Top Ten Reasons Frozen Is One of the Worst Disney Movies

I hate that this terrible movie is still talked about and there are still a ton of ads about them. Enough is enough!

The Top Ten

1 It's cliched
2 Anna's a disgrace
3 It's predictable
4 The songs aren't that great
5 Terrible characters
6 Terrible plot

The creators of Frozen should've done better than this and that back then before.

7 It's a princess movie
8 The singing isn't that great

And you know how I feel about singing. There are very few songs I tolerate. - Therandom

I like the song let it go,but those fan girls spoiled it by singing it over and over again - SamuiNeko

9 People never shut up about it
10 It is still advertised

The Contenders

11 It shows how unoriginal and terrible Disney is becoming

Except The Lion King will always be the WORST.

The Lion King is one of the best movie's Disney ever made but sure - MrGuyDudeMan

Same with The Lion King.

12 Let it Go is one of the most overrated songs
13 It's CGI
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