Top Ten Reasons Goku is Better Than Superman


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1 Goku wears his underwear INSIDE, Superman wears it OUTSIDE


I'm Sorry But, I Like Goku More Than Superman, But What Kind Of Reason Is This? - VideoGamefan5

What are you a 5 year old obsessed with toilet humor

Superman wears it inside in batman v superman and man of steel

2 Superman is overrated

Goku is overrated. - SirM

Superman isn't even that overrated anymore. If anything Goku is overrated. - nintendofan126

He is overrated. Go look at the comment section the the screw attack death between him and super man. The comments are full of nothing but comments saying Goku should have won. - nintendofan126

Overrated doesn't always mean bad - ParkerFang

3 Superman is easy to kill

Deth battle was completly wrong

Last time I checked he won the fight between Goku on death battle oh and the rematch plus kryptonite is pretty rare get your facts right

Superman's weakness is green dildo

4 Goku has a better show than Superman

Goku may have a better show, but Superman: The Movie is miles better than any Dragon Ball series. - SirM

5 Vegeta is better than Emperor Zod

"Kneel before Zod."
Excuse me, you were saying that Vegeta is better than Zod? I don't think so! - SirM

Vegata won against zod in dbx. - Jay12

6 Chichi is stronger than Louis Lane

Louis>angry bitch

7 Anime is better than American shows

Being anime doesn't mean Goku is better. And I'm not saying superman is better, what I'm saying is some of the items on this list are ridiculous. - nintendofan126

Whoever put this on the list is a total Japanese-tard/weeaboo/etc.
There are many American cartoons which are more entertaining than anime. There are tons of American shows (cartoons or not) which are far superior to Japanese shows (anime or not)... and let's not even talk about movies!. - SirM

8 Goku had to train for his power

This is why I like Goku over superman and Saitama. Goku was with us since 1985, has been with us for over 400 episodes and didn't have constant energy. And his games and media are better.

Goku had to work for his power - EvilAngel

Goku can cross the limit of his power

9 Goku is pure-hearted

Of course as a kid too for some reason. He is lucky when compared to people like I who was ЯAPED as a kiddie. I wish I was Goku's son or something that would make me something to Goku.

10 Goku is a god

I don't think so

he is!

The Contenders

11 Goku fights better

Goku type of fighting is better he trained in martial arts superman just punches people

Yeah Superman is better

Superman is better and stronger

12 Goku uses dragon balls to repair damage. Superman kills the bad guy, leaves craters in the city, costs car insurance companies millions and expects us to be thankful


13 Superman is dead

Rest in peace Superman

14 Superman appeared in Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go is worse than mad

Goku appeared in MAD mad isn't a good show either

15 Superman is just a weakling against kryptonite but Goku does not have such weakness

Who knows if there's sayainite.

16 Goku is a better role model

He may not be the smartest, but he is pure of heart, kind, incapable of being evil, a good father, loving husband, and puts his friends, family, and... well universe before himself. Not caring about what happens to him. Not to mention how patient he is with his enemies. He is just a great guy. Know what I'm saiyajin?

17 Goku has transformations

Goku overtakes supes in one of his saiyan transformations and then supes=ash.

18 Goku has senses.

I want Goku to tie me up and ƒʉ¢ḵ me in my ass

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