Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Autistic Screeching Meme

Because someone was actually heartless enough to make a meme like this. If this is where society is heading then it should be quite obvious why aliens never even visit us.

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1 It's offensive

I dislike it too, but don't take it too seriously - BorisRule

What a big gay list kek

I could tolerate some autism jokes, not all of them. I think that the meme is unnecessary and rather very peculiar, to be honest, but I don't mind it as much. - Kevinsidis

Why is everyone getting so ticked off over me being rightfully offended? Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for shock humor but this isn't funny to begin with. It's just too far.

Somebody please respond back to me.

2 It stereotypes people with autism as bad people

So do some other memes too. - AlphaQ

So do anti- liberal memes... what's your point?

There's worse memes out there, you know. - Swellow

3 It's unfunny

I think aragorn was just lazy and decided to speed through a list without thinking. - EDT

Humour is subjected. Not everyone finds the same thing funny, but the same can be said about not everyone finding the same thing not to be funny. - Swellow

Humor's purely subjective, someone that might not be funny to you, can possibly be funny to someone else.

Guy there’s no need to be super offended over it. It’s just created just for a few laughs and this meme is kind of dying already. - AlphaQ

4 It's annoying

Just about as annoying as the people ranting about it and taking it seriously. - Swellow

You know what's just as annoying? People taking memes seriously...

5 It's horrendous

I don’t disagree, but isn’t the list reasons why it’s horrendous? - irises

6 It's unfair to people with autism

Life isn't fair - TwilightKitsune

*COUGHS* Life's full of unfair things...

Life isn’t that fair either. - AlphaQ

7 It's more insulting than any other autism meme

I don't know why you're getting offended over it, it's just something people do for craps and giggles - TwilightKitsune

I can handle other autism memes, but this one just doesn't work in my opinion.

Opinions and facts are NOT the same thing...

That's your opinion, noot a fact. some may say that one is tame compared too others - RustyNail

8 It's overrated

You're a good person Aragorn... but saying something is overrated is not a legitimate reason to hate something.

9 It's proof that memes cannot be taken seriously

Dude. Since the beginning, memes weren't taken seriously. And as an autistic, I love being satire to myself.

Memes never were supposed to be taken seriously...

Hey look, another bad list made by a good user - SpectralOwl

...The whole point of memes is that they aren't supposed to be taken seriously. - Swellow

10 It has bad art

Really aragorn - iliekpiez

The Contenders

11 It’s just for jokes

Even if it was for jokes it still isn't funny. Anyone who does find it funny, please don't be around me (and before you all tell me to take a joke, I can already handle autism jokes. I just thought this was too stupid so go ahead and sue me).

Once again, memes aren't supposed to be taken seriously. - Swellow

...Which is why you shouldn't make a big deal out of it. - RustyNail

That's what all memes are for...

12 It’s just for Cartoon Network Mad

Uh nope, that show is over by now and NOT once was that meme mentioned in that show.

Imagine if they add that there

13 It's made for new ringtones

I don't know one ringtone that has the words "AUTISTIC SCREECHING" on it but okay...

14 It's made for merchandise

How do you make merch out of a meme, Aragorn didn't add this on the list though - B1ueNew

15 It’s for comedy movies

I haven't see any "comedy movie" using this meme but okay...

16 It's for pranks
17 It's for alarm clocks
18 It's made for Teen Titans Go!
19 It's used for bad Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sitcoms
20 It's used for Teen Titans Go!
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