Top Ten Reasons to Hate Ariana Grande

Reading this you'll realize why you should hate Ariana grande. There's only 5 reasons

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81 Her compulsive need to be perfect

Honestly, I can't even tell if she's a human or not

She ALWAYS shoots from her left side, like Jesus, calm down

82 Ariana makes the worst decisions.

When Ariana starred in "Victorious", she wore wigs and makeup to make her look pretty and attractive. But when Sam and Cat aired on T.V., Ariana was so stupid to start bleaching her hair to make it the color she wants it to be, and doesn't realize it's making her hair gray and brown? Since she bleached it, it's all ruined. After Victorious, Ariana just had to get plastic surgery, so she didn't have to wear as much makeup, because she's lazy. So, now she looks like a drowned rat, and thinks her decisions are the best ones she has made in her life.


Oh wow who cares? It's not your life it hers so deal with it

83 She is overly modern

Trying to go the extra mile it's not working

84 She is clumsy

In 5 inch heels she walks really well

I am clumsy to to do hate me huh huh and I am only 12

She falls a lot

Hope she does

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85 She licks donuts and put them back

I thought that 2as already number 7! - Arianagrandefan

No wonder Justin Bieber likes her! >:(

86 She says rumors about Victoria
87 She is too inappropriate for children yet they're her fans

You're just repeating stuff!

88 In almost all of her music videos she is almost naked
89 She does it for the money
90 Her singing is horrible
91 She doesn't like Nintendo

Who cares? People have the right to dislike something. You need ant say anything because you'Ve got 5 pages of reasons to hate Ari Grande

You've said this like, 3 times now

92 She tries to look hot for her fans to like her even more

So then have a career only, Ariana Grande. Be a pornist! - The Ultimate Daredevil, finding nicer ways to talk to Whoriana Grande

93 She as extremely annoying in sam and cat

Yes her voice

No she's NOT

94 Her attitude

She was Selena Gomez's envious arch-rival once. Shame on you, Disney Channel and especially Nickelodeon!

You said this one already - Arianagrandefan


95 She is disgusting


96 She laughed about Laura Bush
97 She compares herself to Rihanna
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1. She hates America and Americans
2. She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray
3. She wants her fans to die
1. Her high notes in her music
2. Her music is so generic and all sounds the same!
3. Her fans
1. Her music
2. She hates America and Americans
3. She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray

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