Top Ten Reasons to Hate Ariana Grande

Reading this you'll realize why you should hate Ariana grande. There's only 5 reasons

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1 Her music

They are almost ALWAYS about SEX! It's disgusting how little kids listen to her trash, I'm not even surprised that her album covers are MOSTLY her in UNDERWEAR!

All modern music is about it? Dude, she isn't the only one so SHUT UP - HeyItzGrace

She sounds like my dog every time a fire truck drives down my street

I hate her songs! She's just trying to be cool! - bendyfazjazz234

Her last good song was The Light is Coming. Now, she sings Jake Paul quality songs. That's how bad 7 Rings is.

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2 She hates America and Americans

Even though I will always hate this Ariana forever, I do a lot of research on her. She does have an Iranian grandfather, so why does she live in America? Well, she just lives in America because it's very popular and gets her more attention. But, once people find out about her facts, bye bye Ariana. Next thing you know she will be crying in a corner in her room. She deserves it.

She has lived in Florida for her whole life. Get your blooming facts right. She slays, your jealous. She hasn't moved for the popularity she lived there her whole life! - HeyItzGrace

She is so dumb and is a racist, a diva, way too fond of herself and stuff. I come from Azerbaijan but I love Americans and support them! So if stupid whoriana has problems she can go back to hell where she belongs!

Not impressed, She's full of herself and hasn't been around long enough to even come close to earning Diva Status. If she hates Americans and America I suggest she go back to where she came from and see how much of a star she is there. Never bite the hand that feeds you!

American gave her her career

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3 She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray

Yes, she made a "sorry" video, but she was only sorry because she was caught.

Id love to eat the donuts she licks

If she is a so called vegan why was she in a donut shop?

This is a perfect example of her terrible personality. Grow up. Don't be such a mean brat.

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4 She wants her fans to die

That's a stupid rumor. Who actually believes this crap?

I hate ariana grande, but I'm almost positive that that is not true. - VictoriaJusticeFan

What a disgusting human being she is, I honestly wouldn't care if she died. - MetalWorldOrder

Get this to number 1.She legit told her fans to do this - DarkBoi-X

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5 She is annoying

Remove this ** Shut up

I TOTALLY AGREE! my friend is obsessed with ariana and it drives me INSANE!

She is not annoying at all! everyone who thinks she is going go and mind your on friction business. She is not trash, is the most talented singer ever. And for proof, seriously just get off your lazy ass and go search her live covers. And excuse me? A dying cat, nah you're just jealous, and I'm sure you are the one who sounds like a dying cat. WhErE ThEm Arianators at?!

She sounds like a dog whistle nobody likes her singing.

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6 Ariana hates her fans, she just wants the money.

She has posted and tweeted she hates Americans and America. She also told her fans she wants them to die. Just like Justin Bieber, she only dances and sings for money. I saw a directors cut video (WHICH WAS 100% REAL) where you heard Ariana's voice screaming like a 5 year old and she said "WELL AT LEAST I'm RICH FROM IT! " Then you hear a door slam, then there comes "innocent" little Ariana and goes up to the director who was recording and waves and says "Hello, how are you? " And she shakes his hand!

Whoever said the thing about her saying "well at least I'm rich from it" do you know what their conversation was about? It could've been anything!

Haha it's funny people think she said this. She didn't she her fans - HeyItzGrace

She...lied to me

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7 Her overall personality

You're saying you can't know or judge her unless you know her personally, and I really don't assume any of her fans are best friends with her. her fans don't know her any better than people who don't like her. - aestheticallypleasingburie

She acts fake. Tries to be cute but she's - ThisIsMyOpinion

I don't add this because I have anything against Grande. I don't know her personally and most likely you also don't. But there are only two reasons to hate a person, famous or not: either because of their overall personality or because they have done something that truly harmed someone. So far, Grande has not publically done the latter. - Martin_Canine

You can’t really judge her if you don’t know her personally, because in the end the only people at a liberty to judge each other is the person themselves"because they know what’s going on inside of them. - ThingFling

8 Her music is so generic and all sounds the same!

She really needs to grow as an artist, her songs are so boring and generic pop crap! If she wants to be like Mariah she needs to really work on her craft! - NicoleScherzingersNumber1Fan

You only have to buy one of her songs, and you've heard them all.

