Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans

Seriously, why do they even exist? They killed more people than Hitler and only starts war. They are the terrorist!

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1 They're brainwashed by their government

I'm an American I'm not brainwashed but most people are. They think that we're the best country and the land of the free and the land of opportunity, well we're not we are only the 20th most free country in the world, black people get killed by the POLICE for NO reason, and other countries like Canada and Japan have opportunity.

All of you who compare America to North Korea are simply stupid and possibly as brainwashed as all of us Europeans think you are. Why would you even think of -COMPARING-? Take a look at your country, that's all you've got to do, and see how false it is. Do research, as we Europeans do about America, and you'll find that your government have a total control over media - this is not a lie. Your government is supporting oil companies and invest billions of dollars into destroying the world for the rest of us. THIS is why WE hate AMERICA.

United States sucks and I say it with pride. Being a canadian who is part Scottish and Swedish I believe United States to be most overrated nation of mankind. Although they do have more McDonald's and I love burgers I still have to say though Americans need to quit it with fast food. They are the fattest country ever. Say whatever you want about my country. McDonald's making Americans fat since the 1950's. The American dream is a lie. United States was used to be awesome in 1776 until the 1980's American culture was becoming terrible and the 2000's are worse than ever for them. Feel bad for those poor brianashed American souls out their.

Truer words have never been spoken.
A cursed american (capitalization ignored - I have no respect)

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2 They're arrogant

It is true america is very arrogant, when you live outside of America you will see it, they like to interfere in problems they will never end and America always cause problems to others: liars, thugs from resources of other countries and if you don't kiss their ass, they will sabotage you, what a country! " Roman empire took years to be built and it was the super power but it took one night to burn"

So 100% of the American population must be hated because you think that SOME Americans are arrogant, abhorrent, fat, and annoying. This is one of the most asinine lists on this site. - ryanrimmel

This is seriously the stupidest list ever. It has the quality and intelligence of a 12 to 13 year old who probably is either angry at the world or just wants to seem "cool" by being a hater. It's very offensive, but almost too stupid to be offensive.

This is quite true in the sense that most Europeans see you as very tactless and are always under the assumption you are the best nation in the world. You can be ignorant to what other countries contribute to the world and how important they are and so you come across arrogant.

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3 They won't shut up about 9/11

Most people think I'm British, but I'm not. I'm actually American. And I look back to 9/11 every now and then, but what I think is, it's okay to make jokes I guess. But it was still a tragedy. The Holocaust was a tragedy too. As well as the Bombing in Japan. People make jokes about it, but we all know it's not funny. And we remember it and say, "That was terrible..." But saying it isn't a big deal is just plain stupid. It was a big deal! PEOPLE DIED! CHILDREN DIED! OFFICERS AND FIREMEN LOST THEIR LIVES! And we KNEW the terrorists were on our asses. Personally, I think half of the people commenting don't understand. This is a terrible thing to happen to a country. I don't care how many thumbs down I get, I'm just sticking up for my country. - MontyPython

Just because some tragedies are worse than 9/11 doesn't take away our right to mourn the losses of those innocent people. If people like the maker of this list weren't so prejudiced to Americans, maybe they would understand. - Garythesnail

We don't think this is the "worst tragedy in the world." We know that there are much worse, but it was a terrible thing to happen to this country. Many of us lost our love ones in the 9/11. Innocent people died when they did nothing. Innocent children die. Officers and firemen died because they risk their lives for others. We don't mention it 24/7, but we do look back. I am greatly surprised by how inconsiderate people in the comment section are.

They're retard

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4 They hate other countries

Donald Trump. What a sorry example of an American.

If Trump showed anything is that he represents the spirit of a great majority of americans. I'm sorry to those americans who have to be in this situation with all those rednecks that would probably say that the world would not work without their country.

The Americans don't hate other countries, they just want other countries to fall in line with them and if they won't they do their best to destroy them. Let's face it America has killed more people in it's short history than any other country in the world.

No I don’t I love Canada Iceland Sweden Switzerland Bulgaria Ukraine namibia botswana Senegal Ethiopia Tanzania South Korea Philippines Burma say tome and principe Zimbabwe swaziland Moldova Estonia and the list goes on so shut up

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5 They have horrible politicians

Haha, I love how so many Americans overreact to this list. True, I hate Americans so to me this list is very accurate, but as a Dutch person, foreigners can't stop joking about drugs and prostitution. Sure, in the beginning it pissed me off, but now I'm fine with it. Seriously, get over yourselves. Nationalism is cute unless you think you and your country are perfect. Because believe me, if one country isn't, it's the USA. American dream? More like American nightmare. One more reason to hate Americans: they can't take negativity or criticism.

A two party system where one party represents the illiterate and religious fanatic and the other claims to be progressive but works along Wall Street. Yeah, sure, you have some good politicians or kinda good. Kennedy, Bobby, Carter, even Reagan. Obama is not bad, even his approaching to Cuba is admirable and even Bernie but with a major party nominating Trump that shows either your voters are stupid or that your system doesn't work and it's funny because Americans fight for democracy all over the world yet their country does not have a good system.

