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1 It Has Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics Instead of Nintendo/Pac-Man Spin-Offs

Sonic & Mega Man crossovers are overrated, silly, terrible & suck ass, anyways!

Please say yes to Pac-Man Archie Comics & Pac-Man Archie Comics crossovers!

Also, replace the terrible IGN Archie Comics "Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide trailer with the IGN Archie Comics "Sonic & Pac-Man", please.


Why do you like the whole Eggman & Wily unity so much?!

We strongly prefer Sonic & Pac-Man crossovers!

Also, Inky (from the Pac-Man series) & Amy Rose could be together forever with each other! Also, Sonic's "His World" sucks major ass! WHY, SEGA, WHY?! The Super Monkey Ball franchise may not have sold a million copies, but it has more than average fame, & besides, Super Monkey Ball & Mega Man crossovers would be good, not the terrible Sonic & Mega Man which needs to be hated! Dr. Eggman & Dr. Wily would make a very bad team to each other! Come on! Bowser & Dr. Wily wouldn't affeat ...more

How girls wanted a video game spin-off:

Kirby Series

That's it

What's with Archie Comics? It is rude & has sucky series! It's spoiled & people keep forcing me to read Archie Comics! Also, Mario & Pac-Man could've been on Mad Libs instead of Betty & Veronica! What's with Archie Comics? They decided to put Sonic/Mega Man characters in Archie Comics instead of Pac-Man! Why? Please tell me why, Ian Flynn & Evan Stanley.

I heard that Archie Comics will work on another Sonic & Mega Man series, but what about Pac-Man comics & Sonic & Pac-Man?! Imagine Amy Rose jumping on Inky & mistaking him for Sonic the Hedgehog & then when both are used to each other, Amy Rose forgets about Sonic & is deciding to be together forever with Inky in British Columbia.

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2 It Takes Place in New York Instead of British Columbia

I hate Riverdale Rescue, & I hate the fact that Riverdale is in New York. Also, Calvin & Hobbes beats Archie Comics! I'm mad that Archie Comics still continues! I hate Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Double Digests, & Betty & Veronica's dumb rivalries over Archie Andrews. Archie Comics is so overrated & needs crossovers with Mario/Pac-Man characters!

British Columbia should be spoken of more often, especially by the non-Canadians.

Why isn't Mario on the app like the hideous Archie Comics? WHY?! Mario needs his own crossover series on the iOS, the Android, the PC (like old times) & the iPhone. Nintendo told us why although the reason wasn't clear. Do you allwant to check it out?

3 There Are No Namco Archie Comics

Is this all for no reason or what? Because there could be Pooka Multi Digests, & Pac-Man Multi Digests, Pac-Man Mad Libs & etc.

True. I hate Betty & Veronica: Mad Libs! I hate Reggie Mantle.

Please make Pac-Man (Archie comics, Namco, Sega, Capcom & Archie Comics.

Agreed! Pac-Man Mad Libs would be awesome!

Also, Betty & Veronica is getting more & more bull!

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4 Archie Comics Is Fussy About What They Put In It

They don't quit Sonic Archie Comics which sucks! I'm very angry that they decided to put Archie Meets Glee instead of Archie Meets Mario. Also, I prefer Pac-Man Archie Comics! I hate Sonic & Mega Man Archie Comics, too! I hate Double Digests, Super Digests & etc.

Archie Comics is so overrated. ! And Nintendo actually said no to Archie Comics! Can you believe it? These sure are terrible facts.

You cannot say no to Namco, Archie Comics! We can imagine Pac-Man characters with Archie art for real.

Ian Flynn sure ruined Archie Comics.
He needs to put Pac-Man (Archie) comics. Please vote!

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5 It is Overrated

Too much people like it! Also, I prefer Disney Princess Archie Comics! Even so, Archie Comics rips too much stuff off! Sonic Archie Comics sucks too! I hate Sonic & Mega Man Archie comics & prefer Archie Comics version of Mario at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games with Rosalina replacing Princess Peach!

Betty Cooper has bad hair! Veronica Lodge is kinda funny, but Archie Comics ITSELF isn't at the least bit entertaining. Why are/were there no "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" & Pac-Man World 2" Archie Comics yet? Of course, Archie Comics has bad franchises for sure.

The only good things about Archie Comics so far are the thighs/large boobs/huge rumps of the female characters. I'd rather see Archie Comics porn than Sonic & Mega Man. Also, Sonic & Pac-Man would rock on Archie Comics.