Her music is not generic so stop coming up with these random reasons to hate Ariana Grande.

Her music is generic, it's always the same damn thing with the same pitch and it's getting old. - obsidianmoon


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9 She's a bad role model for kids

This I must agree with. My little sister watched Victorious ALL THE TIME when she was about 7. Then she wanted to see how Ariana was getting on, so she watched the music video of "Break Free" and after watching it, we were sitting at the dinner table, and she suddenly said "Have you seen in Break Free where Ariana slips off her space suit and she's like floating around in this cool shiny bikini? I wanna be just like her when I grow up! " Ariana is the reason that my sister got anorexia at the age of 8. I HATE HER

Kids under 13 should not listen to her trash, or watch her music videos. She wears bathing suits and Is almost nude, wearing her ugly "signature" ponytail, a bra and underwear, and knee high boots. And she dances weird in her videos. Also, if you think about it, "Love Me Harder", sounds really wrong.

True but I still love her

They think showing your ass makes you a "role model" for young girls. And furthermore, my stepdaughter doesn't like her anymore ever since she said she hates America. My stepdaughter is only 8 and asks "Why does she hate America? " And "Doesn't she know that America is the reason she got famous and makes money? " Nothing but trash. And they call rednecks trash. At least rednecks don't hate their country.

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10 Her high notes in her music

She is ALMOST EVERY TIME singing with heigh larynx and her and her litle fans are awful at all.

It's annoying sometimes even though I do like some of her songs. Like do you really have to scream in every's getting old.

Brat. she is awful

She uses auto-tune. How do we even know she can sing?

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11 Her fans


Her fans are the worst. They call us "Whorinators" just because we disagree with them, they're immature! Even worse, the only reason her stupid fans are watching Scream Queens is because she's in it (she dies first ep) when Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, and Jamie Lee Curtis are way better than het. Shes only in one episode, LET IT GO! Every time we say she's a diva they're like "YOU don't KNOW HER! " Maybe we don't, but Jennette does, and she tells us a lot about her in her web show "what's next for Sarah"

Her fans are the best, I'm a huge fan of Ariana Grande, if y'all don't like her then get the hell off the damn website

Yes this is so true I like ariana but not to the point where I worship her like all the rest of her fans they are REALLY annoying they can't hear one bad thing about her like god damn grow up she not perfect and its disturbing to see how much time they dedicate to someone who will never help them in life. I REALLY hate her fans to the point that I don't want to be a fan of hers anymore I really think they are a reason why people come out of her fandom I like her but I don't love her she has her flaws like damn. TAKE IN THE FACTS.

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12 She made rumors about Victoria Justice

She made everyone hate victoria. She isn't the reason that Victorious canceled. Even Dan said that!

I feel bad for Victoria, I will always love her more than the Ariana brat

Ariana is not fair because she made rumors and she never did nothing to fix that. She should say that is not true.. victoria did never do something bad to her - victoriajustice

Victoria should be shown Justice from everyone (see what I did there? ) because she sung my favourite sing in the entire universe: Best Friends Brother

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13 Her voice

She's just a copy of Mariah Carey, It's good Mariah Carey said "I don't know who Ariana Grande is" Ariana's just a wannabe. In all her music Videos its just her screaming. Like in her song, bang bang.

I HATE her voice. It sounds unprofessional and like she's crying. - VictoriaJusticeFan

She honestly just has range, but even that s questionable because she honestly just sounds like a screaming banshee. And the fact that she wears skimpy underwear on EVERY album cover... She cannot pronounce words to save her life! She literally says, "now that I've become who I really are" in her song Break Free. Apparently she can't pass 4th Grade English. She sings from the back of her throat and then barely moves her mouth!

She sounds like she is copying Hatsune Miku. Listen to Hatsune Miku's music and then Ariana's. Then you understand what I am saying because it does sound like she is trying to mimic Hatsune Miku which is really unoriginal!

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14 She dresses like a prostitute at music videos and concerts

And how are the kids who are a fan of hers can learn from her outfit? - MLPFan

She shouldn't be dressing like a tramp when she has such a young audience I mean she is on Nickelodeon for crying out loud shouldn't you be more conservative considering your on a kids program?

