Top 10 Reasons Fortnite is Better Than Minecraft


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1 It has guns

Because Fortnite is a battle royal game while Minecraft isn't. Minecraft has weapons, but it's different. None of the games are better, it's subjective. - Userguy44

Fortnite sucks, enough said!

No matter what minecraft is better than fortnite - Yoshidude

Where is your grenade launchers now minecraft

2 It's free

Haha that's not a reason, the only people who say that's a reason are the 90% of little kids who can't afford any other game... Minecraft Is better and always will be.

Fortnite save the world costs money - Builderblockboy76

Fortnite it's free because that epic games are nice unlike minecraft you need to pay money and some can't afford it it just wasting this fornite is better than minecraft and its free its more better and minecraft is boring.

What a stupid reason.

3 It's newer

Anthem and Fallout 76 are also new games, yet they suck. - RogerMcBaloney

I guess you want to kill your grandpa too huh? - PICKLEMAN

These are opinions in a nutshell

Anti-nostalgia huh? - Userguy44

4 It has great graphics

Not really. Kinda looks cheap honestly. It has a nice cartoonish look, but that's it. - RogerMcBaloney

Just get shaders and texture packs. - Yeetos

Lmao for a Disney princess yeah - PICKLEMAN

I agree. Yes fortnite sucks but you don't have to jump around all the time. If you do't like the textures of minecraft why don't you switch to another texture pack?

5 It's popular

That's not even true - LooOOooLYT

Again, not a valid reason. - RogerMcBaloney


People: oh because of lots kids play it. - Userguy44

6 No lag

I agree there is no lag

Bad reason

I think not - PICKLEMAN

True, Fortnite has no lag. Yes fortnite sucks but actully lag in minecraft is sometimes good

7 More active players

Actually minecraft pulls 30,000,000 players back every month

Fortnite is basically dead - LooOOooLYT

Minecraft has like 7+ million players. So... pretty much Minecraft has more active players than Fartnite

Fartnite sucks

8 It has a purpose

It's purpose is to exist as a boring game that nobody really likes. That's why its dead now - LooOOooLYT

And what is it? Steak babies money? - PICKLEMAN

The whole point of Minecraft is that you create your own purpose. - RogerMcBaloney

The purpose of Minecraft is to do anything you want. Not boring like fortnite. You do an create anything in Minecraft

9 It's a challenging game

Minecraft is more challenging depending on how you play it - LooOOooLYT

Yes becose you have to run to not did

Minecraft can be challenging and easy depending on how you play it, where you play it, and who you play it with and the game style. Fortnite is just hard, no customization.

Git good - PICKLEMAN

10 Better combat

Flip flap your opinion is crap - Ibz

Technoblade: Exists

No weapons? minecraft has weapons dummy!

That's not even what it means, it says "better" combat not "no" combat - FallenBlaze

You're autistic B1ue

The Contenders

11 It's all people talk about

Everybody talks about how BAD fortnite is - LooOOooLYT

ya it bad


12 You can dance in Fortnite but not in Minecraft

That's actually part of what makes Fortnite worse. - RogerMcBaloney


OOOH! I know that fortnite has dances but every time I see those, I CRINGE! DUDE! Minecraft is better than FARTNITE (fortnite) because minecraft can be educational. It also helps you to be creative, cooperate, friendly, (and doesn't teach you on when you see a dead person, you dance in front of them. DUDE, THAT SUCKS! ) and become a pro in creating buildings, houses, EVEN CITIES AND VILLAGES! What does fortnite have? Just a bunch of POOP AND FART(NITE)! SUCKA

Who said you can't dance in Minecraft? - Userguy44

13 Minecraft allows mods

Minecraft is better than fortnite because you can get mods, allowing you to do other things. What is there to do in fortnite? fight, waste money, build things that don't even look good, waste money, waste more money, waste even more money, waste even more money. Minecraft can be almost any game you want to, with the right mods, which may I remind you, are free! Also, the skins are free on Minecraft, unlike fortnite, which wastes you/your parent(s) money. So all you autistic nine year old virgins need to think and do research before you post autistic things

Mods are what makes minecraft better becasue you get to customize your game according to your preferences - LooOOooLYT

Minecraft 10 fortnite 2

Boy this Is a reason that supports the opposite - jkk

14 Fortnite has more memes

Minecraft has no memes its just that its old so old

Yeah lol... ANTI-fortnite memes - LooOOooLYT

If you want memes just go on the internet.