All its projects suck ass anyways except for Super Duck, Archie Meets Kiss & old time Sonic Archie comics!

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6 Its Comics Are Mostly About Teens

I can not believe that they got away with the main settings being high schools. & etc. I prefer Sonic & Pac-Man: Worlds Collide! Also, Princess Daisy would be a great Archie Comics character! I would hate Archie Crash Bandicoot comics!

Why isn't Archie Comics making Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures adaptions yet? Archie Comics likes teen humor, & Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures has it. Why are there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet?!

We know what you mean by "by teens".

Us too. We hate the teaming up w/ Eggman & Wily unlike ScrewAttack. Ursula & Wily would be a better pairing.

Y' know, Archie Comics sucks since the 2nd millennium. It had bad potential.

Honestly the comics don't give me the sonic vibe. The characters are so OOC. Also I don't ship anyone in the sonic series so it was werid when tails and mina HAD CHILDREN! (Spoilers by the way). Also I don't like that they made a big deal out of shipping Sally. They made Amy overly crazy as well and took her 'obsession' way too far. ALL THE CHARACTERS PERSONALITY IS DIFFERENT. They probably just don't like Amy and made her go way to crazy. (Showing the crazy side with rosy the rascal...) I also feel bad that loads of people hate Sally because of these comics.

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7 It Couldn't Make Nintendo Archie Comics Yet

They could send the Mario Archie Comics & exc to another company that says yes to Archie Comics & make Sega's Super Monkey Ball.

This is one of the wrst things about Nintendo: IT SAID NO TO ARCHIE COMICS! But they might make up their mind later. Archie Comics needs to work on super Monkey Ball Archie Comics.

Isn't Meemee mostly similar to Luigi?!

Mario is similar to AiAi.

MeeMee is similar to Princess Peach (yet has the same complete skills as Luigi).

Baby, AiAi & MeeMee's son is similar to Luigi (yet he always does things similarly to Princess Peach).

GonGon is similar to Yoshi, Wario & Toad (yet YanYan moves simalarly to Yoshi, her potential rival).

8 Archie Meets Glee

I can't believe this! Archie Comics must be betraying us. imagine a "Sabrina Meets Glee/Josie Meets Glee". Beavis & Butthead Meets Glee would rock! But Archie Meets Glee?! No fair! Sonic & Mega Man crossovers would suck. Worse, it started recently in 2012 w/ it's terrible 2011 potentials for a Sonic & Mega Man crossovers. Come on! Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man. Pac-Man could team up with Rachel (from Glee) w/ Blinky (the red ghost) teaming up with Sue Sylvester. But Archie Meets Glee?! Even if the characters from Glee are adults, Archie Meets Glee needs to be replaced by Mario Meets Glee no matter what. Imagine Mario working with Rachel from Glee & Yoshi (who could be voiced by Ne-Yo) working with Kurt Hummel. That would be much better!

What the hell? What's with Archie Meets Glee? We strongly prefer Mario Meets Glee/Sonic Meets Glee/Pac-Man Meets Glee & etc. I hate Life With Archie. & I hate almost everything about Archie comics & Thearried Life. Archie is a spoiled brat like Betty & Veronica! Pat the Brat makes me sick! Sonic Archie Comics is terrible!

Archie Meets Glee has always been a mistake. At least there's no Archie Meets High School Musical/Hannah Montana/Teen Beach. But Archie Meets Glee? Archie Meets Kiss is better.

WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?! Archie Comics characters and the Glee cast?! I HATE YOU SO MUCH, ARCHIE COMICS!
Please make Archie Pac-Man comics!

9 Archie Himself

Archie Andrews does not deserve to be so popular and famed.

10 SonAmy


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11 Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide

Did you find out that Archie Comics is going to work on another Sonic & Mega Man?! It needs to be changed into Sonic & Pac-Man. We'll send Archie Comics that email.

Sonic & MegaMan shouldn't exist anyways. Even worse, it's on Archie Comics.

Besides, Pac-Man must be on Archie Comics too!

Sonic & Mega Man is unfair anyway & definitely needs to be replaced by Sonic & Pac-Man.

Sonic & Mega Man crossovers suck ass, anyways.
We strongly prefer Sonic & Rio: Worlds Collide & 20th Century Fox's Rio Archie Comics.

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12 No Angry Birds Archie Comics

What's with Rovio & Archie Comics?

13 Archie Comics is Overrated

Archie Comics are overrated and super saccharine and sadly when they were making a live action T.V. Series they had to rip off Twin Peaks and Stranger Things just to get it off the ground!

