Top Ten Reasons Girls Are Stronger Than Boys

Wake up guys! Girls are stronger than boys and I'll prove it. Remember, muscles aren't everything!

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1 Girls deal with childbirth

Okay, this list is very sexist. You demonize men, and yet, you praise women like their Jesus. I find that extremely hypocritical of you, since men are also stronger in some aspects as well (same goes for girls). BOTH men and women have contributed many amazing things to this world; sex doesn't matter. I know I'm a white male, but doesn't mean you can spit me in the face like that. I want equal rights for EVERYONE. Plus, how would you like it if a male made a list about why boys are stronger? Would you complain?

I feel like Tumblr has just entered TTT.

I agree with you, but I have to point out that a male DID make a list about why boys are stronger. Lol - keycha1n

Is it actually pleasant to have a baby pop out your vagina, they can die after having 3-5 babies you know

Guees what want to know something? Without boys no girls. - MorlaTurtle8

This has nothing to do with strength and plus neither of your reasons airn't reasonable both boys and girls are eqall and pain does not make you stronger real strength is about training weighs not dealing childbirth. And women can also train weighs to. - MorlaTurtle8

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2 Girls have periods

How do periods make you girls stronger? You are now putting things that we boys don't go throw witch totally doesn't count. - MorlaTurtle8

This list is dumb! - Userguy44

I do find this list sexist but holy crap these things hurt, like wow - BreakFastBeast2005

Yeah... Periods suck. A lot. - keycha1n

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3 Girls don't go to the ground over one kick

This isn't totally fair. A vagina is not an organ that is literally on the outside of your body. Being kicked there for guys is a lot more intense. - LizardKing99

It feels exactly like being punched in the boobs. We know how it feels - sabrinacorbrinajoshaya

Being kicked in the balls is like having your hopes and dreams crushed, multiplied by 10 - namesnipe

Because our "part" is an organ on the outside of our body. Anyway, how would you know? You can't get kicked, after all! Genders are equal, but according to you, women should still get more rights! I'm sorry, I just can't get over how stupid these sexism lists are... - Garythesnail

The way males can't understand the pain of child birth, is the same way females can never understand the pain of severe whack in the plums. - Kiteretsunu

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4 Girls survive accidents more

I think its because girls are more cautious when they are driving unlike boys who lie showing of all the time. Boys sometimes like multi tasking all the time to prove that they are 'Braver'. They might do this by letting go of the steering wheel or going on their phone or even touching the back seats while driving.

This has a great deal to do with the fact that women do less driving than men. - PetSounds

Because whenever a man is in the car he demands on driving. This happens 24/7 in our house. - Meg21

No this is not true if both genders are driving the same car with the same knowledge in the same road and driving conditions they both will have similar results if the woman does survive this is luck and not strength.

If your in a car crash and there is both a man and women in it, you both will have the same chance of dying.

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5 Girls spend less time complaining and more time doing

Here you are complaining about males and not doing anything about it. Hypocrite much? - Puga

Like this list whose saying boys are weaker, so not wasting your time right? (Sarcasm)

Thanks dude

Well girls do the samething but I have never complain I'm matur. - MorlaTurtle8

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6 Girls have it harder than boys so they get tougher from experience

No. Men fight in wars. Women fill in the jobs while men are fighting in war. Therefore, men and women can work together and are equal. Equality people. Equality.

That stament is wrong. - MorlaTurtle8

This is why you should respect girls more

So? that does not make you stronger. - MorlaTurtle8

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7 Girls get it harder during puberty

So this is just a 5 year old girl that made this garbage list you girls get it harder during puberty dosnt make girls stronger both boys and girls are equal girls women are built to breast feed the babies and giving birth men are built to fight for what's right to make sure the babies and are safe and here could be the reason why this person made this list 1 watching the teen titans go episode boys vs girls if you guys know that show? 2 this could be a drunk women that made this list that takes drugs 3 that girl made this could be living in China 4 what it it's a boy that this list is joking around and think it's funny

Agein that does not make you stronger. - MorlaTurtle8

Haha no, shut up!

