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1 She's a Know It All

I need to get this off my chest avoid the gumball comics especially the comics or at least cheat codes because they ruin the greatness of the show

. First off Anais is a total Mary Sue, and they make gumball and Darwin a pariah

. Nicole's character is beyond ruined, because they make it seem like she loves anias and hates gumball and Darwin to the point of her saying why can't they be like anias

. Everybody (justifiably or not) hate Darwin and gumball even the ones that love them

. And probably the biggest insult Penny is verbal passive aggressive towards gumball in the comics acting like loving him was the worst thing she did.

In short they try to make Anais the star character and say we should bash on gumball and Darwin. So if your a true gumball fan don't purchase the amazing world of gumball's cheat codes, it's probably the worst thing associated with gumball since the season 2 finale. CHEAT CODES and the writer of it too.

Anais, Nicole some background characters, are the only likeable characters in the whole show so I like anais for this reason (many other reasons) only

Whoever made this list must really like Breadwinners and other shows that I don't like and really hate Gumball. >( - MeeMeeCandy777

Normally I like a smart character that's, smart but when the treat people as unequal so or simpletons compared to them that's when I draw the line. Why can't this character be more like Lisa Simpson or Lisa loud.

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2 She's a Clone of Lisa Simpson

The whole show is a Simpsons clone. The Amazing World of Bart anyone? - lelennyface

Lisa was bad, but Anais makes her look genius. Although I hate Lisa a teeny tiny bit more. - EpicJake

Please no more clones of Lisa Simpson! - CartoonsGirl

I disagree. Remember, "The Quest"? Well if you don't, this is the plot:

Gumball loses Anais' favorite toy, and she guilt trips him into going into a junkyard to get it back.

Well, 1 year later The Simpsons released an episode wear Bart loses Lisa's favorite hat, and he feels guilty so he goes to- you guessed it- a JUNKYARD to get it back. Teen titans go ALSO copies of it. I saw an episode the had an uncanny resemblance to "The Origins". Starfire gets a gold fish and despite the fact that her teammates told her it would die soon, Starfire wouldn't have it, and she commented: "The power of my LOVE will keep the golden fish alive! " Sound familiar?

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3 Just for One Toy She Made Gumball Break It to a Junkyard and Nearly Got Him Killed

But at the end, she showed that she can mature and help her friends by giving her doll to Tina so that she could feel safer in her home.

If she is so smart, she would go to the toy store and buy another one. - ToptenPizza

She has absolutely no heart for her brothers just for a Factory made toy that doesn't even talk

This just makes her a spoiled brat, and I like to point out this came after an episode were she made gumball comfort Darwin even when gumball was in his birthday suit which led him to being made fun of by his peers, that's two in a row she screwed him over people. Oh and get in the getective (which came out today) even though gumball and Darwin accidentally ripped the toy, try, to hide it, and actually rescue it after accidentally throwing it away, they still get punished. Just for that Anais is going lower on my likeable characters list and entering the unlikeable characters list.

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4 She's a Bad Sister to Gumball

She is better than Gumball. Gumball is so immature, and is just a spoiled brat!

She beat him up and called him a loser! Anais is a loser because she doesn't have any friends

She may have done nice things for Gumball before. But lots of times she's mean to him. - nintendofan126

(Spoiler Alert spoiler alert SPOILER ALERT! )People Say Gumballs Spoiled,But Anais Would Kill Everyone on The Planet to Find Her Doll.She Even Locked Her Family Outside Just to Watch a STUPID KIDS SHOW! Also,to Make Darwin Think That She Was Gonna Hurt Him...Also She Pointed to a BUZZSAW,Pretty Much Saying "Tell Me About The Doll or I Am Going to Kill You,One of My Own Brothers,Just for a Stupid Doll! ".

