100 followers special: why I am pathetic

Many people do these 100 follower things, saying who their favourite users are, talking about their time here and thanking people. But I am not going to do that, as it is unoriginal. I have got some people who say this list is my worst list, but I didn't explain it well. Here we go!

I am not trying to get attention, but this is juts what I think. You can think I am the greatest user ever, but I will disagree. Here is why I am just average, and not a great user. If you disagree, please tell me why in the comments, because I don't want people to just say you're amazing! For the sake of it. Thank you.

First: I am one of the biggest metal fans on here, and have a good knowlage of the genre. I made over 100 music lists, as they just come naturally to me, but without my music lists, I would have about 20. Not very much. And, quality > quantity. My lists aren't original or creative, just... Musical.

Now my posts. I have heard many such as puga, petsounds and keycha1n call room 101 the most underrated posts series. I shall say thank you, but really? With so many post series, it just makes mine unoriginal and not special at all. Also, I have big brother, which was my only original series. But anyone could have wrote it. And for my other posts, they are also rubbish.

And I am not funny. I couldn't be funny for my life. If in the comments, you can name 3 quotes of mine that made you laugh, write it in the comments, try to convince me. Go ahead. If I made a list/post and tried to be funny, I would just fail. I am so boring!

So, I am not funny or original, so I got 100 followers? Really? Before I started messaging, I had 50 followers. That was after 10 months. If someone messaged you, you would be sort of pressured to follow them, right? So that is sort of what I did. Before then, I relied upon lists. And my lists can't have been that amazing. So, thank you for 100 followers!


You deserve your 100 followers. And your music lists are WHY people like me respect you. Your posts can't be boring, because you have 10 high quality. Just remember: m/ - IronSabbathPriest

Oh, I forgot, comments.

1. We want you to "dissappear" to.

2. A dolls house doesn't count.

3. My first and best friend on here!

Ok, the last one didn't make me laugh, but it made me smile. Because it was aimed at me. - IronSabbathPriest

Humour isn't everything. Some people utilize it, others don't. I know my sense of humour doesn't come through online. A straightforward approach works for you.

That said, I found "Room 101: YouTube" quite humorous as a whole. - PetSounds

I think your sense of humour shows a lot! You seldom make humour focused lists/blogs, but you often have a dry wit that adds to them. - PositronWildhawk

You are not pathetic. And your post series are underrated. Well, congratulations on making a 100 followers. - Therandom

Like petsounds said, I can't be funny in the Internet, but in my mother tongue, I crack really funny jokes. If you think you're pathetic, I'm even more dumb. You already know why.
Your Room 101 series were great and I loved the IPhone 7 Advertisement. - Animefan12

Christ, you may have said you weren't trying to get attention with the list, but I think different with this post. Regardless, you're hilarious. The comments you made on Andre56's facts list were gold. Just try to put a bit more variety in for non-metal fans. - Puga

You are the exact opposite of pathetic! You're one of my most favorite users EVER! You deserve 100 followers and I like your lists a lot. Keep on rocking! - RiverClanRocks

I often wonder why other people don't have a 69 followers special? I'm personally planning for that when it comes. Congrats anyways. - NuMetalManiak

You deserve 100 followers stop denying it! - samanime

Your not pathetic your awesome. You deserve 100 followers! - Pony

Congratulations on getting 100 followers, Gemcloben. To be honest, I don't think you're pathetic at all. - Delgia2k

Great job on getting 100 followers - bobbythebrony

I might be just as butt-hurt as you, I threatened leaving this site because I'm not getting support and I'm getting JEALOUS of fame that people obtain in a month just by commenting. It disgusts me. I'm still thinking about leaving. I only have 60 followers. Plus, my lists aren't getting noticed anymore. So I'm doing as worst. I'm losing confidence. I need some help. Because, LEAVING FEELS LIKE SUICIDE. - McKing1003

Hang in there bud - IronSabbathPriest

I don't even make blog posts that much. Yet I got 100 followers. I think you really deserve the followers you've got. - Kiteretsunu