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1 The game is marketed as "Educational" yet there is a strong focus on attire and looks

Um no offense but this hate plague better stop

When I go to animal jam literally the only thing people talk about is trading their stuff and visiting their dens.

I play Animal Jam for recreational and educational purposes. There are great facts about animals that I learn because of National Geographic. Many people don't come on there for learning. Also, in the pillow room (a hangout area in the game), people always tell others to adopt (as roleplaying) them. That's just weird. - PhoenixAura81

So weird when it is like that! It cause Geo National Graphic for Kids doesn’t follow Animal Jam anymore due to Rares :( - ArcticWolf

2 WildWorks exploits Animal Jam's popularity to sell more merchandise


Books, stuffed animals, Sidekix, video games, hoodies, hats, mobile apps, you name it. Every idea that will make them a little extra has been done twice. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Animal Jam is not educational like everyone claims it to be

The only thing that I learned was that only looks matter, and if you are not paying, you are apparently "ugly" now. You really can't trust anyone there, unless they're your siblings or real life friends. Your "buddies" will guilt trip you and beg you until they brainwash you into becoming a member and getting them the scrap they wanted. Now, it's best if kids want to learn about the world, if they just GO OUTSIDE and climb a tree or something. If you live by a lake or river or pond, throw pebbles and look for rollie polly bugs! Saying "Animal Jam taught me that the Japanese Spitz is the best dog ever" isn't learning about anything but crappy opinions. Did they learn why stonefish are extremely dangerous? No. Do they know that black and yellow printed spiders are venomous? No. Animal Jam is basically just a game where you have free time and waste money on because you earned it. The majority of people playing whine about how they are so poor and broke and have no money to buy ...more - Puppytart

I think it just teaches kids to hack people to get spikes. I had rare things but I kept on getting hacked and ajhqo did not a thing to help me.

The only thing it educates you about is sex.

I don't know if it's because I haven't played in 2 years, but I don't remeber anything significant I learned from playing AJ. Animal Jam is basically Fantage with animals. All you do is change clothes and talk to friends, like every other children's MMORPG.
If any parent is reading this right now with a kid who plays Animal Jam, I want you to ask your kid what exactly did they learn from AJ. Their answer will probably be along the lines of "Blue goes best with yellow, but only at wolf parties. Or else it's tacky." - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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4 It is harder to earn Gems and Diamonds if you aren't a member

That a Lie, I play the game best dress for 20 mins and I get 2,000 gems, so stop lies and I am NOT I repeat I am NOT a Member.

I remember playing at the Arcade for hours and getting only a couple hundred gems. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 The chat is heavily censored

I do like this game, but the chat system is rigged at best. Sometimes it's slow and can do small bursts of letters when I type "too fast". - PhoenixAura81

This is the only thing I don't like about Animal Jam. One time, I tried to say "Oof", but they blocked it, and if you can type it as a nonmember, then why is it censored? Seriously AJHQ, fix your chat. AJHQ also once censored ":C" when I tried to say it, and somebody once told me that AJHQ blocks "owo". I don't know how "owo" is inappropriate to Animal Jam though. That's why I had to quit Animal Jam for a while. - PhilTheCorgi

People act like they are going to have a heart attack if their kid see the word "stupid". And even IF someone says that, you can always block them. Unlike other sites, AJ's report system actually works. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate how I have to type so slow so aj can read my words. It takes a long time and sometimes it's not what I'm saying. For example:

What I actually typed: Let's go to sarepia forest and roleplay!

What they put in: Ltts gotto sarrepiaa forst nn rlply

It gets old pretty quickly, and the worst part is I have to type the whole flipping thing over again. The chat is so laggy at times that I wonder if they're actually trying to do something about it. When I'm with a buddy, and they say something and expect me to answer, I can't right away because of this stupid chat! It gets censored even for the littlest thing, and gets laggy so easily. The lagging needs to stop!

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6 You can't chose your username

You can, though. You can't choose your animal name.

I hate how you have to cycle through a list of names. JUST LET US CHOOSE! Someone old enough to know a cuss word wouldn't be playing the game in the first place, so why bother? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 The game is rarely updated

Except for the usual clothes (and the occasional animal) it is never updated. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 The servers always have lag no matter how many people are on them

It could be 16 people, and there will be as much lag as 50. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 You can't type numbers

You can do that if you have free chat.

