Top Ten Reasons Frozen Is Better Than Big Hero 6


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1 Frozen Has a Plot

The rock trolls from frozen ruined the plot

It doesn't, how the heck did Elsa get her powers in the first place? Why are the rocks alive? So many questions. - Fandom_Lover

But big hero 6 doesn't,it has a good plot - Nateawesomeness

I hate frozen so much and I really recommend you people visiting the website 'top ten reasons why Big hiro 6 is better than Frozen' it has a lot more reasons than this bull**** list

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2 Big Hero 6 Is Not Funny

1) Patrick Starr is a terrible comparison
2) BH6 wasn't really supposed to be funny in the first place there's nothing funny about the grieving process

It's super funny! Batman was like all of Patrick stars funny moments again,but diffrent lines,and frozen doesn't even have one funny line

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3 Elsa Looks Cool

The characters from big hero 6 does to!

So does Baymax with his armor,and the fighting team with their suits,

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4 Anna Is Cute

This isn't a reason to like a movie. - Minecraftcrazy530

Who even is Cilan anyway and how is he cuter?

Cilan's a Pokemon character I like, and I personally think he's cute. - RiverClanRocks

Baymax is WAAY cuter than Ana, Ana is plain stupid, like all the characters I frozen

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5 Hiro Is Annoying

*growls in severe disagreement and violation* YOU TAKE THAT BACK! HIRO IS MOST LIKELY THE BEST HUMAN IN Disney FRANCHISES!

Well hiro is better than elsa Hiro is the best Disney character ever

Hiro is awesome! Elsa and every character in Frozen is not

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6 Baymax Is Cliched

Sorry, but "cliched" is an actual word whose first known usage was in 1928.

Baymax is not cliche, all the characters of Frozen are, Baymax is funny and creative

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