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D.W. always talks about that stupid snowball

That stupid snowball you speak of also managed to work its way into a fandom, creating an entire plot based on it. D.W talks about it for 2 reasons. First of all she cared for that snowball because as I quote "it represents her great memories of winter". she cared about that snowball taking extreme pre-cautions, she deserves the right. second of all the writers of the plot consider it to be humourous, a good plot device and will actract attention in marketing. And it did, it became one of the most memorable thing about the most memorable show in my opinion - Dhushan

That's how little kids are.

I don't know who made this list, but, sevenlizards, is that you? - Skullkid755

Muffy is a showoff

This is so wrong

Muffy is such a narcissistic, spoiled brat who acts like a celebrity and think she’s better than everyone else. God voice gives me a migraine. If she ever gets me into trouble or blackmails me I would totally give her a punch in the mouth to keep her trap shut!

She is my least favorite.

Yes she can be a show off but not a lot.

D.W. is mean to Arthur's dog

She needs to be slapped badly

Arthurs dog (pal) is a part of the family as D.W clearly stated. she even said that she cares for him. but in all families they are the squabbles, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like Pal. - Dhushan

DW is a big idiot

1990s before Dora the Explorer...Dora Winifred Read wow no wonder they only call her by D.W. She would be teased by her first and middle names being rather oldish.

Dhushan, you're douche. Leave DW haters alone and get the hell off here. Boring stuff rocks.

First of all you would be considered an idiot if you don't understand what an antagonist is. She adds a plot to the story. A some-what antagonist is what makes the story interesting. if you don't have those factors you will get a plot as bad as sesame street - Dhushan

Don't judge a show by one character.

People brag about Arthur way too much

If you are indicating that people brag too much about arthur as in saying "this is the greatest show", if so or anything related to that. figure it out sherlock, they are saying that because IT is a good show and the greatest in my opinion - Dhushan

Some do some don't.

Francine is mean

Squidward: Cheer up, SpongeBob. I know someone who still likes you. SpongeBob: Really? You do, Squidward? Squidward: Yeah, your grandma!

Francine is another one of my least favourite characters in this dumb show! SHE'S A HORRIBLE AND IDIOTIC WITCH! Why would Arthur or the other characters want to be friends with her? She's a selfish and self-centered hypocrite who enjoys bullying others! She picks on others whether they wear glasses or their loose teeth haven't come out yet (mainly Arthur), she insults and offends people, she forces people to do stuff they don't want to be part of, and SHE COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT IT! She must really enjoy picking on others doesn't she? When Arthur first wore glasses she picked on him and called him "four-eyes", when he had a loose tooth she called him a baby and made the others join her in bullying him. What an idiot! Francine deserves to get Power-Up Punched in the face and beaten up by a Lucario and frozen solid by a Lapras' Ice Beam just to shut her trap!

I can't believe that when Francine is mean to Arthur, he just likes or loves her more?

If Francine was constantly picking on me for wearing glasses or having a loose tooth, I'd teach her a lesson by using my Drapion and threatening to feed her to it if she kept up the bullying.

Arthur only wear glasses so D.W. can make fun of him

If you watch it would you would see that arthur at his first time going to the sugar bowl HE HAS NO GLASSES ON AND HE CAN SEE just stick with the plot film makers

That's like saying half the people in the world wear glasses so people can make fun of them, he wears glasses to improve his eyesight. in the episode where arthur is getting his glasses, he acctually tries to purposely avoid it - Dhushan

Has anyone read the first Arthur book? He got glasses so he could see better! - CardboardBox

Umm... No, it was Arthur's NOSE that was the first book, not Arthur's EYES. Get it right.

Bad Plots

Mind it, this show was made for young ages. too complicated plots will not bring veiwers. However arthur still managed to overcome it with making good plots, easily understood, with good humor and moral lessons. each episode has its own plot that makes it intresting. if it had a bad plot how could it rise to the top of kid T.V. shows - Dhushan

DW and Arthur are always arguing

That is what brothers and sisters are.

They probably get consequences for it if they did. Honestly, I've seen Arthur a lot as a kid and I hardly ever saw Arthur and D.W. argue.

They have argued, but it doesn't matter, they still care and love each other. agrueing doesn't make a show bad, it just adds real life elements to it. - Dhushan

It's boring

Boring is an opinion, just like my opinion of this comment is "stupid". Could arthur rise to fame if the plot was as you say, boring - Dhushan

No. It's worse than boring. It's offensive mainly because of its parodies.

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Arthur has some mean characters

No doubt about that. And many of them happen to be younger than adults.

Buster thinks Aliens did anything

A child's imagination. A way to show that kids can think as well. and how do you know they didn't. have any solid evidence. Buster is just thinking, creating, more then most people acctually. - Dhushan

Brain is such a know-it-all

There will always be know-it-alls. So get over them!

True but he is still a good friend.

Brain makes me cringe

Buster thinks aliens do everything

He's 8 years old that's what 8 year olds do.

Meanie heads

What do you mean by "meanie heads"

Bad artwork

Whoever hates this is ugly.

Whoever can't stand those who like this list ugly and shouldn't be here EVER.

Who ever likes this list is ugly.

The show teaches kids to argue
George, Sue Ellen and Fern are boring


Fern is NOT boring, she is the best

George may be Boring, But you got to admit he’s really smart, kind, and he makes friends with a Kid that has Asperger syndrome named Carl Gould.

Sue Ellen's name makes me cringe

PBS Kids brags about it too much
It teaches kids to argue

No it teaches kids not to argue. Please remove this list.

This Show Actually Does The Exact Opposite Of What This Item Says Right Here So It Should Be Called

That's already on the list.

DW's voice

What I hate about DW's voice is her scream. In fact, I've hated high-pitched screams from kids and girl-turned-women since I was younger.

D.W.'s first name is Dora.

At least she isn't an explorer

George is boring

Boredom's in the eye of the beholder.

I'm pretty sure this person who wrote the "Eye of the Beholder" was listening to Metallica while adding this.

Arthur and D.W are always arguing over the remote

Give Arthur his own T.V.. Then this won't happen as much.

You can't tell what animal some of the characters are

My second grade teacher told me that Arthur was a "Prairie Dog", which is what I believed for a long time, until I found out on the web he was an AARDVARK!

That's why we have the internet for.

Dumb dreams

They are so cringey

Arthur whines aggressively

Uh, no, that would be Caillou that whines a lot.

Tell me about it

He is such an agressive brat it makes morbucks from powerpuff girls look like babybop from barney

Arthur is very childish for his age

They should've made him and his friends only 5 or 6.

No crossover characters

Mr. Rogers was in one

He won't shut up
D.W is ugly

She is so ugly I can't even look at her face

Arthur is too Smart for Little Kids

They say he is 8 but they act 12 with lockers, hard work, hanging out bully themselves. We never did this when I was 8.

It was meant for children Arthur's age, with overprotective parents. And besides, why so they even bother teaching Children about swear words?

D.W. is so picky

She got over her hate of spinach in one episode.

It is offensive to Hindu people

HOW?!?! Are marshmallows offensive to Canadians now? - Puga

It is overseen
Muffy's dress
Arthur asks stupid questions
His games are too simple
The Tibble twins are ugly

This is the only reason I hate Arthur.

It's still on air
He never gets punished

Yeah he did actually get punished in Arthur's Big Hit.

Binky always bullies George

Binky takes George's stuff. This show has to be permanently.

It teaches children to hit people
DW's Ugly Tantrums
Binky should have been the main character

He was made out to be a bully when he was really just a troubled teen and yeah

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