Top 10 Reasons the Hallways In School Suck

Everyone hates school but did you know that the hallways are also bad? Well you're about to find out the top 10 reasons why. So let's get started.
The Top Ten
1 Too Crowded

WHAT IN THE WORLD? Where are all these people COMING FROM? It gets so crowded during passing, and you can't even see where you're going, because everyone is just jamming themselves in, and then you're late, and you don't even have a pass. Don't even get me STARTED on the people who think they can push their way through.

My school's locker room is chaos when the kids come in to get their stuff.The locker room has every classes' lockers in which makes it really crowded.Our lockers are really small and we don't even have keys.It's so annoying when everyone and everything is blocking your locker and you have to wait when everyone else doesn't.

AH! STAMPEDE! What is with all the people ramming into other kids, giant 8th graders shoving past every shorter, and I feel bad for everyone trying to open up their lockers.

Everyone is in the way because they keep talking and moving slowly, which hogs the space! Just let me get through! But luckily I don't get tardy for class.

2 Slow Walkers

It's at its worst on the stairs. People intentionally trying to block the way by moving slowly. One teacher knows about this, so why hasn't the school had stair monitors yet. The worst offenders are the people who notice everyone takes the other staircase right next to the one their blocking, so they move to the other staircase.

I voted for this instead of the stairs option because sometimes this extends to the hallway.

I don't care if you are talking about that "cute boy" you like and how he is "hot". Let me pass you ladies please! I just want to get through the day without dying from people who block my passage and THEN being yelled at for being late.

This should be at the top. Crowding sucks too, I am claustrophobic, but this is more agonizing than the traffic of people. Its even worse when you're in a rush, a clump of people side to side, goofing off, couples walking hand in hand. AND WALKING SO DAMN SLOW UP THE STAIRS, LOOKING AT THEIR GROSS ASS! Its also terrifying when you bilt down the stairs and they stop in front of you. And then slow walkers complaining about you pausing for a minute

Your trying to hurry up and get to class and then you have the ignorant person in front of you who's walking like 2 mph.

3 Fights

For me, these top 3 are tied! Often two students (mostly 9th and 10th graders) would start shoving each other in the already crowded hallway. They usually get shoved in my direction, sometimes almost knocking me over. For goodness sake, people are trying to get to class! None of us want to have to deal with this. Like if ya wanna fight do it after school outside where there's plenty of open space like people used to do, not where it's narrow and crowded where students are trying to get to class or lunch.

This is also stupid because if you tried to go to class and you see a fight going on. You have to run because you might get pushed or get hurt in the hallways. THIS SUCKS!

4 Stairs

In my school at central middle school it's a really big school and it has stairs which is redicluos because I have to keep walking up and down stairs. And my feet hurts after that. Even worse its crowded up there. And you can fall. Or your shoes untied. Or even worse both!

5 The Couple Making Out

Why? There's always the janitor's closet or the bathroom for that! No one wants to see that!

Do it in the janitor's closet for pete's sake!

Can't you do that somewhere else?

6 Hand Holders

I had to crawl under two people doing that in the hallway.

7 Teachers

They always yell at me when I'm trying to get something out of my locker.

8 People Who Talk to You
9 Pushers

There are those who push in front of you to get you out of there way. And those are reasons why hallways in school sucks. If there's more then add a new list and don't forget to vote. So bye

10 Trippers

The popular girl in my class does it a lot I think she does it on purpose but when she does she says "Oh I'm so sorry! " She probably just doesn't want to get in trouble so she says she's sorry. Or maybe she just walks too fast...

The Contenders
11 Runners

People who run and can knock you over.

Yeah they are a problem

12 They are Just a Straight Line

A straight HORIZONTAL line of superfriends is the issue here, combine that with the crowdedness of halls and a horizontal line of students that moves slowly basically forms a makeshift wall preventing people from getting around them.

Basically everyone. And teachers get me in trouble for being 10 seconds late.

They walk in groups, and they get pissed at you if you pass them.

13 Trying Not to Awkwardly Stare at People

Walking down a less crowded hall wioth only a few people going the opposite direction is hell. I'm like where am I supposed to look?
Unless you have a phone to stare at...which I don't

14 People Leaning Against Your Locker
15 Stacks of Books Kid

Think of the kids in other countries who don't have lockers they carry the stuff around or some of it will be in the classroom.

They do that because you're not allowed to go to your lockets between classes

16 Hideous Lockers
17 They Sometimes Smell Weird

They should spray something in there!

18 People Blasting Inappropriate Music
19 Bigger People Than You

I don't mean to be mean, but the biggest people in the world always take up the whole hallway.

Not my problem.

Well, I mean, people are bigger than you, how is that a problem? I don't go up to anyone whose taller than me and yell "I HATE YOU AND YOUR HEIGHT! " and don't think it either... why would anyone?

20 People Cut You Off in Traffic

Don't act all entitled and important, people: watch where you're walking so you don't plow directly into someone. When you're trying to turn, wait until oncoming traffic is clear. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, look both ways so you don't get hurt. Use common sense and follow the rules of the road.

Imagine if these students actually drove like this.

21 Bullies Who Push You on Your Way to Class
22 People Standing in the Middle of the Hallway
23 Too Big
24 Stops at Doors
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