Top Ten Reasons Guys Are Stronger Than Girls

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1 We Have Muscles

I'm a boy and this list is so stupid

I'm a boy, and I think this list should be taken down. These types of lists portray both genders in a negative light to one another. - CartoonistKing

Oh yeah.

Having muscles and being strong are two different things. Why? Because there are men who get plastic surgery to get muscles.

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2 We Are Taller Than Girls

Being tall is not a sign of strength for a boy. It's called hormones from the body system. And that is consider sexist to the maker who make this list. - yamionthetrap

How the hell does being taller than someone make you stronger than them?

Boys always end up taller in the end. By the way, having more hormones doesn't do anything. It just means you are growing.

Being taller doesn't make you stronger. Girls grow faster than boys anyway.

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3 It Takes a Lot to Hurt a Guy

We are just more emotional then u guys, gosh we both are equal GROW UP DICKS

If you kick their balls that's a jerk move and it means that the person who is kicking them is a wimp because their not manly enough to punch a man

Getting kicked in the batteries is cheap. Try fighting us without that, and how hard it actually is.

Just kick them in the balls, and watch as they fall to the ground in pain.

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4 We Can Beat Up Girls

If you beat up girls then you will go to jail.

No! - Userguy44

Suer in one punch

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this list because it's a complete joke. I know females who can kick dudes' asses any time, any place. Maybe not specifically guys, though? Maybe we shouldn't stereotype who we can and can't beat up? - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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5 Guys Are Strong

And also appear to be quite sexist

I was hoping this would be vengeance for the reasons girls are better than guys but...I just fell misrepresented.


I'm also strong - RoseCandyMusic

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6 Girls Cry

Boys can be emotional too, you know. It's a question of the situation, not on appearance. - yamionthetrap

Some boys cry to.

When I got ice cream today A 10YO Boy Cried because The ice cream truck drove away

All these ideas are sexist I’m a boy and I think both genders have there strengths and weaknesses why is this stuff even a top tens thing

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7 It's Scientifically Proven

Scientifically proven my ass

Scientifically proven my foot. People can use those two words all day long and it's still cheap talk. Give me at least 15 credible statistics done by both men and women and I'll take it into consideration that it is scientifically proven that men can be stronger than women. - xMagnoblade

Girls got the better end of the deal though. I think science has proven that boys are stronger, but girls tend to be more logical until age 20 or so. And yes, there is scientific evidence that supports it. I say we acknowledge our differences, but don't judge based on them.

Uh huh, "scientifically proven". These two words mean nothing unless you have several real scientific studies to back up what you're saying. I'm waiting on what those studies might be.

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8 We Could Lift Girls

Really then try lifting up my cousin sister..

Girls can easily lift boys, I piggybacked my best friend, and he's a boy.

A third grade girl (who I don't like) can lift anyone in my school. - AnonymousChick

I'll bet that boys can't lift girls cause their a bit fat.

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9 Girls Get Hurt Easy

I have played hockey for seven years. I have never had to get dragged off the ice crying by the coaches. On the contrary, every hockey playing guy I know has had to be dragged off at some time or another. Funny. I have been tripped, slashed, punched, kicked (with skates), choked, slammed into the boards, stepped on, sat on, run over, elbowed in the head, kneed, poked in the eye, stabbed by a hockey stick, hit by pucks, strangled, spat on, and crunched. Girls playing with boys in hockey take far more crap and trust me, I know from experience. Yet the guys are the ones bawling their eyes out.

At least they don't have balls to get hit in

We don't get hurt because we are tough and don't show it. If you were experiencing the pain of a bash up from a guy much stronger than you, girls wouldn't be able to bare it.

I kind of disagree on this... Not all girls are crybabies

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10 Guys Don't Watch Disney Channel

Many girls I know, including me can’t stand Disney channel. - 3DG20

Well, some do. Like my friend Disney1994, my brother, and like, every boy in my grade...I watch Disney Channel. I am a girl, though. But this list is sexist. - RockFashionista

Oh don't even get me STARTED! My ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOW is on Disney Channel! (Liv and Maddie) And I've watched every episode! So there! These lists are the worst.