True, but politicians pretty much everywhere suck royally these days. Gandhi died in 1948, and Winston Churchill died in 1965, so nobody of any substance is left in any government anywhere.

I am sure your country has horrible politicians too

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6 They are unintelligent

America is NOT a smart country. If you were so smart, then why are you draining the world of it's resources? Why do you keep fighting wars that aren't you'rs to fight? Why are you letting media brainwash the people? Why do you keep voting for idiot presidents who does nothing to improve the world? Tell me again why you think you are so smart. "We got Steve Jobs! " - Well that comment just made me cry... Steve Jobs is just one of many other major cooperation owners who let's his company be a part of world destruction. He had a few "good" ideas of "making life simpler" - but he never thought of the long term effects of this "good" idea. Is that smart? No.

The US is not the only one trying to destroy the world. Look at Putin trying to bring back the Soviet Union and take over Eastern Europe. Sure the US is absolutely flawed in so many ways but the same people who make lists of why this country sucks are just as bad as the stereotypical American that does not look beyond the borders. - SteelCity99

Canadian / Native American here. Yeah, they're not very smart. That's why they're arrogant. They don't know a whole lot and they get offended so easily.

Wow that's weird you're saying we are the ones hating you, but doesn't it look like it's the other way around. Notice how I'm not stupid and put correct punctuation and grammar. And do I have to remind you that we have some of the best colleges in the world. So think before you criticize. I'm also Canadian AND Native American. - Katekat123

Wow. Coming from someone twice as dumb as any American ever, this is hardly offensive. - AnonymousChick

I live in America but classify as Russo Puerto Rican.

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7 They are bullies

Canadian / Native American here. Yep. True. From the bottom of the social standing all the way to the top of a business structure or political standpoint. They love to exalt their power over the less fortunate at every chance they get. We natives have felt this first hand ever since they came ashore and it hasn't changed since.

They murdered millions of Native Americans. They dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and took over an ENTIRE CONTINENT. They put people in internment camps during WW2, and today racism is still a major issue.

That's so true. I'm an Austrian. I sadly need to tell you that for me as an European it's sad how barbaric Americans sometimes act, just to seem like the "cooler", "more popular" or just "better" one. To me it often seems like they don't care about people's feelings at ALL, they don't know what the word "respect" means, they always want to be right and If you politely tell them that they may are wrong, they insult you and tell you to kill yourself. Or even worse. It's a fact. I often shake my head about how unbelievable respectless and rude they are.


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8 They're obese

Oh my God, please stop. WE ARE NOT ALL OBESE. Many of us are, but lots more aren't. I have met more people who starve themselves because of this stupidity than I have obese. It's destroying how people, especially the young and out of that more young females because of the misogynisim in media, view themselves. I used to walk with my stomach tucked in as far as it could go, holding my breath, whenever I went anywhere. I wouldn't wear shorts because I thought my legs were viewed as too fat. Why? Because of people saying, "Americans are fat." This disgusts me. - pandagirl

Although America is the country with ONE of the highest obesity rates, it should be realized China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, and Indonesia, also have some of the highest obesity rates, so the citizens of these countries calling all Americans fat, should be taught what the definition of glass house.

I think that whenever you see an obese person, you should take a moment to thank God that we live in a time of such prosperity. When else in the history of the world did the average person have the ability to eat themselves to a state of such morbid size?

The portions of food in America.

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9 They are racist

I live in Iowa and many of the kids in school refer to "Black" as racist! We aren't all racist! The fact that you generalize all Americans as completely the same is in some way, racist! There is a list on this site telling people why to hate this list that you call "Ten reasons to hate Americans"! Go ahead and tell me reasons to dislike the US because I fully support the fact that America isn't perfect but it's not like we're all the same! I'd put the person who wrote this stupid list in the same category that they put Americans. I'm out! - GeoffTheThrasher

In America, prejudice is looked on as the most disgusting sin you could possibly commit. I think that the fault of Americans is not being racist, but of irrationally accusing people of racism.

I fail to understand why I should respect White Americans when minorities never get it back. They hate anything intellectual and foreign. They also like to make jokes about Obama's heritage. I hate White Americans, they make my blood boil! At least Austria didn't vote for a fascist this time around. And neither did Canada.

There ain't anything wrong with this!

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10 They can't take a joke

Oh yeah? Well here's a joke: What's long pointless and doesn't say a thing? A broken pencil? No! This list! - AnonymousChick

I like how everyone on this list who is american is in total denial. (i'm american though)

Canadian / Native American here. Yeah, they can't take a joke. They get mad about everything for the dumbest reasons ever.

