Top Ten Reasons Grand Theft Auto V Rocks


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1 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips

He is so cool I remember him in the shop or something on a mission when two guys were fighting and Trevor just took one of them with one hand and cut his head a bit by splatting him into a corner of a table and also he is the richest of all! He has lots of money and you can buy lots of weapons with this tuff guy

Trevor Phillips was designed for a 10 year old after his mother got mad at him for not getting a good grade on a test. He is by far the worst character in V by far, and is simply annoying.

Trevor is one of my favorite Grand Theft Auto characters ever. He was spazzy, weird and crazy. - 331433

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2 Three Characters

Not three FOUR there is a mystery super character and I know how he looks like he wears glasses he is a bit fat and he is a bit of a nerd go on YouTube type in fourth character in Grand Theft Auto 5 there will be a video of how he looks like and there might be some info how to get him

Playing 3 characters at once gets addictive. - 331433

3 Los Santos

Los Santos looks exactly like southern California and it has a huge map. - 331433

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4 More Items to Spend Money On
5 Hunting

I love killing mountain lions in hunting because I get lots of points like always 8p

6 The Minigun

Yup when I used it first it blew my mind

7 Michael Desanta V 1 Comment
8 Tons of Missions
9 Chattersphere
10 Vanossgaming & Others Videos

They have nothing to do with the game. How is this a pro?

Nothing more to be said on this matter except that they r as funny as can be. : )

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? You can go anywhere on the map

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11 Wade V 2 Comments
12 Grove Street Is Back
13 Heists V 1 Comment
14 More Possibilities
15 Strangers and Freaks

I gave up with all strangers and freaks because when I played one of Trevor's saf I gave up it was so hard

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16 Get a Lapdance from a Stripper
17 Easter Eggs

Yeah but I still hate mount chollas mystery

Check out the shark Easter egg on the beach it's a sand shark its on the beach not even moving and the frozen alien thing WOW so creepy and I will do the chillad mistery until I find the jet pack because am too lazy to get a helicopter and fly up on the building

18 Franklin
19 Five Star Frenzies
20 Fort Zancudo V 1 Comment
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