Top 10 Reasons Fortnite is Better Than Minecraft


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1 It has guns It has guns

Person who made this list should kill herself/himself

Bro, I personally think Minecraft is better, I did this list because I know that most people are afraid to make these types of lists for people like you, the fanbase for both games are horrible - FallenBlaze

That is not a valid point you plank

Sorry, but this list was made for 9 year olds, and you know what games they like - FallenBlaze

This is the number one reason? This is how this world is today? We don't like nice, creative games? We like guns and violence games. WOW.

I have all the skins!

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2 It's free It's free

I agree with blaze

Fortnite is so much better than mine craft me and my friemd are having a fight is fortnite or mine craft is better and mine craft costs like 60 dollers


If Fortnite wasn't Free it probably would've had less people playing it. Yet Minecraft isn't free - FallenBlaze

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3 It's newer It's newer

Anti-nostalgia huh? - Userguy44

OH LOOK It's THE NEW GAME FORTNITE, LETS PLAY IT! All people do is get the newest things, not bad, but just ridiculous - FallenBlaze

Just because something's new doesn't mean it's better.

Woo Hoo. - TriggerTrashKid

4 It's popular It's popular

People: oh because of lots kids play it. - Userguy44

Well now with endgame, it is getting a lot more people because of advengers endgame fortnite has gotten more players since it came out.

So is Minecraft? - Qryzx

I agree with blaze

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5 It has great graphics

Not great, but okay, cartoonish, but good for it's own good. - TriggerTrashKid


No it doesn’t?

6 No lag No lag

My game lags a lot even when I have my lan cable pluged in

Minecraft lags a lot and it’s annoyingly distracting. - Userguy44

That's not true there is lots of lag and I have good internet

It lags less at least - FallenBlaze

7 More active players More active players

Both have lots of active players. - Userguy44

No actually minecraft has more

8 It's a challenging game

Minecraft is challenging, but in a different way. - Userguy44

What's better than Minecraft about Fortnite though is that it has more blocks to build with...

What do you do in Minecraft? , just build a house, Fortnite has a much better building system - B1ueNew

I would say they're about equal in building actually. At least in fighting Minecraft players don't explode into wood. - Qryzx

That will get you glued into the game and stay there for hours - FallenBlaze

9 It has a purpose

The purpose of Minecraft is to do anything you want. Not boring like fortnite. You do an create anything in Minecraft

Minecraft is the worst it has no purpose, the people who play it are lonely 4th graders, lol I am in the 6th grade.

Both are just to make money

Minecraft has no meaning. Fortnite is more fun.

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10 Better combat

No weapons? minecraft has weapons dummy!

You're autistic B1ue

The combat in Minecraft is awful, you move too slow, and there's no weapons - B1ueNew

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11 It's all people talk about

ya it bad

12 You can dance in Fortnite but not in Minecraft

Who said you can't dance in Minecraft? - Userguy44

Y is dis a reason? - JayJayPlayzzz

Yeah if you spam shift you will get a perfect minecraft dance. what does fortnite have, cringy 9-year old flossers?

13 Minecraft Xbox 360 lags badly

If you don't like the lag on Xbox 360 play Xbox 1 or PC or PE!

The Xbox 360 is an outdated console, that's why it lags so badly. it runs better on Xbox 1 or PS4.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Lags Every Single Time I Log In!

Mincraft is for nerds and gekks

14 It's rated T

What does that have to do with anything

15 It has rules

Rules suck in minecraft you can do whatever you wnat

16 Better graphics

I agree

Graphics don't make a game good all the time.

cuphead would be bad by your logic - JayJayPlayzzz

Minecraft looks awful - B1ueNew

17 Minecraft caused drama

Caused drama of white boys taking pickaxes and cutting down trees! - B1ueNew

18 Spawn where you want

Fortnite you get to land where you want while Minecraft you start in a random spot

Because fortnite is a battle royale game and minecraft is not a BR game dumbass - JayJayPlayzzz

19 Fortnite has emotes

Some involving dabbing, the floss, and laughing like you have lung issues? Don't get me wrong I like Fortnite DANCES, not general emotes. - Qryzx

true - FallenBlaze

20 It's more varied

All you do in Minecraft is explore,build,and use horrible graphics

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