Top 10 Reasons to Hate Amy Rose

Before you read: I am not a troll, I made this list for people who hates Amy Rose.

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1 She's a stalker

Those are not stupid reasons, Not everyone likes Amy Rose because she is just way too girly to me. - bugger

Sonic would be a better stalker. - bugger

Yeah, seriously. Amy Rose makes this stupid franchise not kid friendly.

Stop it with this Amy Rose hate!

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2 She's too girly to males

Guys exept Bronies really hate girly stuff. She has done a lot things that are girly - bugger

3 She's annoying

She is so annoying that she now falls off an endless cliff - bugger

It is true! She is terribly Irritating to people around her

She is so annoying torward others

I agree 1000 percent. Ill say it a bunch: I HATE HATE HATE Amy.

4 She's too pinkish for people who hate pink

Males hate pink because they think that it is a girls color. Not all girls use pink! - bugger

Who said this? I like pink, but a Salmon-ish color. - Qryzx

5 She has a large fanbase

Amy Rose is so overrated! Why does everyone like her!? I hate her! She deserves more hate than love to me!

Again with the fanbase crap. This is literally on everyone's hate lists and it's annoying.
Also, what about Sonic? His fanbase is large. - Qryzx

6 She looks like an 8 year old

Why am I saying that because most 8 year old females wear skirts and headbands. I don't know if I'm right. I don't think Amy Rose look like a 12 year old hedgehog to me - bugger

So? Why does that make her a bad character? - Qryzx

she does

7 She gets enraged when she misses Sonic

She gets so angry that she would flip over a Wooden Table - bugger

Obviously, she likes Sonic and it's part of her personality. You're acting like you want her to be false-advertised. - Qryzx

Shes 2 year old for real

8 She's too slow

Shes not fast

Amy isn't sexy at all shes a cute character but shes annoying as HELL and sonic doesn't love amy

It's actaully her red boots, boots don't make you faster (Am I right? ). I've seen her as the Slowest character since Sonic Heroes. Even she is the slowest in Sonic R - bugger


9 She replaced Sally Acorn

Yes she did! Amy rose isn't even supposed to be with sonic, sonic is with Sally acorn, in the comics he married sally. Sonamy is not even canon. Just because in sonic boom he helped amy rose out, doesn't mean he likes her. He likes her as a friend. Sonic never showed any love to amy rose. He hates her!

I hate Amy Rose the dumb stupid

This is why I like old times better than modern times. Sally Acorn is Sonic's first girlfriend and now we have a girly hedgehog who stalks Sonic. :/

Why this happen? - bugger

10 She's color blind

She thinks Shadow is Sonic to her. Even silver since Sonic 06. - bugger

That's the reason I don't like Amy rose

The Contenders

11 She's overrated

Her scary fans act like she's god, and whenever anyone doesn't like her they say Amy will cut their heads off. Are her fans eight year olds or something? - TwilightKitsune

That's not true, I'm an Amy Rose fan boy and I would NEVER say anything violent like that!

12 She's stupid
13 She's weak
14 She always acts so attractive

Yeah I agree with you!

15 Her fan base sucks

Her fans are so stupid, they demonize someone who hates Amy.

16 She acts like a crybaby
17 Her dainty and psychopathic personality

I like her personality! It's quite nice, but I don't like how there's no Anti Sonamy. I like Sonamy, but then again the angst would be great if any hated sonic. SOorry! getting back into eh random after 1938489283 years and stuff.

18 She is stupid and pink and too girly

I like her girly-ness

19 She keeps yelling
20 She will not leave Sonic alone
21 She wears dresses
22 She hits Sonic nearly all the time, HURTING him.
23 She thinks she is better than all the other sonic girls
24 She think she is better then Cream The Rabbit
25 She is dumb and such a brat
26 She is ugly
27 Too girly
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