Um she left nickelodeon, she has her own life now she can do what the blooming hell she wants - HeyItzGrace

Yeah, she hardly wears anything, her song focus is just like problem, she's practically wearing underwear on her 'my everything' album and her focus cover! She thinks she's cute but really she's not, sorry Ariana you're just not cute!

There's a difference between entertainment and real life. Just because she dresses herself with go-go boots, miniskirts concerts and videos doesn't mean that in her private life she's a prostitute. She's a music entertainer, do you expect that she dresses on concerts like she dresses when she's at home?

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15 Her look

She's hideous to look at. I think she's very unattractive. It looks like she wears a ton of makeup. Is that what we men find "hot" now? Now, I don't watch her music videos but from ads, pictures, things I hear, she tries being sexy? The thought of such an unappealing girl with tons of makeup on swaying her hips, pushing her breasts and bottom out, and biting her finger makes me laugh. Her body is far from sexy, as her face is far from beauty. She looks like a young child that's trying too hard to grow up. And she seems very conceited, arrogant. I bet she thinks she's a goddess, doesn't she?

She looks like Barbie in a really gross way! Doesn't her fans notice that when she's on the red carpet and when photographers take a up close picture of her face, it looks she caked on foundation and eyeliner. And yes her selfies don't count because all celebrities use a photoshop app so Ariana most likely uses a app to make her face less caked but makes her face look more fake.

It's hard to take her seriously when she looks like a twelve year old. she always is trying to make her butt look big like in her music videos she's arching her back to make her flat but look big.

Obviously, all you haters are extremely jealous of Ariana, and are same fans who hate Justin Bieber. Grow up and get a life!

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16 She blamed Victoria Justice for nothing

Usually, I would not vote on a list like that but this item is very true. I liked Ariana and Victoria. Victoria a bit more. But I lost all my respect for Miss Grande because she made lies about Victoria about bullying and being the reason why Victorious got cancelled. That was really mean. I now hate Ariana Grande for that. I hope Victoria will be more famous and overshine towhard Ariana. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere


Victoria Justice was the best on Victorious and Ariana was jealous so she made up a bunch of lies about Victoria being the reason Victorious ended and Victoria being mean to her while on Victorious.

I know! Victoria is awesome and Ariana trashed her by saying that Victoria was mean to her on Victorious and Victorious ended because Victoria went on tour by herself. She just made that stuff up so that people will hate Victoria!

Uh NO. Victoria, actually did left victorious because she wanted to go solo and on tour, the producer of victorious even said that himself

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17 She is rude


No you haters are the ones who are rude

why because the only thing she knows how to do is crap about people when she's jealous. research and you'll find the most messed up cringe worthy things ariana has said to Victoria and to others just for people to hate them...

agree smh

18 She's very full of herself

Yes it is. I went to her concert and she screamed so loud that the speakers made a weird ass noise

This is SOOO TRUE. My friend is NUTS about her, and she went to one of her concerts, which was her life dream and she'd been saving up to go to one for YEARS. She hoped she'd get a picture with ARIANA. You know what ARIANA said? She didn't even LOOK at her and she coldly replied "Look, there is a thing called photoshop? You can waste your time on somebody else." I'm not joking, she actually said it, my friend filmed it on her phone. To this day I am still seeking revenge on ARIANA for crushing my BFFL's dreams...

As if she said that! Haha I would like to hear that please! can't because it's fake! - HeyItzGrace

True. She is so selfish and wants all the attention on herself

She is a massive jerk to everyone, including her fans

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19 She licks donuts and put them back

I thought that 2as already number 7! - Arianagrandefan

No wonder Justin Bieber likes her! >:(

20 Her songs

Her songs really do suck. I'm sorry, Ariana, but your lame ass songs are just not at all good to listen to. Not only that, but on top of all of the stupid songs, talk shows, and commercials on the radio, her songs play out of no where.


Her Songs Are Like All The Same For Example She Copied Focus And Made it Just Like problem And Its like All of her songs are just about her fans and how she wants them to die. Also Her Song Focus Was All About Her As one Lyric said "Focus on me" She Obvioulsy Wants The WHOLE World To FOCUS On her And No one else

Please list one lyric in every song about her wanting her fans to die. Or even just one lyric from any one of her songs. - ThingFling

The high bits in her song are annoying as hell!