This is kind of a crappy reason, so I put it at the bottom.
But still.
Once, I tried to tell someone how long I was in a biome and they wouldn't let me type it! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You can just spell the numbers

10 You can't do anything as a non-member

Actually you can! You can play games, To to parties, Shop And lots more!

Animal Jam Account : MagicalKatie7

I am with this one. - ArcticWolf

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11 The obsession with "Rares" and "Betas"

Hopefully all the beta lovers go to hell forever and live in infinite pain all over their body and die of heart failure because they are all big fat ugly 16 year olds who take the crappy kids game waay to far

I like AJ, but all people ever do is trade.

12 It is used by perverts

You're not actually getting sexually harassed, it's just a game. You can log out anytime. Why do you take this so seriously? - FluffyLayette

Once I was playing, and then this pervert was like “ come to my den, BOYS! ” I stupidly snuck into their den to see what they would do the people who went to their den. The person who invited boys to her den started doing really inappropriate things. I got out in time so I wasn’t sexually harassed. I didn’t even get to report them because I got out to fast.

13 It's a basic copy of club penguin


AJ has multiple animals, while CP only has penguins. - kawaiihappycandy

Club penguin is a great game and animal jam is ripping it of.animal jam is a bad version of club penguin

14 All they care about is money

Truth be told most things that require money in apps now are targeted to foolish kids that don't know any better. Trust me I would know I have taken marketing classes.

That's the evilness of membership, kids.
Remember to NEVER buy a membership, because you just wasted 16 pound!
Well done!

15 People who linger at the spawn point

This is one of the most annoying things about Animal Jam. People like this add lag to the already lag-ridden servers and you can't find your way to the store. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

16 Too many scams

Yes! Last year Koui14 scammed my headdress, spiked wristband, headfeather, and neon bow. On AJPW their username is Koui1 and then they said I scammed them! I quit AJ a year ago because of that stupid person but if I ever met them they'd get beat up so badly...

I agree to many scams

I hate how every kid these days are getting scammed.
I liked it better back then, when rares weren't a thing

17 Messages get blocked for no reason

Yeah, this should definitely be #1. Animal Jam doesn't let me say "uwu" and "owo" for some reason. What's wrong with those? It's just emoticons. It's a good thing they fixed "oof" though, because there's nothing wrong with that as well. - MaxTheBorderCollie

18 Getting bullied

Eats bunny,drama,wolf packs etc. make it... uh... Bully Jam

If you don't do/ wear what someone wants you to do. someone will bully you for not doing the thing they want you to do. They will say " I WANTED YOU TO ________! Then they will probably report you for nothing.

19 Bad community

More that just 100% true. I hate the fanart, it makes me feel like I'm in hell.

20 The rare item Mondays

They just take normal store bought items,
and put an ugly combination of colors.

Ugh, R.I.Ms suck! - DijaUnicorn

21 People jumping on the ice/bridge that never breaks, and get mad if you tell them it never breaks.

They always are angry just because you tell the truth

22 They only have the game in English

Not true. I've been on their French servers before; you just have to change your language somewhere on parent dash settings or something.

23 If you recycle a diamond item you get paid back in gems
24 People only care about arctic wolves

Yes this is very sad. Many people only care about arctic wolves, because of "betas" and "rates". They become majorly overrated, that it's sad. I mean there are tons of other cool animals!

25 Toxic roleplayers

Especially with the packs. Everyone's so edgy and most people powerplay. And don't even get me STARTED on the vocab. Some people overuse vocab when roleplaying and most of the time, it's not even accurate...

26 You can only change your user once

I hate how if you change your user, later you hate it,
but then you can't change it back.

27 No refunds
28 It's a waste of time and money
29 You Can't Type In Other Languages
30 When you recycle an item it only gives you half as much as you paid for it
31 False reporters
32 Getting adopted
33 You can't pause during adventures
34 You Can't Save Your Progress on Adventures
35 Most/all the players talk about is trading their stuff and making others visit their dens.

Literally nowadays that's the only thing I hear about on animal jam- rarely they talk about other things.

36 All the users care about is popularity
37 It's become a print money game
38 It's poorly optimized
39 It gets boring
40 Login world error
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1. The game is marketed as "Educational" yet there is a strong focus on attire and looks
2. WildWorks exploits Animal Jam's popularity to sell more merchandise
3. Animal Jam is not educational like everyone claims it to be


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