Top Ten 10 Reasons to Hate Barbie

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1 She's girly

To much glitter, makeup, money, pink stuff, and that trash.

I hate barbie so much best list ever! Why do people even like barbie? she is stupid and I want to kill her

I want to kill Barbie sssooo much!

2 She's annoying
3 She's a brat
4 She's overrated
5 Her movies

Her movies are BORING! I never liked her movies, they are not funny or have any cool scenes. It just has pink, glitter, princesses, fashion, popstars, and fairies like any other Barbie movie. I remember when a friend of mine said that the bad guys in Barbie wins and Barbie loses, lol! That should happen! - AnimeDrawer

Barbie is so boring, what's worse it that she is getting a live action movie. - AnimeDrawer

6 Her video games are even worse than Superman 64
7 She's ugly

I want to kill Barbie so bad!

8 She's rude
9 She's for little girls
10 She's wearing terrible outfits

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11 She wars too much make up

Trust me. Rarity is better in fashion than Barbie - NexusUnterganger639

She's having a war with make ups? Wow

Lol jk I know that you mean "wear" and yes she wears too much make up - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

12 She's stereotypical
13 She's greedy
14 She doesn't care about her friends
15 She's more famous than Mario
16 She won't go away
17 She's blonde
18 She's anorexic
19 The fact that she has existed longer than 50 years
20 She is too rich

Gets 1trillion$ without working

wow I'm impressed

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