I LOVE how Americans hate this list(i'm American) even though it true. The only thing I've seen wrong si far is the 911 one. Because that's a tragedy. But it so true. And its not all Americans but mostly white people ( I'm mixed). That why certian people of different nationalities, ethnics, etc hit it off so well here. Because black people are like underclassmen, Asians are Gods and Mexicans lazy. But blacks bring the gold and are watch as slaves while they play sports. Some Asians are dum and if Mexicans are lazy why r u kicking them out because they are taking jobs. Belive it or not we r very fat and selfcentered and make judgements off of stereotype. And make more stereotypes against others based on what we did. I'm a biracial cross between black and white. And I'm American. And the way I'm treated it's ridiculous. Americans act like I can be light skin with an afro like it blow people minds. I'm not saying that other countries aren't bad but we need to improve. And maybe next time ...more

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11 They are stupid

I'm not stupid, which is why I will leave America as soon as possible

Lol this is funny I'm 16 I'm planning on moving to canada with my dad his girlfriend is there or ill move to Japan for college.

So far I agree with 99% of this list.

Not just stupid. Stupid, arrogant, and upppish.
Still unable to count using tens.

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12 They make terrible movies

Any film that gets popular for the sake of it, commercialized, spawns unnecessary sequels, becomes an undeserved franchise or a so-called "saga", earn money for no reason, or even suffer the slightest bit of change will ruin the film's artistic and traditional value! You all need to know that movies are not supposed to be "fun"! They do entertain, yes. But both of these terms are subjective! Because you need to know that filmmaking is an ART!

Oh, an by the way. I HATE that term "popcorn movie"! What? You think it's made out of popcorn?! That stupid phrase doesn't even exist!

The reason why I put that on the list is not because of movies Hollywood makes, but to give the haters a bone to chew on. But yes, I highly regretted putting it on the list because that won't excuse why you hate us Americans so much! Thank god it never will!

Why does Hollywood make movies that only appeal to the US instead of the rest of the world?


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13 They hate any country better than them at anything

Canada germany australia sweden four countries better then america.

I think most Americans are under the illusion that we are the best.

Damn right any country that does something more efficiant is a enamie of these disgusting piles of filth, but no matter who is better this foolish world with these poor young souls will continue to worship these hideous race of people.


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14 They bomb half of the world

So very true, especially during the period from 1917-1918, and 1942-1945. Kaiser Wilhelm was completely justified, and Archduke Ferdinand deserved to be assassinated. A few years later, the amazing book titled "Mein Kampf" describes a visionary humanitarian's struggle to create a better world, and it is a tragedy that the US viciously prevented him from doing so with bombs and stuff.

Harry S. Truman had to make a difficult choice during WWII, bomb Japan and try to end the war, or let it drag on and let millions more be killed! It is horrible that innocent people had to be killed to end a war but Hitler wanted world domination and we couldn't sit there and let others die. I feel terribly sorry for the people of Japan. - Katekat123

They can't keep their bombs to themselves and feel they have to let the whole entire world they're better than them and have more power and bombs, and it's stupid

They bomb places and then they are surprised people hate the US Gov.

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15 They killed 150 million Asians

America is a stupid jerk for doing that.

You kill my people I Will hate you Forever

And then weep and cry like fat babies if 1 American dies. THE TRUTH HURTS - IhateUsa4ever

Was this in World War 2 when Japan was on Adolf Hitlers side or made up.

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16 They support the death penalty

Oh look, an American bringing in Islam to defend his/her own country. I don't completely agree with this list and I would understand why you would be offended but this is about your country, why are you bringing in religion here? Have you got no better argument that you have to bring in religion?

The person who brought Islamic countries into this is a complete idiot, are you saying you want America to be similar to extreme Islamic regimes? No? Then why the hell did you bring that up? Fool.

This just in 10 minutes ago!
Islamic militants behead elderly 82-year old archaeologist, and publicly crucify his body in Syria.
The religion of peace.

Americans are sooo stupid they have no allies I’m from the UK

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17 They're homophobes

I hope who ever the idiot was who made this list realizes that Italy is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. In fact Iran is the most homophobic country in the whole world. So is Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and Uganda. There some of the most homophobic nations, yet you have the balls to say it's only Americans?

Yo, I have two gay friends, two pansexual friends, a transgender friend, a non-binary friend, two bisexual friends, and I myself am bisexual. But hey, labels are just labels, am I right?

Only some Southern Christians

God made adam and eve not adam and James. And this goes for the whole world not just America. THE TRUTH HURTS - IhateUsa4ever

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18 They used Agent Orange in Vietnam

Destroyed an entire country in a very inhuman manner. There was no reason for them to even be there.

War is war move if you do not like it

Evil is America. America is evil. THE TRUTH HURTS - IhateUsa4ever

Eskil loves america

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19 They think they are the best

They are racist and look down on others. Thinking they are special

Now your a hypocrite your looking down on us THIS WHOLE ' LIST IS - Katekat123

They think they're better than everyone else!

Lol says the one stereotyping everything they can - Keb

Yep I'm Canadian and this is so true

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20 They're religious extremists

If americans could they would deny global warming, evolution and impose mandatory praying at schools (if that's not already happening) for their stupid evangelical fanatism. After seeing how Trump might win, I realize that all the stereotypes of americans are true, only a small portion of them are reasonable.

They are terrifyingly religious, insanely so

Yeah because they totally strap on suicide belts and behead innocent people*sarcasm

God used science to create the earth, and science explains god

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