Top Ten Reasons Guy Friendships Are Better Than Girl Friendships

I bet everyone is thinking this is sexist. But this is from MY view. I think guys have better friendships than girls, and here's why. It may seem like there's a stereotype, but I've had many friends, and I've got experience with women, and not just sexually.

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1 Guys can have a physical fight and forgive each other in five minutes

Me and my friend got in a fist fight once. I hit him, he swung at me and I blocked it, then I hit him again, then it got broken up and we were having a normal conversation literally 3 minutes later. - letdot52

The next day everything is back to normal and you get to make fun of their eye patch. - Cheese567

Girls will sulk for days to prove a point (myself included) - Britgirl

I punched my friend in his face, and we were over pur fight in five minutes. - Therandom

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2 Guys don't hold grudges when their friend does something against them

I don't hold grudges unless they kept on doing it without regretting. - SamuiNeko

3 Guys don't stab each other in the back like some girls

Both genders are perfectly capable of backstabbing someone, lying to someone, talking bad, etc. Just saying. - Luxam

I'm a girl, and I've had a lot less trouble with my guy friends than my girl friends. Some girls are just jerks. - RiverClanRocks

Some girls usually talk bad about each other behind there back and backstab - Matt92647

That's not true. I've had plenty of guy "friends" who stab me in the back. - Garythesnail

I wouldn't say that, just saying that not all guys fit in that category. - Garythesnail

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4 Girls gossip about their friends

I don't gossip, but I can't speak for the rest of the girls. I read more than I interact with people, so gossiping doesn't work. - Merilille

5 Guys aren't fake about what they're feeling about their friends

Seems there are nearly as many different concepts of what a friend or friendship is as there are people. Interactions/feelings are unique and not ususally pinned to strict definition - Billyv

Excuse me?! Not all girls act like Nikki Maxwell, we don't all lie!

Y'all need to rework what you qualify as a friendship. - keycha1n

How so? Maybe the two of you have different personal definitions but that doesn't mean one is the definitive or correct concept just because you may use the same word - Billyv

6 A guy won't usually fake a friendship, but a girl will

This has happened to me. One day she acts like your best friend, the next, your worst enemy. - RiverClanRocks

Not normally anyway. - Therandom

Nah my fake friends pet end I am there friends than talk bad about me - Matt92647

Actually, both genders will... - Garythesnail

It's usually the girls. Most guys will either like you, or outright hate you. - Therandom

7 Guys almost always support each other

That's true but it's also true for girls. Girlpower is very big amongst English girls when it comes to support their gender. So, that's not an exclusive guy thing.

So do girls. - TwilightKitsune

8 Guys will have wild parties

So do girls but they don't brag about it and so you will never know.

9 Some guys help you get a girlfriend

I used to write romantic poetry for my friends. Made a bit of money too... - PetSounds

I told my friend my ultimate thing to say to a girl. It works like a charm. - letdot52

They help, but if you're like me, it'll fail no matter what. - Garythesnail

10 Guys know that friendships don't always have to involve talking

Yeah this is truth - bobbythebrony

Take my friendship with BobbytheBrony. We're both not big speakers, but we share many interests. - Therandom

In my opinion the best friends are those even if u don't talk with for a word u guys still feel comfortable sticking together - yasuonly

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11 Guys are cooler

Of course, that's relevant to this list - Songsta41

Who added this? - AnonymousChick

This is just sexism now. Remove this.

Excuse me! This is a girl taking

12 Guys don't hold hands or kiss

Eww, I'm a girl and I don't do that!

13 Guys don't complain about every little thing
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