Top 10 Reasons Gravity Is a Horrible Movie

The worst and most overrated movie I saw. And here's why. All of this is 8876453663737474773 times worse than you can imagine in this film.

The Top Ten

1 Terrible Dialogue

Well, I don't mean to get up on the wrong foot, but you're an idiot. Not kidding. Ciao! - PositronWildhawk

Sandra Bullock doing a dog impression for about 10 minutes for no reason is so dumb, how did this movie get so many awards?

Seariously this movie has some crap, horrible dialouge that it sounds like Justin Bieber singing. That's HOW STUPID AND AWFUL THE DIALOUGE IS. - idontknow

2 Space

Well that is very 'original. ' Cough sarcasm cough - NerdyPweeps

This Whole Crap Movie Is In Space, What A ride a WHOLE mOVIE JUST IN sPACE AND iTS bORING, DULL AND BLAND. - idontknow

3 Special Effects

They were good, at first. But the special effects became boring and repetative. Smash, Roll bullcrap dialouge That the only special effect in this movie. - idontknow

4 Annoying Characters
5 Too Realistic

Actually, realistic is better, it helps everything make sense

"Unrealistic is better." That makes Birdemic: Shock and Terror a timeless classic. - PositronWildhawk

6 Lacking Suspense

Jurassic Park 1 A Movie With Great Suspence. A Movie with a pplot like this should be super suspence. No Its predictable, repetetive and there was no suspence. - idontknow

7 Overrated
8 Has no actual story line
9 The Ending
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