Top Ten Reasons to Hate Avril Lavigne

If I had to pick one pop star to wipe off the face of the planet, I'd pick Avril Lavigne because she is a dumb poser who deserves no fans.
People who like her are either on drugs or are really dumb, only 6 year old punk posers trying to be PUNK RAAAWK and HARDFRIGGINCOREKKBAI and GRUNNNGEHAHA like her. She is the worst person ever.
She is so annoying, in every way. Her personality is dull and one dimensional, her music ability is terrible, and her lyrics are meaningless and empty. She is a stupid 28 year old desperatly trying to reverse aging and be 17, I can't wait until pop culture completely discards her.
Everyone should hate her, only first world pampered suburban kids who don't know anything less than pure luxury and have no real problems but like to pretend can relate to her "i had this boyfriend who I only liked because he is hot and now his hangover is done so he realizes he only hooked up with me because he was drunk so now we are over" lyrics.
Can music back into the early 2000's and earlier when it was actually good, throw out autotune and make sure potential songs either have singing and dancing ability (Michael Jackson) or can play insurments (The Beatles) and not just look hot (all pop stars)? If so, lets start by taking Avril Lavigne by the hair and lock her in jail, along with everyone else who had disgraced music, that would be great.
She isn't even pretty, her hair is a bad blounde with dumb streaks, and she wears way to much makeup, like her 10 pounds of eyeliner that make me want to vomit whenever someone throws a poster around, and her fashion sense is for teenyboppers, and only bubblegum pop artists pretending to be punk (like this sub human) wears.
Whoever thinks she is punk is too dumb for me to fix, just educate yourself. Start listening to the ramones, sex pistols, dead kennedys, dead boys, new york dolls, etc. Ok? Just...don't talk to me until you do.
I hate it when people think they are all hardcore because they worship avril lavigne, the truth is avril lavigne is nothing but a talentless barbie. A poser. I hope she just throws her guitar out the window and takes a vow of silence.
One day the stars will align and people will learn that whatever sounds SHE makes is not music will happen when dubstep, the most disgusting thing ever takes over and rock makes a comeback thanks to poor white kids who realize they need to revive music once more.
Many rock artists may not be the best singers, or the best at playing, but at least they sing and play, and have songs with meaning. Not like Avril Lavigne, the autotuned, arrogant idiot.

The Top Ten

1 She is a punk poser

Dubstep is disgusting?! Well let me tell you, YOU are disgusting! Dubstep is amazing and was always one of my favorite! Always will be! Are you like, 12? Grow up and learn how to respect opinions! - Abby Wubberman

Avril Lavigne is NOT a poser! Shes not even punk you moron. I totally disagree with the idiot who made this dumb list in the first place! What a big fat waste of your time!

I disagree so much with ToptenPizza. Avril Lavigne was amazing always. Her career is going down and down but she is an excellent artist. - keyson

Punk? It's Obvious that you don't know what punk is all about. It's not like Avril Lavigne plays a mid-sixties garage punk " anti-establishement, I hate the world " or 1977 punk kind of music. She's just a pop-rock singer ( You don't have to look further or search something else than that ).

2 She has no talent

I love how many 6 year olds are white-knighting her lmao.

She has AWESOME talent. Just because of this I listened to a sex pistols song and they SUCK. Avril Lavigne is WAY BETTER than them. So wake up and be in the real world won't you?

Avril Lavigne has an AMAZING talent and is an awesome singer!

She sounds like a deaf cat on heroin dying 9 times over while giving birth to an meth addicted elephant who is trying to eat a tiger having an organism while smoking marijuana. Her 3 cord guitar playing sounds like a group of caws cawing while they crash into the trash can filled with drunk 2 year olds doing the raccoons while their parents hump the wrappers. - ToptenPizza

3 She doesn't know who the Sex Pistols are

I'm not a huge fan of her and I don't hate the Sex pistols but that's a dumb reason to hate someone. - RoseWeasley

So? Nor do I! Who cares if she doesn't know about your favorite band? - AnonymousChick

Um, yeah. Her most recent song is the opposite of punk. Honestly it's been a while since she's done a "punk song" - AnonymousChick

Who the hell cares who the stupid sex pistols are?! I sure don't! What a dumb name anyways! I love Avril Lavigne and her music and the moron who made this list can just shut up about it and love the dumb sex pistols!

If you don't know the Sex Pistols, you have no right to call them dumb. - RoseWeasley

That's a stupid reason.

4 Her songs have bad lyrics

"She wants to go home, but nobody's home! It's where she lies, broken inside! With no place to go! No place to go! To dry her eyes! Broken Inside! Was that written by a six year old, or the best singer on earth. - AnonymousChick

Nobody's Home is the song of my life. My older cousin betrayed me, and is now a mess of alcohol and drug addiction. This song touches me and makes me think of her. AND you're SAYING SHE HAS BAD LYRICS!?!?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!

