Top Ten Reasons Girls Are Stronger Than Boys

Wake up guys! Girls are stronger than boys and I'll prove it. Remember, muscles aren't everything!
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1 Girls deal with childbirth

Okay, this list is very sexist. You demonize men, and yet, you praise women like their Jesus. I find that extremely hypocritical of you, since men are also stronger in some aspects as well (same goes for girls). BOTH men and women have contributed many amazing things to this world; sex doesn't matter. I know I'm a white male, but doesn't mean you can spit me in the face like that. I want equal rights for EVERYONE. Plus, how would you like it if a male made a list about why boys are stronger? Would you complain?

I feel like Tumblr has just entered TTT.

I'm sorry to say, but I find this list a bit sexist. Now, I know that I'm a white man; doesn't mean you should demonized and tell me that I need to check my privilege. I acknowledge that not all rights for women are as equal as men in some parts of the world and they have to go through things like periods and child birth, which is annoying and painful. But men have strengths as well, like literally being stronger. There's both good AND bad to each sex.

I'm saying this right now: women are not stronger than men; men are not stronger than women. To say otherwise is sexist. How would you like it if a boy made a list called “Top Ten Reasons Boys Are Stronger Than Girls? ”

Sorry that I'm a male.

Yes that is the normal female answer. Childbirth... Please! Give it a rest. I have always heard that comment from women. Yes child birth is a tough one but it is very short term in pain. I have slit my entire face open, broken my arm twice, punctured my lung, and broke both bones in my leg. So what I do know for sure is that while each of those hurt a lot... You can't recall the pain very much... Its just a memory..

Why are people hating on this list, but not the boys are stronger than girls list! That seriously makes me sad! It is sexist, but girls are emotionally, mentally, and occasionally physically stronger than boys. I'm a kid, and I am extremely scared. I'll be getting my period soon. I also have to deal with boys making fun of me just because I'm a girl (and sometimes because I'm an animal rights activist and a Potterhead).

2 Girls have periods

How do periods make you girls stronger? You are now putting things that we boys don't go throw witch totally doesn't count.

Whoever made this list never been through periods before. Periods are not painful and they don't make you stronger.

@EpicJake no offense, but I'm a woman and I find every day of my LIFE sexist. I think you can suffer through this list.

DADDY always said 'don't trust anything that can bleed for 7 days and still live

3 Girls don't go to the ground over one kick

Okay, so I'm one of those rare people that believe men and women are equal, and, while I personally don't find this list offensive, many do, and I see why. Also, it's been scientifically proven that a swift kick in the balls is a thing least 10x more painful than child labor, it just doesn't last as long, and it could lead to men not being able to have children at all. Don't make a list about things you don't even know about. If anything, this proves that men are on par(men are still generally stronger, though obviously some women are stronger) with women.

I'm an 11 year old boy and I actually agree. 😁 At my school the girls bully the boys and they always win because if we even try to fight back they kick us between the legs and we fall down crying. The other day our teacher walked in and six boys were crying on the floor. Mrs. Teacher just laughed and said, "Well boys, now you know to just do what the girls say and don't try to fight it. They can take you down and make you cry with one shot." And then she said that we can see who the stronger sex is from that.

Because our "part" is an organ on the outside of our body. Anyway, how would you know? You can't get kicked, after all! Genders are equal, but according to you, women should still get more rights! I'm sorry, I just can't get over how stupid these sexism lists are...

This isn't totally fair. A vagina is not an organ that is literally on the outside of your body. Being kicked there for guys is a lot more intense.

4 Girls spend less time complaining and more time doing

People complain about how radical feminists are but at least they don't moan about their problems without taking action, menimists on the other hand are website warriors, forum fighters, keyboard cowboys.

Actually, quite the contrary! I know a lot of girls in my school complains about from having to do work all the way to breaking a nail.

Here you are complaining about males and not doing anything about it. Hypocrite much?

Feminism has never accomplished anything. They just complain about issues that don't even exist in the world

5 Girls are much cuter

This shouldn't be a legitimate reason on the list. Biology made girls to attract, boys to go after. It's not girls' fault they attract boys, and its not boys' fault they can't help themselves around girls. I will say, though, that being cute is better than being helpless around the opposite gender.