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21 She is overrated

All these kids who know her from victorious think she's awesome, but that's because it's the only music they've ever heard. Ariana grande's music is TRASH yet she gets all this popularity. If she wasn't so pretty and didn't dress like a stripper then nobody would like her.

She is super overrated! I hope that eventually, she will be irrelevant...

Man I used to like her now I don't know what the heck happened I mean I'm just 11

In fact I agree with all the reasons why people hate arian... because they're true!... I will never understand why she has flowers! there's no reason! please open your eyes!

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22 She is disgusting


She always says weird and does weird stuff like in 7 rings she’s like “Like my ass yeah” BUT I still Like her songs EXCEPT for the eww moments

23 She cheated on Jai Brooks twice

Nothing new in the horizon, quite the standard female of 2000, but luckily they was a time where women was real.. Not some fake girl supposedly grown up, that end up cheating someone she love in theory. Does she love her fan the same way she handle her relation.

She was using him


She is aloud to date whoever she wants so shut up. I bet most girls have cheated so what's different. She is HUMAN. - HeyItzGrace

Just cause other girls have cheated doesn't make it okay for someone to do it - obsidianmoon

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24 Her really high notes in her music

Their like a dead cat

"Reasons why you should hate Ariana Grande"
Lmao you can't just convince people to hate something. - GamerBoy

25 She is fake

She acts all nice to her followers, but she really isn't nice at all! Unlike Taylor Swift!

Lousy break up songs beat wannabe divas, at least taylor swift is original (is she)

She tries to be cute...but it makes her look weird - ThisIsMyOpinion

She is just trying too hard, she looks like plastic, I just don't get why she can't just be herself, it's setting a bad example for young kids who are now convinced by her to be fake and not themselves and try to look like her - randomperson4563

I HATE Ariana Grande, but I LOVE Taylor Swift. If you don't know why I prefer Taylor over Ariana, then you must be stupid

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26 She is gross

Technically she is gross because she spat on doughnuts, wears caked up foundation and eyeliner, and mostly likely has a sexual transmitted disease for screwing around with one too many guys. Are her fans blind? I will gladly go on if they keep on denying this honesty of mine.

I don't know - ThisIsMyOpinion

Yeah why write random stuff she is not gross


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27 She once beat up her friend's son

Man, talk about child abuse.

Um I don't think that's true. Ari might be mean to others according to Ariana Grande's Hate Club here, but I don't think she would hurt anyone like that.

Well it is child abuse no matter who's kid it is

This is there proof...NO SO SHUT UP - HeyItzGrace

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28 She likes Justin Bieber

They belong together.DISGUSTING. - bendyfazjazz234

I love Justin Bieber too, leave her the freak alone and let her do what she wants, damn. If u don't like Ariana Grande get off the damn website. I'm a huge fan of Ariana Grande

Are you kidding me :/

Who cares if she likes Justin Bieber, I like both of them, leave Ariana the frick alone!

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29 Mariah Carey wannabe

Mariah Carey is good. Unlike this wannabe. I don't even see why a female chipmunk on helium is famous.

She is the Amazon-Version of Mariah Carey, Woops.

Mariah Carey is great, this little girl isn't anything like her, but she is desperate to be.

Mariah Carey is the best diva in the history of divas and Ariana is just trying to be like her.

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30 Her romance

She was kissing big Sean on camera but no one wants to see that. It's not even true romance because, He told her to get a Boobs bigger and if your boyfriend told you to get your boobs bigger probably means he doesn't love her body.

Whoever said the thing about love life being private, I half agree with that. People can keep it private but most celebs like to make it mysterious just so they get attention.

I'm happy for my friend's love life...and her fans love to know

Does this really matter?

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31 Her hair

So not true people say she got extensions and stuff and well she does! But for one of her music videos she tried dyeing her hair to much so it started falling out so she wears a ponytail to cover the bald spot and when ever you see her with her hair down that's the reason she is all in extensions!

Guys please, because she was on that stupid show victorious she had to keep dying her hair red and that is really bad so it started to fall out, the only way it wouldn't look weird is if she put it in a ponytail, and that's probably why she was crying about her hair, if you were loosing your hair and you were a girl you'd most likely be crying of stress and fear also!