Nobody's Home had a big impact on me. Why? The lyrics.

Just because one of her songs has bad lyrics does NOT mean all her songs are bad. I like them all!

5 Let Go is a bad album

I love this album!

I don't really like Avril Lavigne. Some of her older songs from 2002 to 2003 to 2004 '05 '06. Some okay songs there. But I hate her songs from 2007-present. It is just awful.

It is a terrible album, it features the worst songs a drunk newborn ape could've written better, with vocals my little sister is better at (her pipes are very rusty) and guitar playing that is worse than the sound of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Brittney Spears combined, the whole album just emits an ear splitting shreak that gives everyone cancer. - ToptenPizza

Should I be angry? Or should I be laughing 'cause what you wrote here is stupid. Have you ever even hears a drunk newborn ape sing? Have you ever heard Justing Beiber, Nikki Minaj, And Brittany Spears mash up? If not, be quiet. - AnonymousChick

Hey ToptenPizza, SHUT THE HELL UP!

6 Girlfriend is the worst song ever

I hate you ToptenPizza. I LIKE this song. So maybe you can just go and shut your stupid mouth.

It is about how Avril Lavigne's poop doesn't stink and how every guy ever has a crush on her, and she is such a teeny bopping scene kid wannabe she walks in a place and steals everyone's boyfriends and cheats on them all. - ToptenPizza

You gave love a bad name

7 She is an egotistical snob

Right now ToptenPizza I'm thinking your more of the snob.


She is the snobbiest of all snobs ever to be honest

She thinks she is such a hardcore punk RAAAWKER who is such a townie grunge girl who will never grow up, she will NEVER get respect in punk, emo, scene, or grunge culture EVER because they aren't idiot 10 year olds and know good music when they see it. - ToptenPizza

If you say she doesn't deserve fans, why does she have fans? Obviously because God knows she deserves her fans. Maybe you write these rumors because you're jealous. - BellaRuiz

Write now I'm thiking that you ToptenPizza is the bigger snob. Avril ROCKS!

8 She thinks she is saving rock and roll

She is only making it worse.

Was there ever a bigger moron than you ToptenPizza to walk the face of the earth?! You completely made that up!

Nope, you are contributing to the DEATH, making everyone think she is princess punk, more like princess crap, she deserves no fame, so many great female punk artists are underviewed and she gets famous? - ToptenPizza

9 Her songs are repetitive

Avril lavigne songs:

100% awesome

Avril lavigne songs:

100% good

Avril lavigne songs:

100% amazing

Avril lavigne songs:

50%: dating

25%: I'm so townie

5%: I'm so kawaii


0%: good songs. - ToptenPizza

10 She publicly put down her own home town of Napanee

She is a disgrace she spit on somebody.



Dude I'm from Napanee and I have to say she's right.

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11 Her songs are one-dimensional

Agreed I dislike her so much

12 She dated Chloe Bennet, meaning she's bisexual

She dated a girl? A girl night-out doesn't mean that she ended the night having sex with her. There's no proof that she had intimate relations with her. And even if she had, it's no reason to hate someone. It could have been an experimental phase of her.

Wow thought we left this "I hate people if they are a bit different than me" crap back in high school. A scientific study showed that almost all women are bisexual. There is no reason to hate someone because of that. If you want to hate her, go ahead, but not because of that.

13 She claimed to be this generation's Sid Vicious
14 Her songs are mostly written by producers
15 She's not smart

Could you all please stop avril is like her own genre. When I was ten I was that kid who would hide in the bathroom when JB came on. Now I just stay and deal with it and have a good time anyway. I'm gonna be honest I like some songs by avril but I also don't like some heck I have some songs by the witlams that I skip over, it doesn't neccesarily mean they are bad I just don't enjoy them and I'm willing to bet that the (probably) boy who wrote this complains like ten year old me when avril comes on but you know what he probably has some songs by sex pistols he doesn't like. I'm also willing to bet he is a slightly racist african american boy who has some deep set problem with white girls. Oh by the way the word of any person who says "SHE'S A BYSEXUAL" in a list of reasons to hate her is a dissapointment because THAT is absolutely no reason to hate someone IT IS HOWEVER A CLOSEMINDED, ARROGANT REMARK THAT A LITTLE BOY WHO HADN'T BEEN RAISED RIGHT WOULD ATTEMPT TO MAKE MEAN ...more - Tbg

16 Now she copies Harajuku style

Now that fashion has taken a turn, this dumb poser wants to be 'kawaii'. She has no respect for culture or pop culture history. She is ignorant, repetitive. And now she will predate on another fashion statement turning it dumb and plain just as she did with punk clothes.

17 She is a noob
18 Her personality is really annoying
19 She spat at someone
20 She sold out after 2004, which is opposite of punk in any meaning
21 She is a poser
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