Your kidding right? Have you seen girly girls (not being sexist, I just mean excluding tomboys) without make up? I say not... Besides what does that have to do with your physical and athletic abilities? Sorty but... DUMB STATEMENT.

Yes, this will TOTALLY send the boys to the ground because nobody cares about gender equality..,

Why is this even on here? In hat world does being cute = being stronger/better!?

6 Girls have stronger arms than boys

On my gosh I disagree who ever said "girls are awesome boys should be afraid of us as we are more powerful girls rule boys drool you go girl boys should go to Jupiter to get more stupider were girls go to college to gain more knowledge" Yeah I would come out you little punk.

I can somewhat agree girls' legs can be typically stronger than boys', but most boys definitely have stronger arms.

It is a scientific fact that boys have more muscle mass than girls

I think it is true because I'm a girl and I have strong arms

7 Girls have stronger legs than boys

I think boys have stronger arms but girls definitely have stronger legs than boys it's a nown fact that girls train harder on their legs then any body part and boys are to focusseed on there musculs poppying out on there arms instead of their legs but some boys do focus on the legs as well but girl have strongs bones in there les awell I mean I like your reasons but they wont have facts or evidence to support your think you need some proven nown facts to make people think our right or your just saying girls have stronger legs and arms because girls like to foccus on there legs more but I don't focus on my legs at all I focus on my stomuche to see if I can see my tos every morning.

It's definitely true! Most girls train their legs, because they mostly do sports with a focus on strong legs. Also some girls think that strong legs look nice so they go to the gym. I think that's the reason why the girls in my class have all very strong legs.

Hey girl below me show some respect for their beautiful balls. I am a girl and boys are way faster and better swimmers they could easily strangle you! Boys take no notice of that ungrateful girl after all you have done I think you lot are by far the better sex.

Technically, most men are stronger than most women, & it's only sexist of you say the same is true for everyone.

8 Girls survive accidents more

Actually,women drive WAY more then men. Think about it. We drive the kids to school and back. Then we get to drive the kids to sports and activities, which, if you have more than one child, it's a hectic mess that can turn into a very lonng day. SO let's say Johnny has baseball at 5, soccer at 630, and swim team at 2 in the afternoon. Then, Cindy has gymnastics (on the same day Johnny has his sports) at 215, ballet at 6, and cheer at 5. On top of all that, your oldest, Miranda, has basketball in Lewisville from 330-530, horse-back riding in Celina at 9 in the morning, and Tae Kwon Do in Prosper at 545 (all on the same day.) Doesn't that sound like women drive a bit more than dads?
Ps. If you think this example is extreme and highly unlikely, I based them off of my life and all my friends'.

I think its because girls are more cautious when they are driving unlike boys who lie showing of all the time. Boys sometimes like multi tasking all the time to prove that they are 'Braver'. They might do this by letting go of the steering wheel or going on their phone or even touching the back seats while driving.

No this is not true if both genders are driving the same car with the same knowledge in the same road and driving conditions they both will have similar results if the woman does survive this is luck and not strength.

Carnegie Mellon University produced a test to see in there is any difference between men and woman survivors, and there was. Women are 77% more probable to stay alive in a car crash than men.

9 Girls have it harder than boys so they get tougher from experience

I think boys and girls are equal. I'm not a sexist person, but I think people can treat girls sucky. And same goes for boys, but I think it happens to girls a bit more. And all you boys out there saying "Girls are so weak they don't know how it is to live our life." You wanna see a recording of my life? I'm not complaining I'm happy I have a awesome life. But I am going through something called Pain, Depression, being sad cause my dad had a ton of heart problems and medical problems and the doctor made a accident and blew his heart valve and then he got like 15 surgeries and he's on a medicine that made him go crazy and now he's in jail and I'm on my own with my mom and Sibilings, long story short, I'm 9 I'm not crying I'm not complaining, some girls can be strong and tough.