She wears her hair in a half ponytail and she thinks that it looks so cool and that it's her "signature"

She wears it like that because her hair is dyed red frequently on victorious, so her hair is slowly falling out, and, with her hair down, it looks weird, so in a ponytail, it doesn't that's why it is signature.

Her hair looks fine when it's not in that stupid ponytail, and even if it DID looked a bit weird that's not our fault. She should of thought about that issue more carefully and should of done her research on what hair dye can do to your hair, how to buy the right hair dye product AND how to take care of it properly. I think she only wears that stupid hairstyle because of two reasons:

1. She is too lazy to come up with a BETTER and more UNIQUE hairstyle.

2. She thinks this hairstyle makes her look cute, sexy or whatever when in reality it DOESN'T!

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32 She called herself the "New" and "Improved" Avril Lavigne

You know. If this is true (which I'm not saying it is or isn't) she will never be as good/great as avril lavigne. Go back to hell ariana grande.

How dare she. No one can live up to being a legend like Avril or Brittany Spears. - ThisIsMyOpinion

Avril is way more talented than you and your whiny voice so don't even compare yourself to her! - Popsicles

Avril is better

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33 She is spoiled

Very, wish she could donate it or something. - ThisIsMyOpinion

She wants to be carried around like a little baby she is so stuck up

Okay I love Ariana Grande but I agree with this. I found this thing that said as a kid she got almost $3000 pocket money every month. I'm not sure it's true though.

Whoever said the thing about Sophia grace I so agree with that!

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34 She's a skank

She's not a skank

I know she may hate African Americans but I'm an African american. Well I'm actually mixed but I'm a big fan of ariana grande!


You can't just going around calling people skanks, let her do what she wants, it's probably just a stupid contract making her have to do stuff.

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35 Her relationship with Big Sean

Today's fashion is to disrespect women to the highest and what's the best group to do so? Well, just look at abortion rate and fatherless home within any group of human in your country and you'll get your answer. But to be honest we both know that number mean nothing compared to individual experience, yet we all know your a racist thinking you have the right to protect your group. :) magnifique

Really? She wants to go out with a guy who literally sings "Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ASS"?

I even heard that Big Sean hated Ariana Grande

Who agrees with me I hate Ariana,I hate Ariana,I hate Ariana!

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36 She can't act

She was the worst on Victorious. Victoria and Elizabeth put their whole heart into their character, but Ariana didn't even care!

I'm a stage actor, right? I'm no expert critic, but I have somewhat of an eye for performance quality. Victorious was never the best-acted show, but Victoria Justice put energy and charisma into her character at the very least. Ariana Grande was just lazy because she was allowed to be. She is "Pretty and talented" (I wish I could make those quotes bigger because I definitely don't agree with that), and in this day and age, that has all too much bearing on your popularity in today's society.

She literally makes 4Kidz sound like a bunch of perfect, strong, energetic actors. And you know which terrible starlet Nickelodeon likes the most out of all other teen actors? Solely Ariana Grande, an American-hating, fake music artist-fantasizing jerk that definitely does not deserve more praise than most other music artists in the universe. That does it. I'd rather watch a Happy Madison flick than the modern Dan Schneider Nickcoms. I'm not jealous. I think Ariana Grande can be compared to Kristen Stewart in terms of acting talent. Even Selenators are better than Arianators.

My friend ari puts her all and tries to make people happy but not everyone is happy I guess

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37 She thinks she's better than most celebrities

She shouldn't think this when it comes down to success and fans. I mean Adele is a much greater singer and is Taylor swift. They have won many awards, way more than Ariana

To the person who said we should get off this website,this is a list for reasons to hate Ariana Grande,not reasons to love her.So why don't u and other Ariana lovers stay off this list and leave it for us Ariana haters(like me)?

No way I know many celebs better then her even zayn is better and I don't LIKE ZAYN

Just full of her self

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38 She called Carrie Underwood fake and untalented

I don't blame Ariana Grande. Carrie Underwood is a stupid racist.

1. Where's the proof?
2. Maybe because she can have her own opinion?

IT'S TRUE though

Ariana wasn't lying. Carrie came from a bloody karaoke show.

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39 She is best friends with Khloe Kardashian

Ck up divasThey are such stuck - Stevenuniversefangirl

So what?