AUGGH! The franchise is very bad. Betty Cooper is terrible & proven as short-tempered. Also, imagine Betty Cooper having a catfight with Miles "Tails" Prower.

I think this eis even more higher-rated than the top 1 highest rated video game of all time - Super Mario Galaxy 2!

14 Archie Comics Took Over the World

Seriously, why is Archie Comics so popular? It's about a teen being the main protagonist - not fair! Dude, I can't believe that Archie Comics is willing to continue Sonic & Mega Man Archie Comics instead of Pac-Man Archie Comics!

This should die- but not entirely. Therecould be Namco archei Comics, especially Pac-Man and Dig Dug Archie Comics.

How dare Archie Comics be on Comic Vine! Archie Comics ismainly a gift from Satan!

Archie Andrews is too bossy, by the way.

15 Betty Cooper is Bossy & Freaks Out After Archie Forgets Her Date

That makes sense since she's cranky, whiny, should get grounded often & has an excuse-making side sometimes.

I hate her relations with girls. Rosalina is much better than Betty Cooper & even nicer & more intelligent!

Get lost, Betty Cooper! Nobody wants you!

Betty Cooper is one brainy bastard.

Betty & Veronica both, pal. They suck, & so do all other Archie/Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Josie & the Pussycats comics! Why do you like Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide?! It sucks! It's wrong! Why are there no Pac-Man Archie Comics?! Why are there no Super Monkey Ball comics?! Sega said yes to Archie Comics! But all it is is teen crap: Archie Meets Glee sucks! WHAT THE HELL?! ):(

The creations of Archie Comics is a fair to severe mistake, anyway.

Also, why are there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet?

Princess Peach is like that, too.

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16 No Archie Disney Comics

We only get a Disney parody that takes place in the same universe & city of Riverdale.

17 They Won't Go Away

I have nonetheless had enough of this Archie Comics teen crap. They killed my childhood. Betty & Veronica are nothing but bull! And their faces are too punchable! And what else? Archie Andrews does not deserve the fame! This is even worse than Disney Channel!

18 The Characters Have Terrible Attitudes
19 Sonic (Archie) Comics

It used to be fine until 15!

20 Amy Rose & Cream the Rabbit Being Best Friends
21 They Aren't 3D Yet

I know. Archie Comics is sucky & should be forgotten for a long time because it really needs to come in the same 3D that most Mario & Sonic games have.

Also, there could be Mario & Princess Daisy Master Digests.

What the hell is with Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics?!

Scratchpad should say this about Mario/Archie Comics characters regardless of their gender.

Mario as Archie Andrews (both are charismatic, main, slightly dumb, with mixed personalities & girl-crazy).

Luigi as Betty Cooper (both are very strict, cowardly, crybabies, pervy, boring, silly, temperamental & secondary characters)

Princess Peach as Veronica Lodge (both are prissy, bossy, spoiled, cowardly & the third characters).

Yoshi as Jughead (both are the main protagonists' best friends, can get pompous & are fourth characters).

Toad as Dilton Doiley (both are smart, cowardly & short)

Wario as Reggie Mantle (both are the main rivals towards the main protagonist, appear big in width compared to other characters in width except for Jason Blossom, Mr. Weatherbee & Moose Mason).

Cheryl Blossom as Wendy O. Koopa (both are spoiled, perverted, suggestive, stupid, stereotypical & ...more

Archie Comics needs to improve and stop havin a fanbase for Sonic/Mega Man (Archie) comics!

Darn it! Naruto, Dragonballz & Archie Comics - not 3D yet?! WHY?!

Dammit! Archie Comics sucked since its second issue &
Why does it even exist anyway?!

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22 They Made Princess Peach Look Like a Short-Tempered & Bossy Wacko

Not only Princess Peach, but most other females in the whole Arechie Comics franchise.

23 There are no Marvel/DC Archie Comics!

Why is Archie Comics still staying so brattish?! Why no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet?! ! We would love The a Incredible Hulk (Archie) Comics. And no more Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics!

24 Betty & Veronica & How Spoiled it Is

What's with Archie Comics?! Betty & Veronica suck 100%. The only good things about them is their sexy body parts including their wide (in general for humans), feminine thighs.

That was just an insult, Archie Comics! I hope you go to hellunless you make Pac-Man comics!

25 No Rio Archie Comics Yet

Why not?! Archie Comics & Rio crossovers would be awesome!

