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21 Rude pedestrians

All I did was push someone out of my way. He called the cops and 1 minute later I'm driving off the edge of a mountain to save myself from the gun shots.

Just kill the rude pedestrians, me and my brother do it all the time
Or point a gun at them and they will run. They are just trying to make the people like they are in Los Angeles, rude, materialistic, and selfish.

All I did was push someone out of my way and I got the cops called on me. *facepalm*

I killed 5 of them in a row and I was almost killed and killed all the policemen. 0_0.

22 Johnny's death

Yep, that's right. That Trevor Phillips you love so much kills Johnny from TLAD - spiderskull98

23 The Anti-Whining Club
24 Death of Johnny Klebitz V 1 Comment
25 The box art and 2D art
26 No traffic

Traffic isn't even as bad in NY or London or...Delhi. Funny how the cars indicate to move from a police siren but not just before they inexplicably pull out on you(actually, where I'm from that's probably accurate), but no its crazy

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27 The radar HUD
28 The storyline was kinda clichè.

I downright love Grand Theft Auto V, along with the past games. But the storyline wasn't that thoughtful. Grand Theft Auto IV was deep and powerful, and Grand Theft Auto SA was very creative.

29 Shark Cards

Wait what you mean killing a shark?

Love shark cards, Rstar made like 100s of millions last year, encouraging and giving them incentive to release loadsa dlc for people like me who wouldn't buy a shark card even if I won the lottery

30 Not enough weapons V 1 Comment
31 Pedestrians lack personality and appearance differences

In Grand Theft Auto: SA, the pedestrians had reused appearances, but they had personality.In Grand Theft Auto IV, there was a ton of pedestrians with different detailing and personality.
In Grand Theft Auto V, there's none of that. - Swellow

32 Terrible stunt locations

Yeah I hate the one on the airport I just always fall down and kill myself or something

33 The loading screen

Loading is becoming increasingly as bad as 360

WOW 5 seconds feels like an hour!?! Some people are too impatient

5's loading screen feels like an hour
4's loading screen is shorter, if you listen to the music, you know when it ends, and the slideshow begins with Niko hiding behind a crate, and ends usally with a woman talking to a man - spiderskull98

34 Horrible combat

In Grand Theft Auto IV the combat was amazing

In Grand Theft Auto V the combat... Lets you do only ONE PUNCH! - spiderskull98

Grand Theft Auto IV - You were able to take the weapon from the hand, took about a minute to defeat them, and they would get up limping if they weren't killed.
Grand Theft Auto V - Takes only a few seconds to kill, no taking the weapons from their hands, and they simply fall dead. - Swellow

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35 Online is the same thing, just a few different features.

The big problem is rockstar won't even update singleplayer cause maybe they thought communication with others is better than personal space.

Online rocks! You can destroy the train easily can play with friends that means you can get a flat car and a bike then get onto your bike then tell your friend to get in the car you both put full speed on and then you use the car that your friend is using as a ramp and you are flying :3

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36 Ridiculous looking character animations V 1 Comment
37 Boring missions

It's too easy rather back in the old days you had to work hard for it.

Meh so easy and it's so similar to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas because in one of the missions someone is stealing Michael's boat so you have to chase the truck it's like chasing the train! And you need to get close and shoot these guys on the truck the same again! And then it's just like Grand Theft Auto SA

To much killing and always diying no way u can pass the mission

38 More variety in the way cars handle.
39 The motorcycle is too slow and the gun fight is insane

Do you think the motorbike is...oh you talking about the motorCYCLE not the motorBIKE then sorry your right the motorcycle is really slow

You only Hit a police with bare hand and they take out their gun to you, Grand Theft Auto SA is more realistic

40 Not enough good clothing

I would likes a fancy dress for Trevor and Franklin they would look cool

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1. No main protagonist
2. Car damage model is weaker than GTA 4
3. No gang wars in single player
1. The city area is not big enough
2. No gang wars in single player
3. Car damage model is weaker than GTA 4



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