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21 They won't elect Bernie Sanders

We can't help it that when someone amazing like Bernie comes around that nasty beast called Hillary took it away from him AND LOST she's a piece - Katekat123

I wish Bernie would be our next president. - SteelCity99

I will - Keb

22 They are always giving to charities

There's nothing wrong giving to charities idiots made this list up!

Are you really as charitable as you think you are, or is your government just raising the taxes so Americans have to give more money (technically unwillingly) to charities for the title of being a concerning government. It's impressive how much money has been given away but I don't think you Americans should be taking credibility for it unless you directly donate your money with free will. #Canadianthoughts

I thought you were complaining that we didn't aid other countries? So now that's just "another reason to hate America"? I get it... Not!

That's a good thing. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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23 They always have an excuse for everything

Yep, see all American response above! Excuses for Every Thing.

I don't seem anything bad with Muslims

I don't my self but when they are deheading people who do agree with them I say sent them to hell

I just hate u. THE TRUTH HURTS - IhateUsa4ever

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24 They disregard the people from other countries

Yes. We do disregard people in other countries. Read this list and try to work out why! haha

So true

25 They support Obama

Umm not everybody supports Obama I surely don't. - Ryan_14

Have you seen the Obama hate? Obviously not. - Minecraftcrazy530

We support obama. Yep, because anytime abama is brought up people always rant about how bad he is. And he isn't that bad. Its just that some people hate obama, so others hate obama and their too lazy to do research and form their own opinion on obama.

As much as I do t like being an Anerican, I can honestly say President Obama has been the most knowledgeable and decent president

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26 Marriage is a joke

This is definitely the most accurate.

Are americans that stupid?

Yup agree. no respect to marriage at all. they take it like a game that u can start and stop when ever n where ever.

27 They're unclassy
28 They are hipsters

Yeah, hipsters are pretty annoying, more annoying than white trash.

29 They are always stopping shooters on French trains

Okay, you're right. Sorry for saving innocent lives. We feel REALLY bad about that. Oh how selfish of us. - MontyPython

Oh yeah, they act like they're the world police. I should've added that when I first made the list.

How the hell is this a bad thing? I agreed with a lot of the list and I think they are putting random things on here to piss me off.

I discovered why it is here. Americans are not the world police.

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30 They are greedy

That's true, with the excuse of the big government and state rights they could sell their own family for money or to be famous like Trump or being a millionaire at Wall Street. The land of the free is more like the land of greed.

Trump and war named "operation steal oil from all over the world aka operation Iraqi freedumb which is about implanting puppet leader that does whatever what our politicians want" so much for their freedumb

31 They think they own everything

Canadian / Native American here. Yep, this too. Just ask us Natives. All of the Americans are practically living on stolen land and they're proud of it. Also: every non-American who comments on them claim they act like they own everything. I got this bit from international airports.

Your seriously trying to judge us by people that have been dead for hundreds of years! You idiot how many times do I have to say that Americans are from LOTS of countries so you could be talking about your own country! - Katekat123

They're greedy jerks

32 They slaughtered the Shoshone people (Native Americans) and celebrate it.

It was a harsh world in the 19th century and before, pretty much everybody was killing everybody else, pretty much everywhere. Funny that for awhile the Shoshone were happy to align with the US to fight their traditional enemies the Lakota and Cheyenne, with whom they had been at war for hundreds of years. Truly sad, but applying revisionist PC history, and holding historical events to modern standards is ridiculous.

True and I'm Canadian and we do not celebrate this. Natives were treated badly back then and they teach this in schools now, so you learn what Natives went through and there's barely any racism to Natives but in some parts of Canada there is.. so it depends. But the issues they faced are gaining recognition and the government apologized for what they've done to Natives so it is getting better for them.

I literally saw this thread and cannot stop laughing

Yes, we've slaughtered the indigenous peoples before. It was awful and we apologize. But so have the Canadians, and Mexicans, and Brazilians, and Cubans, and Argentines, and Guatemalans, and Nicaraguans, and Colombians, and Peruvians, and Bolivians, and Costa Ricans, and Haitians, and Brits, and Spanish, and Portuguese, and Australians, and Paraguayans, and Hondurans, and Salvadorians, and Russians, and Bahamans, and French, and Dutch, and Dominicans, and Danes, and Belgians, and Scots, and New Zealanders, and South Africans and Filipinos, and Japanese, and Mongolians, and Persians, and Chinese, and Koreans, and Vietnamese, and Burmese and Taiwanese, and Indonesians, and Malays, and Kazakhs, and Uzbeks, and Turkmens, and Tibetans, and Bulgarians, and Punjabis, and Dravidians, and Bengalis, and Pashtos, and Tajiks, and Sindhis, and Gujaratis, and Marathis, and Sri Lankans, and Arabs, and Turks, and Armenians, and Greeks, and Romanians, and Hungarians, and Bohemians, and Germans, and ...more

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33 They abuse animals

In Asia, dogs are grinded to death and eaten all the time. There is definitely animal abuse here, just like every other country. - Keb

They spend 2 million on abusing animals each year! How much dumber can they get?!

Some people eat dogs, some eat rabits, people eat different things around the world that might be considered an exotic food to other people, u can't classify cultural food habits as animal abuse and personally I think animal abuse is more a world wide issue than American one. #Canadianthoughts

Yup its sad

34 They talk too much

Wow this is so true,all of it

Me shy c:

35 They are hypocrites when it comes to immigration.

That's very true

36 They're fat and lazy

I heard once on television about some diner called Heart Attack.

Hate them all!

37 They're pedophiles

The best looking male actor from Glee turned into a pedophile. I loved him but look what he did, horrible evil.

Not all americans are criminals and pedophiles.

Americans commit heinous acts against children almost every day, to the point of putting sub-Saharan Africans, and south American Indians to shame. The scale of that nation's depravity and wickedness is an amazing mystery.

I live in canada and I would like to say not every american is a pedo you stupid uneducated basterds. its like saying all canadians burn down cities if we lose a hockey game whitch we don't all the time.

38 They are obnoxious
39 They're uneducated

Agreed. Americans are bewilderingly simple-minded people, often incapable of performing the most menial mental tasks. These are people best used to preform manual labor.

This list gave me cancer

40 They're violent

Absolutely. Americans are the most aggressive people on Earth. Once, years ago during the Iraq War, my uncle traveled to South Florida. He was standing at a reception desk in a hotel next to a French woman, when a large Red-Neck man standing nearby noticed her take out her French passport. He immediately began screaming at the poor lady, "Why didn't you attack Iraq with us? Why did you betray us? We saved you in World War 2! Jerk! Nazi! " Then he began shaking his head like a rabid dog, and tackled the poor woman to the floor and began to beat her. A police officer outside the hotel thankfully rushed to the scene and tazed the man. Just one of many stories of psychopathic Americans. If you are a fellow European, I encourage you to stay far away from that country, it is very dangerous and the people are wild.

I'm sorry this had to happen to your Uncle but in America we would also have called that man a red-neck. You guys aren't the only ones who use that phrase. - Katekat123

Yes very much like monkeys

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