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5 She Flooded an Entire House

The only legit reason out of this list. however, it wasn't intentional, and therefore no reason to hate her. you want some dignity from someone and try to do stuff yourself, in her case, without them knowing, and being focused on making her dignity, she avoids them, but leaves it running, probably because not to get in trouble from disobeying a conclusion to a previous problem

Also, SHE IS A KID! - cheeseskates

Jeez! Give her a break! That was an accident, she didn't mean it! Gumball and Darwin were trying TOO HARD to PROTECT HER! (Surprise, surprise) And if they hadn't chased her, she WOULDN'T HAVE forgot! Also, I've been hearing you guys give her a load of crap over "The Parasite" where she "beats" Gumball, but seriously, NOBODY cares about the fact that Gumball threw a ' dodgeball towards her head? Nobody? I'm getting ahead of myself. Just

She must've got grounded. - EpicJake

! What a dumb idiot. That's all I have to say

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6 She Locked Her Entire Family Out of the House Because of a Stupid Show

That was kinda rude. But funny and creepy at the same time. Strange isn't it?! - Chaotixhero

The fact for a girl her age to do such a thing to watch her favorite kids show is pretty darn good in my book. plus, the entire family was fighting each other for their thing to go through, and anais came out the winner

Good job anais :D - cheeseskates

I don't know Whether to be impressed or scared

Saying you don't care about the T.V. is like saying you don't care about the whole family.

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7 She's a Brat

So are many kids, but she isn't spoilt, or stupid like the real life brat.

Educate yourself - cheeseskates

Yes, she manipulated her own family for a remote and she always is either ride or sarcastic

Gumball may not be the brightest person but he's still likeable, Anais is just an overprivlaged little girl who thanks since she's better then him she can do anything and after today's episode ( the detective) I really want to punch her and rip her daisy in half

Gumball is a million times spoiled han Anais.

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8 She Woke Her Mom Up Early On a Weekend Just to Take Her to a Show

I suppose that was a little bit bratty, however her mother PROMISED, and everyone knows that if you break a promise, you really are a bad person.

This is DAISY THE DONKEY we're talking about. Anais LOVES her, and she would do ANYTHING to go to a show.

Really? Her mom works hard let her sleep on weekends. Plus she blacked mailed her own mother. - nintendofan126

Me as Nicole: I trying to sleep.
Anais: * plays tape*
Me: * destroys tape*
Anais: OH CRAP
Me: * holds down Anais and spanks her*
Me: *kicks Anais out of room* AND STAY OUT!
Anias: WWHHAA *rubs bottom*
Me: *destroys daisy doll*
Me: NO DAISY FOREVER - Bubblegumrage456

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9 We Don't Know How She Got Smart

Probably either she is dedicated to her studies, or she is gifted. simple

How do you guys not know this lol - cheeseskates

See this the Crap story! The creator can't make some 4 year old smarter than a 12 year old! Because 4 year olds only are in prep and they don't learn something from a grade 7 class. Get your brain working Ben.

Sounds like a rip-off of Tails. Just kidding - Chaotixhero

Okay Anais your smart okay, but let ask you something, were you able to graduate from college and get a Ph.D. At your age? No!? Well Lisa Loud Was Able to do it and she's only 4. And you call yourself a genius

10 She's a Smarty Pants

She looks smart because of her family. otherwise, she is basically a normal functioning anthropomorphic rabbit. basically a normal person with above average intelligence.

Saying being a smarty pants is a reason to hate her makes me think the worlds average IQ is actually 80 instead of the actual 110. "shakes head slowly" - cheeseskates

What? You shouldn't hate her because she's smart! (Rolls Eyes) Idiots.

Again nobody likes a smarty pants. - nintendofan126

She's a brat a dumbass and is always mean to gumball just because
She's a smarty ass

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11 In the Episode Password, She Makes Gumball and Darwin Think She Really Is the Favourite Child

This episode almost made her my least favorite character on the show. Oh and after that episode the following day I literally saw fan art of Darwin kicking her in the face and I had a good laugh

She has an ego bigger than China. - AaronCoolness

I hate Anais because she did that and more mean stuff to her older brothers

That was mean.

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12 A Cat Gave Birth To Her, A Bunny Which Is Impossible, So She Is Supposed To Be A Hybrid Of A Cat And A Bunny

There's a thing called adoption

13 She's Selfish

She locks her family out. She beats Gumball up. She posts a clip online that was embarrassing for Gumball on the Internet, I mean what if Gumball did that to her and laughed about it? She calls Gumball a loser.

God, she is my least favorite in the show, every episode where it focuses on her I just can't seem to like, she is just annoying.

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15 She's a Parasite

She mutates with Jodie

16 She isn't toilet trained
17 She is a nerd

Well she sometimes smart a lot of times she stupid and crazy and mean.

That doesn't make her bad

No she's not

18 She deals drugs
19 She mistreated other people

If your not convinced look at the remote and the password.

20 She's a Cry Baby
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