Top 10 Reasons to Hate 2015 Roblox

Gosh, Roblox ruined everything to their game! I want old Roblox back!

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1 Roblox cannot make their own event games anymore

Seriously, Roblox... Why have you ruined the good times? Like back then, you make event games but now you don't anymore. You put like 3 games I always hated every event. Stop being very lazy Roblox because you have to make event games other than forcing Popular Robloxians to put their games on your events. I wish if the events never changed purposes - bugger

Lets not mention that they can't go a whole month with about sponsored events..

2 Games are much worse

I like the games, but that's just my opinion

LIke, this is so true, all the games are boring now.

Who wants to play Neighborhood Of Robloxia?!?!

I know right Steven universe sucks
It's the most overrated of Cartoon Network

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3 Changing prices

If there is a hat in the catalog. The original prices were cheap and the updated ones are Much expensive. Nobody will buy a 1,000,000 robux priced hat like this - bugger

4 100% chance of 2015 Noobs

Noobs are everywhere! I like how the old noobs look. And I hated the Pal Noobs, there everywhere and they always get on my nerves - bugger

5 75% chance of spam comments

People KEEPS on doing the " Builderman told me to get robux" spams and they never get old. They are fake and don't listen to these spammers - bugger

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6 They ruined the Profile

You know this place where it has the badge art of Squidward to your profile. THEY RUINED IT they killed Sauidward now! - bugger

7 Pepe the Frog ruins Roblox

Pepe the frog ruined Roblox, Pepe is ugly and always popular! It's about a sad naked frog and they are always on Ads of Roblox - bugger

Not only Pepe, but the "Get out" frog is also taking over.

8 How many times that you can click the Ad Ads

These Ad types are annoying! Seriously, stop making these type of ads! Because they force you to click their ads to a worst place - bugger

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9 People now curse in the game

Cursing ruined roblox. Why do people curses in this game now, they get banned for doing this. Wow - bugger

Well I understand if they curse, but milder words like crap hell and damn are okay.

Mean people took over ROBLOX and they mostly swear..

It's the teens that curse in the game now little kids curse and everyone curses. what happed to the *

10 Work on the Pizza Place is always the 1st place popular game in the front page V 1 Comment

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11 Removal of Tickets

Honestly it will greatly impact the NBC Users, as presumed that it will now be necessary to buy Robux just to get desired the outfits as they wish. I don't know if they're messing with us on purpose but This will greatly lead to much more generic Noobs with the ugly hats and free Hair.

12 Easier to get banned

I had uploaded a decal on Roblox. I made a simple 8-bit coin with a letter T on it and its called, the "Teamwork Coin." But later in the afternoon, I got warned for a stupid reason. The decal I upload made Roblox think that it's inappropriate. How is my decal, "Teamwork Coin" inappropriate? Plus I am also afraid to be banned permantly. This really ruined Roblox - bugger

I uploaded something to catalog, and it was epic face, and it got banned

13 Easier to get hacked

I had gotten a roblox gift card and then 3 days later, I can't get into my account ugh! I had 2,000 Roblox and now I quit the game forever. - PrincessKiana

It's really hard to make ads and games, it's really glitch and people make fun of me and my beliefs!

14 Sponsored Dev Events are all about finding
15 Stolen games

Noob steal games from unlock games/free models and claim that they build it

16 Overpriced items


17 People get bullied

They are such a rich company and they remove Tix. Then kids can't buy Robux with real money because their parents won't let them or they don't want to. Now in games people with cool things mock the people with the default stuff!

18 Too many frequent games
19 The lazy games are always on the front page

I mean seriously there is better games. Roleplay games are the worst.

20 Ruined Chat Log

Now even when you say some of the slightest words like a number, they get hashtagged

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