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21 Ariana hates her fans, she just wants the money.

She has posted and tweeted she hates Americans and America. She also told her fans she wants them to die. Just like Justin Bieber, she only dances and sings for money. I saw a directors cut video (WHICH WAS 100% REAL) where you heard Ariana's voice screaming like a 5 year old and she said "WELL AT LEAST I'm RICH FROM IT! " Then you hear a door slam, then there comes "innocent" little Ariana and goes up to the director who was recording and waves and says "Hello, how are you? " And she shakes his hand!

Whoever said the thing about her saying "well at least I'm rich from it" do you know what their conversation was about? It could've been anything!

Haha it's funny people think she said this. She didn't she her fans - HeyItzGrace

She...lied to me

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22 She is gross

Technically she is gross because she spat on doughnuts, wears caked up foundation and eyeliner, and mostly likely has a sexual transmitted disease for screwing around with one too many guys. Are her fans blind? I will gladly go on if they keep on denying this honesty of mine.

Yeah why write random stuff she is not gross


Are you serious you can't just write random stuff! 😡😡

23 She is fake

She acts all nice to her followers, but she really isn't nice at all! Unlike Taylor Swift!

Lousy break up songs beat wannabe divas, at least taylor swift is original (is she)

She is just trying too hard, she looks like plastic, I just don't get why she can't just be herself, it's setting a bad example for young kids who are now convinced by her to be fake and not themselves and try to look like her - randomperson4563

I HATE Ariana Grande, but I LOVE Taylor Swift. If you don't know why I prefer Taylor over Ariana, then you must be stupid

Ariana acts all nice to her followers, but she really isn't nice at all! Unlike Nicole Scherzinger. - NicoleScherzingersNumber1Fan

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24 She once beat up her friend's son

Um I don't think that's true. Ari might be mean to others according to Ariana Grande's Hate Club here, but I don't think she would hurt anyone like that.

Man, talk about child abuse.

Well it is child abuse no matter who's kid it is

This is there proof...NO SO SHUT UP - HeyItzGrace

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25 She likes Justin Bieber

Are you kidding me :/

I hate Justin Bieber

I hate that Justin beiber and she is trying to be nice b/c no one likes Justin beriberi we all know that

YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE JUSTIN BIEBER IS MORE TALENTED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE! >8( - Ariana Grande, another Belieber that might as well be similar to Bieberluvr1234

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26 Her romance

She was kissing big Sean on camera but no one wants to see that. It's not even true romance because, He told her to get a Boobs bigger and if your boyfriend told you to get your boobs bigger probably means he doesn't love her body.

Whoever said the thing about love life being private, I half agree with that. People can keep it private but most celebs like to make it mysterious just so they get attention.

I'm happy for my friend's love life...and her fans love to know

Does this really matter?

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27 Her hair

Guys please, because she was on that stupid show victorious she had to keep dying her hair red and that is really bad so it started to fall out, the only way it wouldn't look weird is if she put it in a ponytail, and that's probably why she was crying about her hair, if you were loosing your hair and you were a girl you'd most likely be crying of stress and fear also!

She wears her hair in a half ponytail and she thinks that it looks so cool and that it's her "signature"

She wears it like that because her hair is dyed red frequently on victorious, so her hair is slowly falling out, and, with her hair down, it looks weird, so in a ponytail, it doesn't that's why it is signature.

She Started Crying About Her Hair Like No One Cares about your hair

I get the part where she cries about her hair seemingly for attention but I don't see the problem with the appearance of her hair, it's just a ponytail.

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28 She called herself the "New" and "Improved" Avril Lavigne

Shut the hell up! Avril is way more talented than you and your whiny voice so don't even compare yourself to her! - Popsicles

Avril is better

What a BITCH!

29 Mariah Carey wannabe

Mariah Carey is good. Unlike this wannabe. I don't even see why a female chipmunk on helium is famous.

Mariah Carey is great, this little girl isn't anything like her, but she is desperate to be.

Mariah Carey is the best diva in the history of divas and Ariana is just trying to be like her.

Mariah sucks and is fat and ugly, why would anybody even want to be like her in the first place? She's a skank and her music sucks!

