Top Ten Reasons Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

I love Harry Potter and Twilight but there are a lot of reasons Harry Potter is better. There are some spoilers if you never watched / read Twilight or Harry Potter!

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21 Twilight doesn't have Professor Snape

When the love of his life left, he dedicated his life to protecting her son.
When Edward left, we all saw how Bella handled it first by acting as if world ended, then by being the parasite she is and latching onto another naive boy Jacob, showing she is ok as long as there is a hot boy around.

22 Harry Potter works for all ages, but Twilight is only for teens

Harry potter is my siblings favorite movie 4 and5 years old

Twilight Moms exist. I've lost faith in humanity.

True. Anyone can read HP.
Little kids. Teens. Adults. HP is a book ANYONE can enjoy.
I’m a teenage girl and I hate Twilight. Bella (From Twillight) is a stupid Mary-Sue, Edward looks ugly and unattractive like a horse with a butt chin, Jacob looks like a stupid bald gorilla. - Lunala

23 Appeals to Guys

Not just guys, but girls as well - yungstirjoey666

24 Harry Potter Has Emotion

Agree you can cry and laugh

25 Better Love Story

Heck Ron x lavender is a better love story than any Twilight couple


26 Harry Potter is More Exciting

True, true.

Yep! - Hermione_Granger220

27 The Girls Can Do Things Without a Guy

Ummm, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Tonks, even Bellatrix are role models! And what about Bella? She throws herself off a cliff when her man leaves her!

The best of the million reasons why harry potter is better than Twilight

28 Harry Potter is Not Stupid

Yeah. But neither is Twilight. This is actually not such a good example.

Good one. no dumb desperate girls, no cliches

29 Harry Potter Had a Better Storyline

Harry kill Voldemort. Bella marry Edward. Well is it hart to understand, Harry Potter is way better than Twilight!

30 The Story Line is Way More Complicated for HP While Anyone Could Write a Series Like Twilight

Jk rowling is a complete genius. the plot, the storyline, the characters, the theme, the connection with latin and mythology is incredible. anyone would agree that it would be incredibly hard to write out a series or even a book like harry potter. the story isn't simple, if you were to sit down and explain the story it'd take you a good 20 minutes and still leave out amazing features. as for twilight ''a girl moves to forks, vampires go live there because the weather sucks and there is hardly any sun. the girl falls in love with edward, a vampire. he then leaves and she mopes for months and jumps off a cliff. bla bla lra there's wolves who hate the vampires. bla bla bla. the bella gets pregnant with a vampire baby that kills her. she then lives and goes to fight with voltori because the kid is half human and could expose them. bla bla bla the vampires win.the end. see no "wow' no "holy crap did that just happen" no "what a complicated story" twilight is too simple. hp is a fictional ...more

31 They don't rely on their fairy boyfriends

Lol! - Hermione_Granger220

32 Twilight doesn't have Dobby

Bella Swan stinks so bad that even Dobby doesn't want her socks - Lunala


Lol x3 Not exactly the priest point, but it is true.

33 Twilight is overrated
34 Harry Potter Fans Are Not Annoying

Yeah. *cough cough* That's TOTALLY true.

To br fair some of the fans of HP are rabid, but same goes to Twihards too - Lunala

35 Twilight has literally no character description

Even before I wachted the movies, I had a burning idea of what all the characters in HP looked like! - FennikenFan9

To FennikenFan9: Me too! And I was correct! :D

36 J.K. Rowling Did Research

I'm pretty sure Stephenie Meyer did research too. No just WRITES a book. Believe me, I tried as a kid, and it ended up being about two kids who, alone, travel in a plane from some imaginary country to Canada, and it costed them only one cent. And they didn't have to do any paperwork, nor did they have to become pure Canadians or at least Permanent Residents. Twilight isn't THAT stupid, is it?

Jo actually did research. Steph just added 'effects' to the vampires; such as glitter - which would never make me look at them in the same way as I used to before twilight. People say that jo ruined wizards by writing about this book? I think not. Extensively researched and not just abracadabra for a spell. - Hpforevah

Ever notice that Expecto Patrotum means "I await a guardian? "

37 Harry Potter Has at Least Three Musicals

At YouTube on Team Starkid's channel, there are three funny musical spoofs of Harry Potter. Does Twilight? I think not.

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38 Harry Potter Has More Characters
39 Twilight doesn't support feminism

People say that Bella is a better role model than Hermione, Ginny, Luna and many more. But what does she actually teach? Without a man you are nothing, and its okay to fall off a cliff if your man leaves you. All the lessons that Hermione or Ginny or Luna or anyone else from HP taught about true friendship, bravery, intelligence, courage, true love... it goes on but people say that Bella is a better role model for girls. Like twilight actually sets women back to the time when they had no rights. Like seriously twilight? - Hpforevah

40 Robert Pattinson has a better character in HP
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