The main thing that boys hate about puberty is the sudden high testosterone levels. Though it does help in developing our sexual organs, but psychologically it makes us restless, and we tend to have mood swings much more frequently. And it isn't pleasant at all, - Kiteretsunu

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8 Girls breast feed the babies

This is the stupidest reason ever how the hell does breast feeding makes you stronger? is it just me or did the creator of the list just ran out of Ideas and put random stuff. - MorlaTurtle8

And how does that in any way make them stronger than men? - 3DG20

*Laughs* - MorlaTurtle8

This is unnecessary - boiiiiiiiiiii

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9 Girls have stronger arms than boys

On my gosh I disagree who ever said "girls are awesome boys should be afraid of us as we are more powerful girls rule boys drool you go girl boys should go to Jupiter to get more stupider were girls go to college to gain more knowledge" Yeah I would come out you little punk.

I think it is true because I'm a girl and I have strong arms


Um... I thought you said muscles don't matter :-I.

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10 Girls are much cuter

Yes, this will TOTALLY send the boys to the ground because nobody cares about gender equality..,

Look at me next to my friend Fakename, & you'll change your mind. - RoseWeasley

Not if you're same-sex attracted!

Haha looks like someone just ran out of Ideas - MorlaTurtle8

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11 Girls have stronger legs than boys

Technically, most men are stronger than most women, & it's only sexist of you say the same is true for everyone. - RoseWeasley

Equal is the answer. But to be honest, I have to agree to disagree. - yamionthetrap

Some boys have more muscle mass then girls, according to a nonfictional scientific studies. - boiiiiiiiiiii

Wrong, men have stronger muscle mass - namesnipe

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12 Girls go through pregnancy

Girls give birth to boys there fore without us your nothing

This has nothing to with strengh. - MorlaTurtle8

Again, that is a choice. - 3DG20

To the message of all girls just know Boys don't really go throw pregNancy and boys don't bleed during puporty so this list is what make girls feel proud of themselves and makes boys feel crap and this list is only for 2 year olds idiotic girls would belive this garbage list

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13 Girls have stronger immune systems

This is true, however it can backfire with certain diseases, it can also kill friendly cells - namesnipe

Stereotypes. No offense, but this list states stereotypes and not logical reasons. Now excuse me while I try to remove this sexist list. - EpicJake

Please do. I wish people would stop voting and getting it more attention. This shouldn't be as popular as it is. - ToptenPizza

Om what planet do girls have more health than guys. What's next, we finally get a cure for cancer and it turns out to only be effective for girls?

I knew some girls who got sick a lot but not anything serious but most of the guys (except 1 but we won't mention him) don't get anything - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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14 Girls do all the work

You have to be joking. You do know that boys can do some more work, you know? Generalizing all the population of the boys because sometimes to our personalities that might be unpleasant is really sexist and makes us shameful in our view. We can do chores, I know we don't like it, neither are girls, but it's the responsibility we take in our life and I found the reason on this to be one-sided, adapting in a level of stupidity. So stop judging us from this. - yamionthetrap

This a lie, some girls do more and some boys do more BUT I NEED TO DO ALL THE CHORES AND GET A DOLLAR (when my sister gets 5 dollars for taking out the trash and doing the dishes) - boiiiiiiiiiii

Actually, guys are more likely to do physical outdoor work than girls are. - 3DG20

Male presidents gave you freedom and you say that? You need some help. - boiiiiiiiiiii

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15 Girls' skulls are thicker

So? - MorlaTurtle8

Like the one who made this list? - TwilightKitsune

Ask me, if you put a knife to the top of your then run into a wall headfirst at full speed, would you be dead?