Oh, screw you. I know all you SJW pricks think that white, male privilege makes it harder for other genders and races to exist, but it's not true! Affirmative Action programs, protesters, literally everything else. I think women probably have it much better than men, for the most part.

Are you saying that men can't learn from experience? Men too get hardships, but they evidently do something about it. Stop trying to identify people of a group as invariant and idealised.

Just saying that is wrong. Boys go to war and if a woman goes for the army she will be a national guard which dosnt even go to war and is a protector of important places like Manhattan. Who cares! This is so wrong

10 Girls have stronger immune systems

Stereotypes. No offense, but this list states stereotypes and not logical reasons. Now excuse me while I try to remove this sexist list.

Om what planet do girls have more health than guys. What's next, we finally get a cure for cancer and it turns out to only be effective for girls?

This is possibly due to estrogen's immune-boosting influence or a number of other baseline genetic advantages.

My sister doesn't exactly have the strongest immune system out there. Where are you getting these facts?

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11 Girls get it harder during puberty

So this is just a 5 year old girl that made this garbage list you girls get it harder during puberty dosnt make girls stronger both boys and girls are equal girls women are built to breast feed the babies and giving birth men are built to fight for what's right to make sure the babies and are safe and here could be the reason why this person made this list 1 watching the teen titans go episode boys vs girls if you guys know that show? 2 this could be a drunk women that made this list that takes drugs 3 that girl made this could be living in China 4 what it it's a boy that this list is joking around and think it's funny

Boys: pee the bed, get stiff, and voices crack (don't judge I need to know what I'm talking about) are the things boys get that girls don't.

Girls: get cramps during periods, experience the pain of breasts growing, and overall have a very painful experience when developing and becoming women.

The main thing that boys hate about puberty is the sudden high testosterone levels. Though it does help in developing our sexual organs, but psychologically it makes us restless, and we tend to have mood swings much more frequently. And it isn't pleasant at all,

This list is sexist and stupid. Men do more hard work than women because a woman refuses to do what men do, even in sports they play for less time and get longer breaks and they just use their sexuality to get what they want.

12 Girls do all the work

You have to be joking. You do know that boys can do some more work, you know? Generalizing all the population of the boys because sometimes to our personalities that might be unpleasant is really sexist and makes us shameful in our view. We can do chores, I know we don't like it, neither are girls, but it's the responsibility we take in our life and I found the reason on this to be one-sided, adapting in a level of stupidity. So stop judging us from this.

Oh God... you're a prick. That, while I don't want to act like an SJW, is sexist. Yes, women do work. But if some men don't work, than you can't assume that all men don't work and provide for themselves and their family. That's called sexism and hypocrisy.

Pfft, lots of men work really long shifts and only have very short breaks within every job, what are you talking about?

So the presidents, athletes, inventors, chefs, and soldiers don't do work? Yep that makes sense.

13 Girls' skulls are thicker

Ask me, if you put a knife to the top of your then run into a wall headfirst at full speed, would you be dead?

Not true... I knocked on my head three times and it hurt... ( I'm a girl by the way)

This one with multiple ones are stupid

Like the one who made this list?

14 Girls do not cry over every little thing.

I am a girl and I know for a fact that girls cry way more than boys. It's just that boys are tougher and you know it. Don't listen to them boys keep protecting us.

It is true for me but I am my harshest critic and I put a lot of pressure on myself

Yes they do. Every girl I met cried over everything.

Every girl I know cries over everything

15 Girls go through pregnancy

I think giving birth is the easy part-during pregnancy you have to deal with vomiting, mood swings, and all that other stuff and you need to be extra careful to not get hurt and not eat certain things. Not to mention, the baby is eating some of your food.

So all of a sudden girls are REQUIRED to do this? Yeah I don't think so.

You don't have too. And I don't plan on doing so.

Hey, it's a girls choice on whether they give birth or not.

16 Boys can beat up girls any time they want

I loathe that reason. I don't like to beat girls. I am a boy, so beating a girl all the time would make me a horrible beater and think that I hate girls, which isn't true...