15 Minecraft has Story Mode

Shouldn't that be a plus? - RogerMcBaloney

Fortnite is NEVER gonna have story mode. and I think the owner of telltale games hates fortnite.

And even a season 2!

16 Minecraft Xbox 360 lags badly

Yea that's where I play my minecraft and its also outdated

Yeah, Minecraft might lag badly on '360, but that's a pretty outdated version of the game.

If It Lags Play A Other Version Of Minecraft Or Play The Bedrock Edition

If you don't like the lag on Xbox 360 play Xbox 1 or PC or PE!

Not everyone has enough money you know, and you know how some parents are - FallenBlaze

17 It has rules

In minecraft there are no rules, which is a good thing because it allows players to get more creative and build beautiful structures, not to mention... REDSTONE COMPUTERS that you can build on your own in minecraft - LooOOooLYT

it so epic

There are no real rules in minecraft, you can do basically anything you want, especially in Java edition because it is a javascript based game

Rules suck in minecraft you can do whatever you wnat

18 They ran out of ideas once it got popular

Fortnite ran out of ideas but minecraft has so many that it would take extremely long to go through all of them because minecraft gives you so much freedom - LooOOooLYT

About a month into the game they had no idea what to make so now it’s just immense microtransactions.

Minecraft Nether update is gonna be one of the hugest updates to minecraft, they're gonna update combat, cave update coming soon, and they said this game will continue on for 100 years at least, so - FallenBlaze

19 Minecraft caused drama

No Fortnite Cause A lot Of Drama - Gtastic05

Caused drama of white boys taking pickaxes and cutting down trees! - B1ueNew

20 Fortnite has emotes

That sucks though

Like 80 percent of the emotes in fortnite are taken from the real world. - JayJayPlayzzz

Some involving dabbing, the floss, and laughing like you have lung issues? Don't get me wrong I like Fortnite DANCES, not general emotes. - Qryzx

21 It's rated T

Who tf cares - protobro

What does that have to do with anything

22 Spawn where you want

Fortnite you get to land where you want while Minecraft you start in a random spot

Yeah but its always the same land, also you can actually spawn where you want with a seed - FallenBlaze

Fortnite has no npcs MINECRAFT IS BETTER because IT HAS NPCS

23 It's more varied

Every world you generate in minecraft are very different from others and they each have their own advantages. there are also many online servers to play mini-games on, like hypixel - LooOOooLYT

All you do in Minecraft is explore,build,and use horrible graphics

You build and explore in Fortnite, too. So I don't know how it's so bad in Minecraft - protobro

24 Barely any bugs

Minecraft barely has any bugs - LooOOooLYT

Minecraft has WAAAYYYAAAYY less bugs, enough said.

Ever since 1.14 they had a lot of bugs, one of the most annoying ones are that every time you look a certain direction it sends you back to another location, when I'm on a bridge and this happens, O, yes I am very dramatic and make no sense - FallenBlaze

25 It has vehicles

*cough* Modes for Minecraft brings lot of vehicles. *cough*

I still think that Minecraft is still better every way other then that

Minecraft has minecarts and boats. and mods bring many more - LooOOooLYT

26 Microsoft doesn't own it

Minecraft is minecraft and it will stay minecraft - LooOOooLYT

So your point is? - idoxially

Is this satire?

27 The picture is not all blocky

Blocky is the style that sets minecraft apart from other games. the "blocky" interface allows players to do anything they want - LooOOooLYT

That means Minecraft is ONE OF A KIND! Oooh fortnite just got wrecked


28 New updates every week

Fortnite much better

Each update brings bugs... - LooOOooLYT

This is killing the game at the same time - FallenBlaze

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