Top 10 Reasons Grojband Doesn't Deserve Hate

Grojband gets way too much hate on this site. Here are the reasons why the show doesn't deserve its bum rap.

The Top Ten

1 It has enough hate already

You have no idea how many people complain about this show in all caps. It's okay to dislike something but it can be done without screaming. - regularponyfan09

2 It's a good show

It's one of my favorite cartoons of all time. - regularponyfan09

3 The characters are cute and lovable

I especially love Kin. - regularponyfan09

4 The songs are awesome

They are catchy and fun. - regularponyfan09

5 It's funny

Especially the Wicked Cool Transitions. - regularponyfan09

6 It's better than Total Drama and Teen Titans Go!

Grojband is gold compared to these pieces of crap. - regularponyfan09

7 Both kids and adults can enjoy it

There is no age appeal for this show. I'm an adult and I enjoy it. - regularponyfan09

8 Corney is adorable

I ship this couple so much. - regularponyfan09

9 Trina always gets punished

I hate Trina but the good thing about Grojband is that she never wins. - regularponyfan09

10 Kin and Kon's relationship is sweet

They're polar opposites but they still get along so well. I love them both. - regularponyfan09

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