Doesn't matter... I like Ariana anyways. I'm just bored on TheTopTens.


40 She said that Nintendo should go bankrupt

She said what!?!?!?! Wait until I get my hands on her!!!!! - nintendofan126

GET HER, NintendoFAN126! This girl is probably even worse than whoever made "Top 10 Reasons to Hate Super Mario 64", one masterpiece Ariana Grande would hate.

Oh, cause she wants little kids to stop playing games and listen to her trash music. - ThisIsMyOpinion

She is so dumb she probably hates it because she never has time to play it... She is always busy strutting on stage like a white trash tramp

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41 She made fun of Jennifer Lawrence

Your comment explains why Arianators take it the extra mile. - The Ultimate Daredevil

God, I've never really liked her that much and thought she was full of herself but when she made fun of Jen I was pissed. Like I get she was in snl and that was probably written for her and all but she took it too far. She made fun of her in a bitchy way and acted like Jen was trying to hard to be relatable or to be famous but in reality, Ariana is the one trying so hard to fit in to Hollywood. She can live her life and do what she wants but when she messes with Jen, I have to say something.

42 She doesn't show her fans respect

Sounds about right. Ariana truly has no self respect let alone respect to her fans. People look up to her, yet she walks all over them, and STILL they idolize her. Stop it

43 She called Amy Adams ugly

What a butthurt bastard. I do not care how anyone looks. If they are sexy, I must go out with them. If they are ugly, so?

44 She called Anna Kournikova ugly

SHE never called Anna ugly and she's not jealous of selena gomez selena is fake,talentless a fame digger

Well that’s her opinion and I don’t think she is very pretty either!

How f'in dare you be jealous in general, Whoriana Grande. You are lucky you are easy on the eyes, Ariana Grande-Butera, but you are plastic compared to the girls you call ugly. Well, don't you dare flip at us when we state that we do not like Planned Parenthood, Justin Bieber (before jailbreak), Jacob Sartorius, Bratz (especially Bratz: The Movie), Nicole Arbour, 2010s Dan Schneider Nickcoms, Miley Cyrus (2013-2016), the Southern accent or anti-feminism. I hope Nat Wolff beats you up if you are jealous of Selena Gomez for winning his heart. Except Selena Gomez is too needy with boyfriends, so we would not be surprised that they broke up with a grudge.

45 Ariana screamed at her fans at the Kids Choice Awards

I think this is just garbage. Everyone throws themselves over Ariana and thinks she is so nice, but yelling at her fans on a kids program? What happened was Ariana's disgusting fans were screaming her name and trying to see her ugly plastic face, and she yelled and said "OK! ALRIGHT! " Ugh, she is such a fake!

So rude


46 She think what she does is super cool

She's 25 let her go do what she wants to do.

How do u think she got this many haters?

Wow... if I were Ariana I would think I was awesome too! She has gotten so far so can you stop dissing her because of that?!

Ariana is awesome stop lying and by the way I'm a big fan of Ariana Grand and she has a beautiful voice and beautiful hair. Now stop lying because yall are making everything worse.

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47 She dissed Kourtney Kardashian

I am actually surprised that she did that considering the belief that she demands people to love the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, you name it... What's so great about Kourtney Kardashian anyways?! I will admit. The Kardashians actually find ways to make their lives good for themselves compared to Honey Boo Boo's whole family. Speaking of which, I will seriously murder Ariana Grande if she demands us to like Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, Toddlers & Tiaras and many other TLC Schelpfests. - The Ultimate Daredevil

48 She hates her fans

Not only Ariana Grande hates her fans, but she even wishes death upon her own fans. But she got her wish: Her concert got bombed, killing lots of innocent people. This is why I NEVER liked her in the first place.

This has basically been repeated like 10 times now go and waster your time on something else

Stupid plastic girl

Where ever she is now its because of her fans

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49 She used Jai Brooks and Big Sean

Jai Brooks: One less problem without you! *beats up Ariana Grande, which we want*

Mmmhmmm true


50 She likes Planned Parenthood

So Planned Parenthood is overrated?

Watch the videos leaked. Then you'll understand.

At least she's not one of these fundamentalist terrorists that shoot up clinics under the name of God.

, those people are gross.

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