Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Amazing Race


The Top Ten

1 It's boring

Are you 10? I feel only a 10-year-old or younger would say this.

2 It's not real
3 They always go to India and China

They go everywhere. At some point they'll go to one of them

They are good places to visit, it's not your fault! - CardboardBox

4 It's biased
5 It's so bad a team quit

You can say that about Big Brother or Survivor too. Just recently, Julie quit Survivor. People can then say that Survivor is bad using the same argument. - Minecraftcrazy530

Not because it's bad, but likely because of pressure.
Reality T.V. based off elimination will always have quitters.
EDIT: Father and son cancer survivors, Dave and Connor started off strong, but Dave tore his Achilles Tendon while racing to the Pit Stop in Leg 2. Realizing that his injury made it almost impossible to win the Race, Dave became determined to win a leg, and he and Connor won the following two legs, even with Dave walking on crutches. They eventually quit the race in Hanoi in order to allow Dave to have surgery on his torn tendon.

6 They always go to Africa
7 The only good teams are Big Brother teams

No, they are the only bad teams (with a couple other bad ones). - CardboardBox

At least they add drama to the otherwise boring show - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO


8 Total Drama is making a show based off it

Total Drama was a parody of Big Brother and Survivor anyway.

9 The creators of Big Brother and Survivor disappointed us

Move this garbage to MTV so it can die and get cancelled - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

10 YouTube Teams
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