26 Archie, Betty, Veronica & Jughead Are Even More Famous Than Super Mario

I wouldn't say that Betty, Veronica & Jughead are more famous than Mario, but Archie Comics sucks! Why? No Archie Mario comics! Why?! Because Nintendo actually said no to Archie Comics. Shigeru told us why in a friendly, intellegent & honest way like he usually does. But Pac-Man Archie Comics would be best!

Go Archie Pac-Man Comics!

27 Double/Super Digests
28 Josie & the Pussycats

Uggh, I hate Archie Comics. They are overdosing teen girl stereotypes! And what's the surprise? A girl band! A girl-themed comic franchise! Archie Comics should go to hell.

I hope they die from being annoying! They will never be better than Rosalina from Mario! Josie McCoy sounds like a ripoff of Travie McCoy's name (even if during the creation of Josie & the Pussycats, Travie McCoy was not born yet) and looks like a slightly younger twin sister of rotten Archie Andrews! And come on! Axel Chains from Your Favorite Martian is a much better drummer than Melanie McSweeney!

29 The Franchise is Boring
30 No Nintendo Archie Comics
31 Archie Comics Maintained Even After "The Death of Archie".
32 The Main Love Triangles of the Franchise

They sure suck! Re: Archie, Betty & Veronica - Sonic, Sally Acorn & Amy Rose - Mega Man, Roll & Tron Bonne, etc...

Darn it! Naruto, Dragonballz & Archie Comics - not 3D yet?! WHY?!

33 Bad Crossovers

The rock vband KISS deserves to be in a better comic than archie

34 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures


Y'know, I am much like Rafael and Cheryl Blossom. So piss off!

35 No Beavis & Butthead (Archie) Comics

We could have had Archie Beavis & Butthead comics for sure! That would be awesome! Beavis & Butthead would be much better on Archie Comic sinstead of Sonic the Hedgehog.

36 Preaching

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge always draw and lose Archie Andrews' heart just by being such annoying teen girls that think they're so radical and popular.

37 Betty & Veronica's Rivalries

Is Archie Comics sexist?! Because they need to work on Pac-Man (Archie) comics, please.

I can't even believe Betty & Veronica even exists! I ripped all the Betty & Veronica strips and got blockage for eating them. I even threw the pages down the toilet.

The rivalries became so overrated that recently they decided to make Archie worse by making (in boxart covers) Archie, Betty & Veronica insane over each other like crazy! WHY?! You know how Betty Cooper is similar to Princess Peach as well as Super Luigi & Veronica Lode is similar to Pauline, Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land & Wendy O. Koopa combined w/ Archie Andrews being similar to Mario? Well, things got worse. Now there's Peach & Pauline/Daisy love showdowns for Mario's heart yet Princess Peach always forces Mario to win her heart. AUGGH! Why the hell is Archie not done yet despite Archie's death at such a young age in 2014?! Oh, yeah, and imagine if Amy Rose had a mad crush on Archie Andrews. Archie might not like it since he is a human & Amy Rose is an animal.

38 Archie Doesn't Hate Betty & Veronica

Archie Andrews (to Betty Cooper): There's nothing I don't like about you.

Archie Andrews (to Veronica Lodge): I have nothing against you at all.

SERIOUSLY, ARCHIE?! Archie Andrews: the male Amy Rose.

39 Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) Won't Go Away Yet Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) Won't Go Away Yet Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

I found out that it is to be the longest-runnin Archie Comics franchise to be based on a gaming franchise. Well, that does not mean there will never be a Pac-Man (Archie) comics!

40 Terrible Storylines

Most hated comic EVEr: ferocious femmes

Ginny: (about football) what an adorable little handbag it would make!

What I want to say to her: well then if you think its adorable I'm GONNA HANDBAG YO FACE

I also hate some parts like:

Random girl: wait till we get our lips on!
Random girl no. 2: is there an extra hairpin?


Most hated of all:
Girl #1: Baw! They knocked one of my teeth out!
Betty: my lovely long nails, GONE!
Girl #2: look at the shiner they hung on me!
Girl #3: we can't be able to enter the beauty pageant!


41 Catfights
42 Archie Comics Fairytale Parodies
43 Everything's Archie
44 Kevin Keller

On the first place, he's not even hot in my eyes. I have enough with abs and muscles for now.

45 Archie Comics Betrays Us Repeatedly
46 Reggie Mantle
47 Ripoffs
48 Current Sonic (Archie) Comics/Mega Man (Archie) Comics Aren't Funny
49 No Nintendo/Pac-Man (Archie) Comics Adaptions
50 All the Females Are Cowards


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