Top 10 Reasons God is an Idiot


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1 He made the New England Patriots win Super Bowl 51

You hate God just because you didn't get the desired outcome you wanted for this year's Super Bowl? That's a pretty idiotic and petty reason to do so. Man, I thought Christian conservatives knew better... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol, who are you people on the internet. He doesn't do all of this crap... PEOPLE do all of the crap.

Poor sport much...? - clusium


2 He created the fruit of knowledge of good and evil
3 He makes good things happen to bad people
4 He makes bad things happen to good people
5 He made the Tampa Bay Lightning lose the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals
6 He doesn't love anyone
7 He lets you down if you give your life to him
8 He is a hypocrite

Where's the proof? - EpicJake

9 He is a liar
10 He lets Satan take over us

If an all powerful god does not have the power to stop the all powerful lord of darkness, then he is an absolute weak god.

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11 He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

Lol what? - Ananya

12 He's selfish

God is selfish he forces us to be on this earth when I didn't wanna be on this earth..Just so we can worship him...I hate him so much and wish I was never born!

13 He ruined Job's life
14 He created Satan
15 He made humans evil
16 He's terrible at creation
17 He doesn't reveal himself to us
18 He's sadistic
19 He flooded the earth
20 He just lets people suffer and die
21 He creates natural disasters
22 He created diseases
23 He just sits there and lets things get worse and worse

I agree with this sooo much...He can send evil after us and no matter what its like you are talking to a wall...Demons can taunt and torment but god just sits up there not caring...I don't capitalize the name "god" Because I have no respect for a monster like him...

24 He doesn't save most people
25 He let Nero feed Christians to lions
26 He created Hell
27 He's vengeful
28 He just lets his own followers be completely stupid and ignorant
29 He makes atheists smarter than theists
30 He lets bullies exist
31 He's a bully
32 He makes humans sexually attracted to weird things

For example, children, animals, flatulence, feces, their own parents, vomit, and even trees. I'm not kidding. ' trees!

33 He let Donald Trump become president
34 He's not very loving at all
35 He claims to be omnipresent yet never shows up to help suffering people
36 He hates homosexuals
37 He makes mistakes
38 He lets his followers use him as an excuse to do bad things
39 He hates pagans
40 He gives humans mental disorders
41 He gets offended over coarse humor
42 He made humans racist
43 He made humans sexist
44 He really can't see the future at all
45 He killed the firstborn children of Egypt
46 He kills people
47 He made man superior to woman
48 He's hateful
49 He's evil
50 He saved us from sin even though he originally condemned us to it
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1. He made the New England Patriots win Super Bowl 51
2. He created the fruit of knowledge of good and evil
3. He makes good things happen to bad people


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