Top 10 Reasons to Hate Baby Mario


The Top Ten

1 He's Annoying


2 He Always Cries
3 We Don't Need Him In The Game

Shy guy should replace him - RockStarr

4 He Sucks

#BabyMarioSucks Club Is On Now! - RockStarr

5 He's Stupid
6 He's Really Ugly

Looks like a foot - RockStarr

Your foot looks like a baby's face? Call the doctors, call the scientists, call the geneticists - a new mutation is upon us! - Entranced98

7 We Didn't Need Baby Versions Of Characters

Yeah I agree it's such a waste of characters. Mario Kart 9 should never have those characters.

Yep, in Mario Kart it's mainly become a problem from the fact Nintendo are constantly adding baby characters who have had absolutely no role in the series previously to those games. It's quite sad to see other characters put below such fodder as Baby Rosalina, who completely goes against the events of Rosalina's Storybook in Super Mario Galaxy. Baby Mario is fine though, as he played a huge part in the events of the Yoshi's Island series and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. - Entranced98

Baby Daisy is ok but Bm sucks - RockStarr

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