Reasons to Get a PlayStation 4 Instead of an Xbox One


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1 It's Cheaper

Pretty much explains it - FamousOG

That's the reason I bought a PS4 instead of an Xbox. Never regretted my decision. 👍🏻

PS4 price reaction: (☉_☉)
Xbox One price reaction: (✖╭╮✖) - TriggerTrashKid

2 It Has a Better Controller

PS4 Dualshock 4 has risen to the occasion for the demands of the new generation of consoles! With Screenshot and video capture, touch pad, built in audio, gyroscope that lets the player actually lean in games when controller is leaned (can be turned off) different colored lights, easy to recharge and any old samsung or sony cellphone charger works with charging it. Great ergonomics and lightweight

My ps4 cammo controller feals better and totally a better shape

Console of PlaysPlayStation is Danny hot! �"�

3 Previous PlayStation Consoles Were Better Than Xbox

Oh Yeah, they still are, and will be. - TriggerTrashKid

4 Online Services Are Free

I've heard some of the online features and services are not free, so, if I'm wrong, correct me, but should this reason be in the top ten list? - That_Dude5414

It isn't free though. That was for PS3.

Playstation u don't have to pay for online services while xbox needs u to buy xbox gold - AlBrEv2003

5 Remote Play for PS Vita Is Pretty Awesome

If only more than 4 people owned the vita. - DapperPickle

6 Better Exclusives

InFAMOUS: Second Son people? And exclusive content for Destiny and Uncharted and the Last of Us and so much more!

I like xbox but PlayStation has better exclusive in on my opinion

God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4 > Gears Of War, Cuphead, Forza, Sea Of Thieves, Titanfall.
See That. - TriggerTrashKid

This is a reason also. I mean infamous second son is a great game and its only for PS4 - AlBrEv2003

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7 Better Graphics

Is the best console graphics

Has a better graphics card

PS4 Pro, yup. - TriggerTrashKid

The graphics so good it broke my old T.V.

8 Can Play Used Games

Great because my sis bought sims 4 for pc and it did not have 3 discs. it had only disc 2. - jace_g_

9 No Xbox Fans
10 Better Horror Games

Outlast, Daylight, Soma from the ever so famous creators of Amnesia, Silent Hills P.T. and more! If you are a console gamer who loves horror, it's PS4 or nothing baby! Or you could get an expensive gaming computer but for weekend warriors ps4 is great

2 Words: Until Dawn! - VideoGamefan5

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11 System UI That Actually Works
12 Faster Loadings

The #1 reason why I don't recommend getting Microsoft's newest technology such as the Xbox One or the new Windows stuff because it has lots of viruses and the Xbox One can easily get slower network and slower waiting processes. Xbox 360 is the same way (it didn't used to be) because it is old, discontinued and will soon shutdown Live and stop making games. But Xbox One has only been out for nearly 3 years and it is already at the point where Xbox 360 is. I hope the Xbox Scorpio or Xbox Two will be better than Xbox One and modern Xbox 360.

agreed - jace_g_

13 PS4 Allows User-Replaceable Hard Drives
14 More Games
15 The Exclusive Features – Share Play, Instant Image Capture, Button Mapping Etc.
16 The Far Superior Game Library
17 Better RAM

Has 0.5 GB more ram

18 PlayStation Plus is Cheaper

PS+ is 10$ cheaper and it gives you free games a month while Xbox one liver gold is more expensive and dosnt offer free games

19 Won't Get Banned if You Swear
20 Better CPU and GPU = Better Console for Games
21 Exclusives Aren't Shared with PC Just the PlayStation 4
22 More User Friendly
23 No Annoying Power Brick
24 Fewer Errors
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1. Remote Play for PS Vita Is Pretty Awesome
2. Previous PlayStation Consoles Were Better Than Xbox
3. It Has a Better Controller
1. Better Exclusives
2. The Exclusive Features – Share Play, Instant Image Capture, Button Mapping Etc.
3. System UI That Actually Works
1. It's Cheaper
2. It Has a Better Controller
3. Online Services Are Free

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