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21 Maleficent

Actually ruins the original Maleficent

That movie was the worse scary movie I have seen in the entire life!

KARMA she is as bad as her movies no worse!

What a horrible movie for kids

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22 She has too many kids

Right, and she can't look after them

Woman gets uglier as more of those things they have

I agree

23 She's a little snot

She thinks the world revolves around her

24 She's a tattoo freak

Her tattoos are trashy crap and tattooed that one dudes name on her

Her tattoos are meaningless

What wrong with tattoos?

Of which she kinds of sexualising those ugly tats like it's cool to look like a Japanese Mafia or like an ex-convicts๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

25 Angelina Jolie is not beautiful or a hero

She looks creepy!

Ew she looks like a large mouth bass

She's as ugly

26 She has permanent duckface and she tries to be so intense and dramatic

I can never tell if that's just how her face is arranged or if she's seriously trying to do "the smolder" like a female Flynn Rider. I've never seen a picture of her just looking normal. I don't know guys it just bugs me. She must be really into herself, like her head is more blown up than her giant boob implants.

She objectifies herself too much.

27 She is a Liberal

She wants to let everyone under the sun into America. That's right, let's ruin America. Good job.

Why doesn't she let them move into her sprawling estates damn phony!

Correct. I AM a Trump supporter. What do YOU believe in? ISIS...I'm guessing.

Trump supporter m guessing!

28 She thinks she's special but there's nothing special about her

Yea that face is all plastic

Special. Bull

Yes she is special! She has THE MOST PLASTIC SURGERY and creates THE MOST RIDICULOUS IMAGES IN PUBLIC BY LYING about everything

Told u she was special

29 She is a cruel

Yea she laughs when her kids cry

30 She is an awful parent

Not giving structure and rules to those kids lives, letting them do whatever they want, constantly moving around the world - even in war zones! No growing home roots and friendships is not what will make their life happy and easyer when they grow up. And now using them as a weapon against Brad by not letting them meet? Imprisoning them in a huge "golden cage". Remember how she used to praise him being such a wonderful father before and now all of a sudden not so? Starting a dirty divorce in public, letting Brad look bad, how is that any good for their children? She's going for physical custody? For the kids sake, I hope she will meet a judge with a healthy common sense, unimpressed by her fame, she should only have accompanied visitation rights for the time being.

She should meet ME I'm a lawyer

31 She doesn't like Donald Trump because he "isn't hot"

Funny that, trump don't like her - gruppenfuhrer

Ok, a lot of people dislike The Donald for their OWN political reasons, but COME ON! Not liking him because he isn't HOT?! ummm... Ok

Trump Trump Trump Trump!

32 She makes the rest of Hollywood look bad

I'm not saying Angelina has always been a great role model. Her past with filled with stupid, reckless actions and she certainly used to be in a questionable mental state. But lets face it. Angelina Jolie does more for the world than more other celebrities.First of all, she doesn't have a publicist. So everything you see about her in the news and on magazines is primarily paparazzi. When she does give interviews, there isn't someone else telling her what to say, like there is with most other Hollywood stars. She tells the world what she what she want's them to know when she feels like it. Her adopted children have NOT been heavily publicized because she isn't trying to make a big deal out of them. Her wedding with Brad Pitt was not some massive public statement, it was a quiet elope in France with her intimate family and friends. She doesn't do things for the press, she does things for herself.Second, regardless of what you think about her acting skills or her looks, Angelina Jolie ...more


33 She is ugly

Well...let's see...HUGE DISGUSTING UNNATURAL LIPS, big head, as skinny as HELL anorexia RIGHT THERE, big hands and feet, flat butt, and she STARVED herself OK how psycho is that?!?!?! Why do you think she is waif thin and has that bony collarbone?!?!? That is literally anorexia. Absolutely disgusting behavior. She is a psycho and a lunatic. Ugh. Why do people like her again!?! Can someone please explain why people say that she is supposedly "hot" when clearly she is so ugly? And that surgery though. She had HEALTHY BREASTS removed and her OVARIES because she "was in danger of getting cancer because of a gene from her mother". Bull. She removed her breasts and tripled the size with fake ones. Disgusting. And then she says hat it was all because she didn't want her kids to say hat their mom died of ovarian cancer. Yea, right. You're more likely to doe while you're driving to the corner store in you're car than from cancer. ANY cancer. All lies. And don't say that I'm ...more

34 She thinks that the world revolves around her.

Yea she's not special

35 She doesn't have girl friends

She is mentally sick and thank God there are other people raising her children a nanny for each child! Shiloh Might felt mom liked boys more if I look with much encouragement from her mother more like a boy maybe she will love poor Shiloh! Also she saidShiloh born priveleged so hard for her to feel anything for her! Whaaat so was Angelina.Brads an ass deserves all the cap she gives him.

36 She thinks that she has a ticket to heaven because she adopted kids from Africa

She just collects and collects children she can't even take care of them

She thinks she's a humanitarian yea rite bull just wants to look good and she's doing that film first they killed my father she wants everyone to worship her.

Yea she'll go to hell def. she lies about everything and she committed adulterous ok u can go to hell for that

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37 Divorces

Really is that the way you want to handle this. You should never have taken this public. Your poor kids. They will be hurt so much. Wait until they read this on-line one day. Their mom
trying to take their dad away from them. You really are an unstable woman. You know Brad is a fantastic father. There is something so wrong with you. He was the best thing that ever happened to you. It's so sad but to hurt your kids and Brad shows your bizarre character. Your looks won't last forever. Brad I am totally behind you as well as millions of other people.
I'm looking forward to your new movie. You'll get shared custody of your kids. Raise them your way. They need schedules, direction and structure. You're such a positive person. I wish you all the best and pray your pain disminishes in time. Those beautiful children of yours will heal you. They love and need you more than their mother knows. I don't understand why she is so strange. She is in desperate need of help. I hope she gets it.

38 She is a Caitlyn Jenner Fan
39 She can afford to have her breast removed while other people cannot.

Wow, has the world gone mad? She did not have cancer yet had her breasts removed because she "might" get cancer? And then she is praised for it while other people die who really have it? Why didn't she offer to use her body or DNA to try and cure this rather than..."slice all gone all better bye bye, sorry to everyone else who cannot afford this same treatment." She is a coward and the doctor should be jailed for mutilation. She had healthy breasts and they were removed only on a possibility not a fact. Even if she was found to have cancer she could still have them removed. What she did should not be praised because it didn't cure cancer, it avoided it. Everyone missed this point, shame on you all who though her idea was great. She reminds me of Pope john Paul. A man of god who should not fear death yet hid behind bullet proof glass? If your going to die your going to die. If your going to get cancer, your going to get cancer. Cure it, don't sweep it under the mat... Thank you.

So she says that she removed all that crap because she COULDhave cancer HOLD up wait a minute she said that about breast cancer so why did she remove her ovaries I have no clue so if you are supposedly "at risk" of cancer well so is everyone else! So than if you're removing your healthy breasts and ovaries then why not remove bones?!?! You can get bone cancer and why not your brain and gums I can go on forever

NEWS FLASH every woman is at risk for breast cancer

If she worries zbout cancer, why she smoke and guzzle wine everyday?!

40 She looks older than her age

She looks like she is suffering from deep rooted problems!

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