Top 10 Reasons Grojband is Better Than Total Drama

I know I already made a Grojband comparison list, but this list HAD to be created because nobody else made it. Anyway, here is why Grojband proves to be a better Canadian cartoon than the Total Drama series.

The Top Ten

1 Grojband is underrated while Total Drama is overrated

I wish Grojband had more fans. I feel lonely. - regularponyfan09

Don't worry. You're not alone. Even some Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja fans love this show. In DeviantArt, they're many Grojband fans here. - ChatNoirFan18

Regularponyfan09, Total Drama is a cash-grab. Neptoon Studios always over-saturated the franchise and cancelling other show like Sidekick. And what's next the Neptoon Studios do? Cancelled Looped?
(If you don't know Looped, it's a new Neptoon Studios show about the adventure of two best friends named Luc and Theo. Luc voiced by the same guy who also voiced Corey, Lyon Smith). - ChatNoirFan18

Yeah, I've seen Looped. It feels a lot like a rehashed Grojband since it contains a lot of the same character types. - regularponyfan09

2 Grojband has better characters

Total Drama's characters are all bland and stereotypical, not to mention cruel and idiotic. Grojband's characters are cute and likeable and at least they try to go beyond stereotypes. - regularponyfan09

3 Grojband doesn't have Chris McLean

God, I hate this character so much. - regularponyfan09

4 Grojband is funny while Total Drama isn't

I love Corey's puns and Kin and Kon's antics. They always make me laugh. Total Drama never made me laugh once. - regularponyfan09

5 Grojband fans are nicer than Total Drama fans

Not all Total Drama fans are bad, but some are really rude and can't accept the fact that there are people who don't like the show. I've seen plenty of comments on TheTopTens saying that people who hate Total Drama have bad taste and just aren't giving the show enough of a chance. Believe me, I gave this show several chances and it failed to entertain me every time. - regularponyfan09

6 Corey is cooler than Duncan

I hate Duncan so much. He always picks on everybody, especially Harold. Corey is such a nice guy and at least he isn't mean to Kin. - regularponyfan09

I always got annoyed when people compared Corey with Duncan. ONLY BECAUSE THEIR OUTFIT LOOK SIMILAR!
Corey is a cutie pie. He never did some crime, Duncan did a crime (remember the scene when he got arrested? ) - ChatNoirFan18

7 Kon's voice is more tolerable than Olaf's

Kon actually has a really good singing voice. Olaf's voice makes my ears bleed. - regularponyfan09

8 Trina is a better mean girl than Heather and Courtney

I hate Trina and Courtney, but I like Heather. Also, opinion respected on TD and Grojband. - AinezoChan

I still hate Trina, but I would take her over brats like Heather and Courtney any day! - regularponyfan09

9 Grojband has good music

My favorite song is 'Stuck On The Island'. - regularponyfan09

10 Grojband is original while Total Drama isn't

And no, Grojband is not ripping off Phineas and Ferb or Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. Those are just rumors. - regularponyfan09

@regularponyfan09: it's a metaphore, so people who love HHPAY and P&F hates the show. - ChatNoirFan18

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