I don't watch Disney Channel and I'm a girl. Did that shocking fact make your sexist brains explode? Thought so.

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11 Guys Have It Harder Than Girls

It's called working outside which can cause

Ah - Spiritualsavedboy

What the heck? I'm a girl and how do guys have it harder? Girls can die during pregnancy and it is very painful to give birth. Plus they have to have a period every month so... What do guys do? Go to the gym? Girls have to cook a big old meal for their husbands when they come home from work. This list is an offense to girls! Plus, you wouldn't be here without women!

I wasn't even going to justify this list with a vote. We carry a human in us for 9 months, and then fit this watermelon through a coin-size hole! Not to mention we suffer a week-long, monthly bleeding for the sake of procreation! And we're the ones who have to pay expensive birth control or else we get pregnant and our life is potentially ruined. What do guys do for this process? Do something that is already pleasurable for humans, with no consequences! Guys don't have it harder, and that's blatantly obvious. - keycha1n

Um maybe it's because in a relationship they always wan't men to lead. If a man gets abused they tell them to man up how ever if it is a woman they are like you poor thing. No one ever says woman up by the way.

Snort you laughing? You are probably some fatass who is 300 lbs and eats McDonald's everyday for breakfast lunch dinner and desert wearing a shirt that says this is what a feminist looks like. Because feminists when't from equal rights to all to bashing men. Calling men pigs. The only pig is those feminazis. Here's a joke. Why couldn't women vote until 1917? They could not fit voting booths in all the kitchens. It's a male joke you would not understand.

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12 They Have to Deal With Women Acting Like They're Superior

Having the news reporting women being superior ever since late 2017 is getting really annoying and hard to deal with.

And what exactly are you doing here? - 3DG20

Both genders act like they’re superior. - 3DG20

The only logical reason. I'm tired of women thinking they're superior. I'm tired of sexism in general. - Therandom

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13 Girls Can't Take Comebacks

Have you met a girl, or have you lived under a rock your whole life? This is utter nonsense.

Listen buddy, I'm a girl. And really, you are messed up in the head. I can take a comeback. Give me your best shot.

We can't slap you cause of the law. Plus, I know PLENTY of girls who cry when they get slapped. WEAK!

I do take comebacks, and I create more myself. I am a girl.

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14 Men Have More Fibrous Muscles In Their Body

That is very true


15 Guys Don't Have Vaginas

But guys do get hutted on their penis and there's a possibilities that guys will die when their stuff is kicked with high heels. Wanna taste my strong leg? - GirlyAnimeLover

Yeah. That makes them weaker. - AnonymousChick

Oh yep, I think guys don't have vagina because it make them shorter live. About 7 or 6 years shorter live than females. - David39

But, girls have breast, and hitting them there is painful. Plus, it still hurts hitting a girl between the legs.

That's a weakness. My brother is taller, ACTUALLY stronger, and older. He had me in a choke hold, and all I had to do was kick him in his crotch and I was on top

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16 More Clever

Um? What?

17 Guys Work Out More

Who ever said only guys can have big muscles should come see my six pack, biceps, and my calf muscles. I have to work out almost 20 hours a week just in dance and cheerleading the two hardest sports in the world aside from gymnastics. And I do all that mostly for fun.

Boys are only fat when working out, because it's in their genes. Otherwise, they will soon be strong. It takes time you know.

I'd like to see the statistics behind that...

But girls are in fit more for less work. - AnonymousChick

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18 Men Survive Accidents and Violence Far More Than Girls

Oh please.

19 Boys Do More Jobs

Boys are cooking, constructing, unpacking heavy washing machines over 200 kilograms and do more of the driving. Girls are just the smiling cash register people now (slightly creepy). Anyway, girls can do boys jobs. Well, boys can do girl jobs. Ha ha ha!

Girls can also do jobs that boys do - RoseCandyMusic


Hmmm... disagree... I think boys go to work, and girls are left home doing laundry, sweeping the house, vacuuming the house, taking care of a baby, cleaning and tidying a rooms, sending kids to school and... work (If they have a career)... And most men gets drunk when their shift end... (Not being sexist). - GirlyAnimeLover

20 Girls stop growing at 14, Guys stop at 18 to 21.
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