Top 10 Reasons Future is Superior to Queen


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1 Future is newer're saying that Justin Beiber is better than Shinedown?

I haven't even read a single letter yet but I already know this is gonna be one of the best lists of all time. - BlarchBlaces

So by that logic Linkin Park is better then Michael Jackson?

This list is art. I'm gonna go be sad in a corner while listening to "Codine Crazy" now. - djpenquin999

2 Future has better vocals than Freddie Mercury

Future sings so good it make me cry but queen is just overrated ok no more explaining needed. - Ub8

3 Future has better lyrics

Future lyrics about things like drugs sex and stuff which is cooler and better than stupid things like bohemian people or winning championships lol. - Ub8

Yeah cause getting high on crack (you said Future sings about drugs) is better than actually accomplishing something you won't regret - Skullkid755

Best List of All Time. - AlphaQ

Kids these days will never know how great Ub8 was (and still is). Shame. - BlarchBlaces

Godly list.

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4 Future has more #1 albums than Queen

Future has 4 #1 albums but queen only got 1 so HA. - Ub8

5 Future plays instruments better

I don't know if he does but if he does he's better. - Ub8

He can play flute. - AlphaQ

6 Future doesn't need auto-tune to sound good

Future sound good even without auto-tune unlike Freddy MerOVERRATEDcury - Ub8

7 "Mask Off" is better than "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Mask off is futures newest big hit and it's better than queens biggest hit because it sucks but mask off is ACTUALLY GOOD SO THERE. - Ub8

That's his only good song. - AlphaQ

No it's not...

Honestly his only good song is "Loveee Song" and he is not even the lead artist here. - DaisyandRosalina

8 Future sings about drugs/alcohol

I heard Future doesn't even do drugs anymore and just raps about it because it's what his fans want. - djpenquin999

Drugs and beer and sex and stuff are actually cool and fun but queen sings about stupid stuff like being depressed and motivational songs which is for STUPID EMOS. - Ub8

That's not GOOD, though. All this list is doing is showing me that Queen is better than Future.

That's stupid. Lol this list is hilarious. - AlphaQ

9 Future is more respectful to women

Future talks about girls in his songs a lot and having sex on them but freddy mercury was misogynistic because he didn't EVEN DATE GIRLS he's SEXIST. - Ub8

Freddie Mercury had a long-term relationship with Mary Austin (7 years).

10 Future had to work harder to be famous

Yo Future had to work hard growing up on the streets of Compton where he would get shot if he wore the wrong color at the wrong place. Queen's a band full of white supremacists. - MrQuaz680

Future is black so it was harder for him to get famous when queen basically jsut got it handed to them because there white and they got privilege ok BYE NOW. - Ub8

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