Top Ten Reasons to Hate Ariana Grande

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41 She dissed Kourtney Kardashian

I am actually surprised that she did that considering the belief that she demands people to love the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, you name it... What's so great about Kourtney Kardashian anyways?! I will admit. The Kardashians actually find ways to make their lives good for themselves compared to Honey Boo Boo's whole family. Speaking of which, I will seriously murder Ariana Grande if she demands us to like Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, Toddlers & Tiaras and many other TLC Schelpfests. - The Ultimate Daredevil

42 She said that Nintendo should go bankrupt

She said what!?!?!?! Wait until I get my hands on her!!!!! - nintendofan126

GET HER, NintendoFAN126! This girl is probably even worse than whoever made "Top 10 Reasons to Hate Super Mario 64", one masterpiece Ariana Grande would hate.

She is so dumb she probably hates it because she never has time to play it... She is always busy strutting on stage like a white trash tramp

Not just Super Mario 64, but many Mario game sin the late 20th Century in general.

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43 Ariana screamed at her fans at the Kids Choice Awards

I think this is just garbage. Everyone throws themselves over Ariana and thinks she is so nice, but yelling at her fans on a kids program? What happened was Ariana's disgusting fans were screaming her name and trying to see her ugly plastic face, and she yelled and said "OK! ALRIGHT! " Ugh, she is such a fake!

So rude


44 She called Carrie Underwood fake and untalented

Not an Ariana Grande fan, but so true! Carrie Underwood is literally Hitler

No wonder she's so overrated! >:(

45 She called Anna Kournikova ugly

How f'in dare you be jealous in general, Whoriana Grande. You are lucky you are easy on the eyes, Ariana Grande-Butera, but you are plastic compared to the girls you call ugly. Well, don't you dare flip at us when we state that we do not like Planned Parenthood, Justin Bieber (before jailbreak), Jacob Sartorius, Bratz (especially Bratz: The Movie), Nicole Arbour, 2010s Dan Schneider Nickcoms, Miley Cyrus (2013-2016), the Southern accent or anti-feminism. I hope Nat Wolff beats you up if you are jealous of Selena Gomez for winning his heart. Except Selena Gomez is too needy with boyfriends, so we would not be surprised that they broke up with a grudge.

46 She was on Victorious

One of the worst teen sitcoms ever!

I liked that show but it made the main character look all perfect

I highly disagree! Like I am not a fan f her AT ALL! But I don't think you guys should blame it because of the show?! I've watched it ever since I was a kid and I loved singing her and her crew gang had inspired me in the musical way! so I disagree with #50 but at the same time I really am not a big fan!

Oh wow she was in Victorious we are now all gonna turn on her and hate her for life because of that! At least she was on T.V. and became famous whereas you're just stuck here writing hate comments about some amazing girl and half of this isn't even true!

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47 She used Jai Brooks and Big Sean

Jai Brooks: One less problem without you! *beats up Ariana Grande, which we want*

Mmmhmmm true


48 She barely has any hair and always wears extensions

So? She had to always dye her hair red for Victorious and it started to fall out!

She looks like a dog

Hhaha yh agree

Its not her fqault she died it and straigtened her hair too much

49 She thinks she is so radical


And? I bet if you were as successful as Ari you would think that about yourself too.

50 She likes Planned Parenthood

Watch the videos leaked. Then you'll understand.

So Planned Parenthood is overrated?

At least she's not one of these fundamentalist terrorists that shoot up clinics under the name of God.


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51 She acts like every person on new shows on Disney

Her voice sounds like a dying squirrel and she acts like new people on the new Disney Channel shows like, Liv and Maddie, K.C Undercover, and the Disney movie Descendants. Ariana acts so much like Dove Cameron, because they both act like their so popular and famous. But "sadly.. Not" they aren't.

She acts like every person on new shows on Nickelodeon as well! And you know what? She is a dainty, overly favored Nickelodeon girl.

52 She copies Mariah Carey



53 She's a diva

Diva is okay, she is supposed to be herself not a wannabe and I thought she was a role model most of her fans are small and you diva is okay and I'm eleven I hope you die

Diva- is when you deserve it. When others give you this "status", but not when you are just so arrogant and think too much about yourself to the point you can't see who you really are.

She thinks she can be a Mariah Carey diva, but she sucks!

So showy offy

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54 She's dressing like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears

Please don't Ariana we can't lose another one - RockStarr

She a Miley Cyrus wannabe too

True look at her every outfit over shot like mieley Cyrus and fancy and shot like briney spear I HAVE ALREADY SAID SHE IS A CHEATER LIER CHEAP AND A DIRTY GIRL

55 She is wearing those high heels that make her fall

Hope that someone will die one day is just wrong what if I say I hope you die

I hope one day she dies from that

So? Who cares? It's her choice (maybe not, she could be forced to) and by the way, she's gotten way further in life than you have. You just write mean comments about celebrities.

I hope one day she falls in public T.V.. That would be hilarious!

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56 She hates her fans

This has basically been repeated like 10 times now go and waster your time on something else

Where ever she is now its because of her fans

Stupid plastic girl

No wonder she gets so much praise! >:(

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57 Her go-go boots Her go-go boots

They're her signature boots do you really need to diss her for that?

Ariana Grande is nothing like GoGo Tomago. She's like Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land. Why? Because e of her annoying voice, weak character, bad appearance, etc...

I love her go-go boots lol

Oh, wait... no... Selena Gomez is like Princess Daisy and GoGo Tomago... Ariana Grande is much like Princess Peach, I mean to say. Don't defend these two for being dainty. What's next, Nickelodeon? If you had a Mario cartoon, you will make it like Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures and Sonic X combined, to the point where the T.V. series should more likely be called "Peach"?

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58 She used Windows ME as a kid

What's wrong with that


59 She is going to portray Laura in an animated film called "Underdogs"

Lol, no one wants to see that movie

And who gives a crap about that? At least she's getting a chance at starring in a movie, it's not like you will ever.

The only 2015 blockbuster that could ever be inferior to Metegol (SCREW YOU, NICKELODEON AND THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY! ), is Strange Magic. And I, Kieran Glen Harris Stark could star in a movie with Ariana Grande (it's called "Basebrawl"). AND WHY DO YOU WISH ARIANA GRANDE WERE IN A MOVIE?! THE WORLD CAN DO WITHOUT ARIANA GRANDE! AND SHE NEEDS MORE HATE FOR BEING RACIST, WISHING HER FANS WERE DEAD AND LIKING JUSTIN BIEBER, NO PRAISE FOR THAT!

60 She doesn't respect her fans

She wanted them to die like what we can make u unfamous rn

Yes she does one time she suprisesd one of her fans by giving her fan a makeover

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2. She hates America and Americans
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