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30 She is spoiled

She wants to be carried around like a little baby she is so stuck up

Okay I love Ariana Grande but I agree with this. I found this thing that said as a kid she got almost $3000 pocket money every month. I'm not sure it's true though.

Whoever said the thing about Sophia grace I so agree with that!


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31 She's a skank

I know she may hate African Americans but I'm an African american. Well I'm actually mixed but I'm a big fan of ariana grande!


You can't just going around calling people skanks, let her do what she wants, it's probably just a stupid contract making her have to do stuff.

She is 22 years old she can do what she wants

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32 She is rude


No you haters are the ones who are rude

why because the only thing she knows how to do is crap about people when she's jealous. research and you'll find the most messed up cringe worthy things ariana has said to Victoria and to others just for people to hate them...

33 She can't act

She was the worst on Victorious. Victoria and Elizabeth put their whole heart into their character, but Ariana didn't even care!

I'm a stage actor, right? I'm no expert critic, but I have somewhat of an eye for performance quality. Victorious was never the best-acted show, but Victoria Justice put energy and charisma into her character at the very least. Ariana Grande was just lazy because she was allowed to be. She is "Pretty and talented" (I wish I could make those quotes bigger because I definitely don't agree with that), and in this day and age, that has all too much bearing on your popularity in today's society.

She literally makes 4Kidz sound like a bunch of perfect, strong, energetic actors. And you know which terrible starlet Nickelodeon likes the most out of all other teen actors? Solely Ariana Grande, an American-hating, fake music artist-fantasizing jerk that definitely does not deserve more praise than most other music artists in the universe. That does it. I'd rather watch a Happy Madison flick than the modern Dan Schneider Nickcoms. I'm not jealous. I think Ariana Grande can be compared to Kristen Stewart in terms of acting talent. Even Selenators are better than Arianators.

Yes she cann

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34 Her relationship with Big Sean

Today's fashion is to disrespect women to the highest and what's the best group to do so? Well, just look at abortion rate and fatherless home within any group of human in your country and you'll get your answer. But to be honest we both know that number mean nothing compared to individual experience, yet we all know your a racist thinking you have the right to protect your group. :) magnifique

Really? She wants to go out with a guy who literally sings "Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ASS"?

I even heard that Big Sean hated Ariana Grande

I hope Big Sean/Jai Brooks beats up Selena Gomez like a teenage white man after breakig up with her the same way he did with Ariana Grande!

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35 She is best friends with Khloe Kardashian

Ck up divasThey are such stuck - Stevenuniversefangirl

So what?

Doesn't matter... I like Ariana anyways. I'm just bored on TheTopTens.


36 She doesn't show her fans respect

Sounds about right. Ariana truly has no self respect let alone respect to her fans. People look up to her, yet she walks all over them, and STILL they idolize her. Stop it

37 She made fun of Jennifer Lawrence

Your comment explains why Arianators take it the extra mile. - The Ultimate Daredevil

God, I've never really liked her that much and thought she was full of herself but when she made fun of Jen I was pissed. Like I get she was in snl and that was probably written for her and all but she took it too far. She made fun of her in a bitchy way and acted like Jen was trying to hard to be relatable or to be famous but in reality, Ariana is the one trying so hard to fit in to Hollywood. She can live her life and do what she wants but when she messes with Jen, I have to say something.

38 She thinks she's better than most celebrities

She shouldn't think this when it comes down to success and fans. I mean Adele is a much greater singer and is Taylor swift. They have won many awards, way more than Ariana

No way I know many celebs better then her even zayn is better and I don't LIKE ZAYN

Just full of her self

Ariana grande is beautiful and she's better singing than anyone in the world because she knows how to sing really high pitches and that's beautiful

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39 She think what she does is super cool

How do u think she got this many haters?

Wow... if I were Ariana I would think I was awesome too! She has gotten so far so can you stop dissing her because of that?!

Ariana is awesome stop lying and by the way I'm a big fan of Ariana Grand and she has a beautiful voice and beautiful hair. Now stop lying because yall are making everything worse.


40 She called Amy Adams ugly

What a butthurt bastard. I do not care how anyone looks. If they are sexy, I must go out with them. If they are ugly, so?

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1. She hates America and Americans
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2. She hates America and Americans
3. She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray

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