Best Reasons to Go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

This recently popped into my head so I thought what the heck? Why would you want to go to Hogwarts?

The Top Ten

1 To play Quidditch

If I could play Quidditch, I would be a beater. - Minecraftcrazy530

Seeker for me! - LannaLau

2 To get sorted into a house

I'd want to be sorted into Gryfiindor

3 To learn magic

Bro, why is this #3? It's the point of the goddamm school!

4 To see magic moving pictures on the wall
5 To meet the famous Harry Potter

Funny isn't it Harry and his friends went to Hogwarts in the 90s.
One of the biggest obsessions on the internet.

Depends if you was a pre-teen or teen in the 1990s. that's when he went to school.
Around 11-18 in 1991 the year he started.
Unless he visits.

6 To buy cool stuff from Fred and George Weasley
7 To learn new ways to get revenge on you enemies
8 To go to Hogsmeade
9 To join Dumbledore's Army

Which was only really for when Umbridge taught and the Battle at Hogwarts.
You'd have to be 13 or older in 1995-1996 or sneak into Hogsmeade like 12 year old Dennis Creevey did in 1995.
or be able to fight in the Battle at Hogwarts in 1998.

10 To turn bullies into frogs

And sadly get detention or expelled.

The Contenders

11 To see 20 ghosts.
12 To eat the food
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