This is likely the stupidest item on the list. You'd be charged for physical assault if you just beat up someone on the spot. Get your facts straight.

How about nobody can beat up nobody except in defense of themselves or others?

Thank you for adding one topic that supports men!

17 Girls breast feed the babies

Some men can: "Male breasts have milk ducts, and some mammary tissue. They also have oxytocin and prolactin, the hormones responsible for milk production."

This is the stupidest reason ever how the hell does breast feeding makes you stronger? is it just me or did the creator of the list just ran out of Ideas and put random stuff.

Before formula was made girls kept the babies alive by feeding them milk. So babies have to bite our breasts and suck on them.

The hell? Just a baby getting breast fed makes you stronger? It makes the baby stronger but you? Nope it doesn't.

18 Girls guide the family path

This is false. Everyone has a biological mother and a biological father. Women can't get pregnant without sperm. It's basic biology.

So your saying your parents do no guide the family but the girls do... so your not giving any credit to the people that fed you paid for you to go school self fish

Girls don't just get pregnant on the spot, have you been to a sex ed?

But the thing is, how can you have a family without boys?

19 They can handle stress better

Hah. I’m a guy I had to take 2 finals one with 140 questions which was on biology and the other with 84 questions which was on algebra and I handled them pretty well.

Wait until you see me under stress. Panting, wishing I was never born, etc.

I have finals coming up and I'm handling the stress pretty well :/

My life is not perfect as it used to be but still this has nothing to do with strengh.

20 Girls get made fun of for having periods

yes my dad and my brother make fun of me every time I get mine and I get mine very bad. it last's 10 days and a lot of pain.

Girls get made fun of when they are on there periods much more than why guys get boners I'm just saying

21 Most girls are liberal

Uhm. Not true #1 and #2 how is that a good thing? Liberals are blue-haired obese crybabies. If that makes you upset, I've proved my point.

Because Liberals aren't sexist, anti-white, anti-men jerks, right?

Some girls are also conservative not just liberal

How does that relate to being stronger than men?

22 Girls work most of the time

Yeah, maybe at home, but a guy is more likely to do outdoor work like fighting in the army or running for president.

What about the male presidents doing work right now?

Sorry but you already ad this Item to the list.

I take care of the family and I am a boy!

23 Girls can endure more things.

Hark. Having a period for half your life. Gutting the soul out of your stomach. Giving birth, breast feeding and pregnancy, some can still just sit there and let a man harass them. Men are the stereotypical breadwinners, so therefore they get all he credit in the world. Please, men get paid more too, are you kidding. Then men make fun of women, while on their period for having an attitude. Endurance. What do men go through? Nocturnal emissions. In which they cannot feel any pain, key word nocturnal. What they hell was our creator thinking. Fairness, people, fairness.

Enough with these sexist lists and reasons. Everybody is equal. Gender is something you can’t control. Will you people stop making whoever feel bad of their gender already. Jeez.

NO! Boys and girls are equal.

24 Girls deal with pervs

I had a man who lived next door to me that watched me all the time. he would come over every time I was in the shower I didn't know how he could always tell that I was in there, I took a shower at all times of the day so it wouldn't happen and still it did, my friend watched him one time and he was out side of my house with his ear on the wall so he could hear to water go on. so I moved.

So do some boys. My friend, Cheesecake (fake name, obviously) has been harassed by a girl before.

Some boys do that too

25 Girls are blessed by biology

Girls were made to attract boys, while boys were made to go after girls. That's not anyone's fault; that's just how biology decided to make things work.
Girls have insane peripheral vision, while boys can only focus on individual things. That means girls always catch boys staring, but boys can't tell where a girl is looking. In fact, girls actually sneak more looks, but they almost never get caught. A girl who seems to look straight at a person might actually be focusing on the person next to them.
Girls are better at interpreting others' emotions because they need this in preparation for caring for babies. Girls can tell when boys lie or tell the truth, but boys usually can't say the same.
Girls can multitask better because they need to be able to do multiple things at a time while caring for children, but boys only make things worse by multitasking.

Then what are gay people?

Everybody is equal.

This has not have to do with strengh.

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