Top Ten Reasons to Get a Dog


The Top Ten

1 It Will Change Your Life

I wish I could adopt all the havaneses in the world. - SilverstarofIceclan

My first dog certainly did change my life. He made me a more open-minded and caring person, and can't picture that without his awesome personality. - PositronWildhawk

I can't imagine what my life would be like now if my family never agreed to buy a dog! The perfect one too! - Wolftail

I have a rottweiler named spot. He did change my life! He saved me from bees

2 You Will Get a Companion

Human is my best friend. - Pug

Or even another member of your family! - Wolftail

3 You Will Get More Exercise

Good reason.

My dog can't have a ball. He chases after it but doesn't bring it back. Instead he tries to destroy it. Not in the violent way, he's just not very clever. Although he can do some good tricks. - IronSabbathPriest

Try racing your dog to the ball after you've thrown it! Or tag it on its way back to you! I don't exactly know how the latter will work, but you could always try! - Wolftail

Even though I don't walk my dog

4 You Could Teach It Tricks

The possibilities of tricks are endless! Roll over, jump, stand, climb, snatch, chase, attack, and many more! - Wolftail

5 It Could Underestimate You With Its Intelligence

My dog certainly has done this several times! - Wolftail

6 It Can Get You to Be More Social

Go to a park, meet another dog walker with the same dog as yours, start talking about things you have in common, and BOOM! Start of friendship! Being shy, this has helped me! - Wolftail

7 Gives You Responsibility
8 Dogs Can Be Entertaining

True, my dog loves to catch flies - MaxBravo

9 You Always Have Someone to Talk To

They will always listen to you. They don't judge or criticize.

Sometimes I talk to my dog when I'm sad or something, and it makes me feel better about the subject. I find it hard to explain things to people, so sometimes I go to my dog. - Wolftail

I do that as well. They always give me comfort unlike any human I have ever met. - PositronWildhawk

Just looking at them and talking takes any anger away - Curti2594

I do that too... love my dog!

10 Overall, It Can Make You a Better Person

The Contenders

11 They Make You Happier and Therefore You Will Live Longer
12 It Helps You Stay Fit

You walk them a lot which means you walk and therefore, fitness

13 They Reduce Stress
14 You Will Live a Longer Life

It's been proven.

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