I Regret This List Already. Now I Demand an Apology

Are people still fussing and moaning about this list? Good grief...

I can already explain. This was a rushed list where I hadn't had enough time to think it through and I ended up submitting it, it's where I had thoughts about retiring again so I wanted to get as many lists as finished as possible. Then after adding it I had loads of people trashing me for it even though I literally said in a few comments that I can handle autism jokes, just not this one. Yes this list of mine wasn't a smart move but none of you were any better. You all verbally attacked me with aggressive comments instead of just keeping it cool and giving me constructive criticism. Hell even some users on that list thought you were going too far. (I'm just saying that there's a difference between criticism and just being a jerk). I only deleted my whole account because I was sick and tired of getting harsh criticism for my list and what's worse is that I couldn't even delete it. Even if I wanted to I couldn't because admin only deletes lists he deems offensive. And then I came back with another account called SauronTheDestroyer. Now I'll admit this one wasn't a good idea because it's where I started acting all angry and even made lists of reasons to hate people and why hate is better than love. I deleted it because I couldn't delete those two lists of mine (like I said, admin's choices of deleting lists are complicated). One reason why I acted that way was because I was honestly just tired of being bothered online (which mainly had to do with a certain user harrassing me on my old list of bands everyone is sick of hearing about). I should've known it would only make things worse but now it's in the past. All I'm saying right now is that my stuff is in the past so move on with your lives already. I'm no politically correct wussy. I'm no SJW (hell I've even made a few lists poking fun at them on my old account. And it already takes a lot for me to even get offended because I would usually think of things that are ten times more offensive). I'm none of that stuff. But I didn't even think this meme was funny and I still don't to this day (nothing and I mean nothing is going to change my opinion about it). Yet you people say I said it was factually unfunny. When did I say that? I'm already aware that humor is subjective and I never said that this stupid meme was factually unfunny (yes I said it was more insulting than any other autism meme but regardless, I didn't say it was factually more insulting).

And about the autistic screeching meme itself, I just don't like it okay? I didn't think it was well thought out or clever enough. I can handle politically incorrect humor. I just thought it was bad stereotyping to autists (how autists are stereotyped as bad influences) and to be honest I'm not really one to encourage stereotypes in the first place. I get there are some questionable autists out there but they're a very small group and if you look past them you'll know that there are some good and intelligent autists that do exist. I try to not fit any bad autism stereotypes and if I do then I apologize for it. Not all autists are violent, selfish and immature lost causes who only care for themselves. There's a lot more to autistic people than just those certain bad stereotypes. And like I said, I can already handle autism jokes (heck I would be even more offended if someone were to advocate violence and hatred against autists). And I didn't know it was already dying so I apologize for that. Also I didn't know that making a list about it was unnecessary (especially since it was already dying like I said) but now I know. And to be honest, I wasn't even aware of how serious I was being (heck I honestly didn't think I was being that serious). I do get that there are times when someone is taking something too seriously but I wasn't aware of it. I really wasn't. And I apologize for that. I wasn't aware of it and I didn't know being offended by certain things leads to consequences. But now I know. That's all I'm gonna say. All I'm saying is that I'm not just sorry for this list, but all the other trash I've done on this site. But now I want an apology for all the aggressiveness you all gave to me. I mean it because I didn't deserve it at all. I feel like my anger and frustration really was justified because none of you had to go too far with berating me over a stupid list I made. If you apologize to me then I'll apologize to you back. Simple as that. We can just forget all this ever happened and move on with our lives already.

Note: I mainly mean an apology from those who barely explained what was wrong with the list. Those of you who did explain enough in a constructive manner, you guys are cool.


It's ok.I just hope people will stop being rude to you. - DarkBoi-X

I forgive you, I don't even think the list was bad, Apparently people can't take opinions on the site anymore - B1ueNew

I can't say much except I hope things get better. I wasn't involved in this squabble so I can't say too much about that. - visitor

I've made some really dumb mistakes in the internet that I'm not happy with. I get what your list was about, but yes, I understand your frustration.

I do think you're better than what you expect yourself. Trust me, you need to make the most of it in the future, as there'll be a lot of important moments during your 20s.

Also, regarding your site, I hope you rebuild your reputation and legacy. - CrimsonShark

You shouldn't have to explain anything to anyone. Those who bitch and moan...let them; it's their problem not yours. Just carry on with what you do and how you do it. Be fearless. - Britgirl

I don't have a problem with you not liking a certain meme, I just think that the list was pointless and unnecessary to every regard. - visitor

@CaptainMowzker-Another reason was that I got tired of people stereotyping autists as bad and I just want people to know that there are actually some good autists in the world. - visitor

I still don't get why you deleted your account over this - TwilightKitsune

I couldn't delete the whole thing. - visitor

Apology accepted, I thought it was a little oversensitive but it's okay mate. - AlphaQ

I honestly could've done worse. - visitor

To be honest I thought this was a great list from the very beggining, I honestly don't know why it got so hated - darthvadern

I forgive you. And honestly I didn't think the list was too bad either, mainly because I don't care for the meme.

I caught aware of this and decided to make a post defending you because I know deep down you're still a good user who has potential and effort. Just stay confident. - visitor