Top Ten Reasons to Hate Anonymous TheTopTens Visitors


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1 They are trolls

I don't get how all anonymous posters are trolls. Just because you don't know who we are? Look, you may not know me, but I'm a nice guy. I promise. It's just that we like stating our opinions as much as the non anonymous, and we're too lazy to make accounts. Sadly, some comments an be rude. So, on the behalf of all anonymous posters, I apologise for any rudeness. But, all of us trolls? That's kind of rude to say.

Everyone was once a TheTopTens visitor. People who haven't signed up yet won't necessarily be trolls, so, by this logic, anyone new was once a troll. Including you and I. Stop looking at them like they're all one person, because there are so many people in the world who don't even have internet. - PositronWildhawk

It took me a while to make an account, but I still tried to be as nice as now. Don't say that about all visitors, as it isn't true and will drive people away... - Ninja_Potato123

Not all of them are - BorisRule

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2 They make bad lists

I don't think it's even possible for anonymous users to make lists anymore anyways.

As if people with accounts never make bad lists.

Worst Religions
Most-hated Countries
Reasons to Hate Boys
Need to say more? - Gabo147

They can't even make lists anymore. - B1ueNew

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3 They make bad comments

Hey I'm a visitor. But I could also be a user who just logged out. Also if you go to popular lists, you will see that some visitors have top rated comments. So yeah not all visitors are bad, I mean its kind of hypocritical because you were once a visitor

How would a random visitor know anything about users? It's obvious that the visitors you are talking about are users who signed out so they could cause trouble without anyone knowing who they are.

This is sometimes true. This site has the nicest users I have ever seen on social media. But the visitors are sometimes mean. Not all the time of course, but some of their comments on my lists REALLY annoy me. - RockFashionista

Look who's. Talking - Nateawesomeness

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4 They are hiding

Does that mean you were a loser and a joke for a long time who made bad arguments and idiotic jokes?

Whoever made this list is heartless brat
Who has nothing to do but complain

From your stereotypes,#Roasted - Nateawesomeness

Ps I will get an account one day and make a very special list dedicated to you called top ten reasons to hate TOPTENPIZZA yep and u deserve it brat

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5 They are too lazy to make an account

Maybe they're taking their time to assess the benefits of the site. I did that before I signed up. - PositronWildhawk

Visitors and users aren't seperate class of citizens. We are all visitors first and users (if we have an account) after that. Users who log out are visitors too. I don't understand all the visitor hate; it doesn't make any sense. - Kiteretsunu

I was a visitor for a long time then made an account so I can have more fun. - ToptenPizza

Or...maybe the site isn't that great enough to make an account on.

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6 They went downhill

Or maybe you have seen the good ones first and caps locks girl the very last - Nateawesomeness

A lot of visitors don't put in full stops when they need to. - FennikenFan9

Visitors used to be funny, interesting and pretty cool. But then they went further down the line of trolls. - ToptenPizza

Sorry I don't always use full stops.GRAMMAR NaziS

7 They think they know everything about the site

A visitor who never made an account made the list "top ten reasons old users are better than new users". That visitor never interacted with any users, how could that visitor know anything about us? - ToptenPizza

To answer you question, because the person who made that list is a user.

And you think you know everything about these visitors? - Delgia2k

I starting to think that this list is a trolling list. Let's be real here.

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8 They mock non-famous TopTenners

I got mocked over two lists most violent songs written and words you didn't know had racist origins - Jordansalesguy2392

Some of them annoy me on my list. - B1ueNew

Some mock me,but SOME - Nateawesomeness

I got mocked by one of those visitors about my username just because I made a "flame argument" over a fictional character. so nasty...and jerky... - wariolady

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9 You don't get to know their personality, as there are so many of them
10 They think they're so cool when they're not

Oh and apperently u r cool

ToptenPizza, I tried making a fake account but everyone's impersonating me! I have an iPhone 3 and can't get an account. Please help!


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11 They start flame wars against people who hate them
12 Horrible grammar
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