has a purpose

What I mean about this is that when you play it you have a mission kind of, and you have something to do - FallenBlaze

10 It's all people talk about

ya it bad

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11 Better combat

The combat in Minecraft is awful, you move too slow, and there's no weapons - B1ueNew

12 You can dance in Fortnite but not in Minecraft

Who said you can't dance in Minecraft? - Userguy44

Yeah if you spam shift you will get a perfect minecraft dance. what does fortnite have, cringy 9-year old flossers?

13 Better graphics

Minecraft looks awful - B1ueNew

14 Minecraft caused drama

Caused drama of white boys taking pickaxes and cutting down trees! - B1ueNew

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