Top 10 Reasons Fortnite is Better Than Minecraft

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1 It has guns

Download the gun mod for Minecraft then.

Download a gun mod.

2 It's free

If Fortnite wasn't Free it probably would've had less people playing it. Yet Minecraft isn't free

Wait... I accidetally voted for this. But yeah its free. I don't play fortnite though

Fortnite it's free because that epic games are nice unlike minecraft you need to pay money and some can't afford it it just wasting this fornite is better than minecraft and its free its more better and minecraft is boring.

3 It's newer

Minecraft sucks. Fortnite is better because it has a lot of updates and Minecraft doesn't. Minecraft sucks booboo.

That has nothing to do with the quality of the game.

4 It has great graphics

I agree. Yes fortnite sucks but you don't have to jump around all the time. If you do't like the textures of minecraft why don't you switch to another texture pack?

Not great, but okay, cartoonish, but good for it's own good.

Minecraft looks awful

5 It's popular

Well now with endgame, it is getting a lot more people because of advengers endgame fortnite has gotten more players since it came out.

People: oh because of lots kids play it.

Minecraft is more popular, boomer.

Again, doesn't mean it is good.

6 No lag

Yeah maybe because it is run by op servers with like 1tb ram or more.

Minecraft lags a lot and it's annoyingly distracting.

True, Fortnite has no lag. Yes fortnite sucks but actully lag in minecraft is sometimes good

Uh, no, it lags lots on my PC.

7 More active players

Both have lots of active players.

8 It has a purpose

Minecraft has no meaning. Fortnite is more fun.

What I mean about this is that when you play it you have a mission kind of, and you have something to do

Minecraft does too.

9 It's a challenging game

What do you do in Minecraft? , just build a house, Fortnite has a much better building system

10 Better combat

What do you mean, better combat?

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11 Minecraft allows mods

Bruh you've given us a reason why Minecraft is better than Fortnite.

12 You can dance in Fortnite but not in Minecraft

Now you can dance in Minecraft too!

13 It's all people talk about
14 Fortnite has more memes

Watch memes on D11, D13, or Cave Sounds. For some reason they are better than all the others.

If you want memes just go on the internet.

Yeah. The dances are just amazing!

Haha minecraft does too

15 Minecraft has Story Mode

Fortnite is NEVER gonna have story mode. and I think the owner of telltale games hates fortnite.

And even a season 2!

16 Minecraft Xbox 360 lags badly

Yeah, Minecraft might lag badly on '360, but that's a pretty outdated version of the game.

The Xbox 360 is an outdated console, that's why it lags so badly. it runs better on Xbox 1 or PS4.

If you don't like the lag on Xbox 360 play Xbox 1 or PC or PE!

17 It has rules
18 They ran out of ideas once it got popular

About a month into the game they had no idea what to make so now it's just immense microtransactions.

So true like literally now it is all marvel games but battle royal

19 Barely any bugs

Ever since 1.14 they had a lot of bugs, one of the most annoying ones are that every time you look a certain direction it sends you back to another location

20 Minecraft caused drama

Caused drama of white boys taking pickaxes and cutting down trees!

21 Fortnite has emotes

Some involving dabbing, the floss, and laughing like you have lung issues? Don't get me wrong I like Fortnite DANCES, not general emotes.

Like 80 percent of the emotes in fortnite are taken from the real world.

Minecraft also has emotes.

22 It's more varied
23 It's rated T
24 Spawn where you want

Fortnite you get to land where you want while Minecraft you start in a random spot

25 New updates every week

New trash updates every week.

Fortnite much better

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