No matter how much you bash them with facts and opinion, they'll eventually end up ignoring all reasoning. Example: no matter how many time you bash in the facts that the whole argument on sex superiority is just a bunch of hogwash, that each sex is different in their own way and can't simply be compared to each other. But then again males are just as bad at this than females, perhaps this is one point that is the same for both. That we as humans can't accept someone being better than us personally, and the fact that we have this sex war adding as another divide amongst humanity where as culture does that plenty for us. But here we see that we need to divide our selves up more, perhaps until it's one person divided against everyone else, like we're our own special snowflake...oh wait we pretty much are. The sex of a person does not control how they act but in reality it's a medley of experiences, genetics down to blood lines, environment, nature and nurture, etc. So why do we have to ...more

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16 Girls do not cry over every little thing.

Now this is just silly.

Some of them do. - 3DG20

My sister crys over video games. Good luck playing with her. - boiiiiiiiiiii

Really? Since when?

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17 Boys can beat up girls any time they want

How about nobody can beat up nobody except in defense of themselves or others? - RoseWeasley

I loathe that reason. I don't like to beat girls. I am a boy, so beating a girl all the time would make me a horrible beater and think that I hate girls, which isn't true... - yamionthetrap

NOOO Its just wrong no boy should hurt girls

Thank you for adding one topic that supports men! - boiiiiiiiiiii

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18 Most girls are liberal

That's not a good thing - danimey

So? - MorlaTurtle8

This is bad,commie - namesnipe

Conservative here - TwilightKitsune

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19 Girls guide the family path

That has nothing to do with strengh. - MorlaTurtle8

But the thing is, how can you have a family without boys? - 3DG20

My sister does nothing but whine there is 0% likely her or any girls I know would do that cough sexist cough

So your saying your parents do no guide the family but the girls do... so your not giving any credit to the people that fed you paid for you to go school self fish

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20 They can handle stress better

My life is not perfect as it used to be but still this has nothing to do with strengh. - MorlaTurtle8

Hah. I’m a guy I had to take 2 finals one with 140 questions which was on biology and the other with 84 questions which was on algebra and I handled them pretty well.

By making sexist lists like these lol - spodermanfan1000

I have finals coming up and I'm handling the stress pretty well :/

21 Girls work most of the time

Sorry but you already ad this Item to the list. - MorlaTurtle8

Yeah, maybe at home, but a guy is more likely to do outdoor work like fighting in the army or running for president. - 3DG20

What about the male presidents doing work right now? - boiiiiiiiiiii

I take care of the family and I am a boy! - boiiiiiiiiiii

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22 Girls get made fun of for having periods

Girls get made fun of when they are on there periods much more than why guys get boners I'm just saying

23 Girls are blessed by biology

Girls were made to attract boys, while boys were made to go after girls. That's not anyone's fault; that's just how biology decided to make things work.
Girls have insane peripheral vision, while boys can only focus on individual things. That means girls always catch boys staring, but boys can't tell where a girl is looking. In fact, girls actually sneak more looks, but they almost never get caught. A girl who seems to look straight at a person might actually be focusing on the person next to them.
Girls are better at interpreting others' emotions because they need this in preparation for caring for babies. Girls can tell when boys lie or tell the truth, but boys usually can't say the same.
Girls can multitask better because they need to be able to do multiple things at a time while caring for children, but boys only make things worse by multitasking.

This has not have to do with strengh. - MorlaTurtle8

Everybody is equal.

Then what are gay people? - CartoonistKing

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24 Girls deal with pervs

So do some boys. My friend, Cheesecake (fake name, obviously) has been harassed by a girl before. - RoseWeasley

25 Girls can endure more things.

Hark. Having a period for half your life. Gutting the soul out of your stomach. Giving birth, breast feeding and pregnancy, some can still just sit there and let a man harass them. Men are the stereotypical breadwinners, so therefore they get all he credit in the world. Please, men get paid more too, are you kidding. Then men make fun of women, while on their period for having an attitude. Endurance. What do men go through? Nocturnal emissions. In which they cannot feel any pain, key word nocturnal. What they hell was our creator thinking. Fairness, people, fairness.

NO! Boys and girls are equal.

Enough with these sexist lists and reasons. Everybody is equal. Gender is something you can’t control. Will you people stop making whoever feel bad of their gender already. Jeez.

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