Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bayonetta

I am going to talk Bayonetta from Super Smash Bros, sometimes I'll talk about her game

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21 She looks like Sarah Palin

The beehive and the glasses. She also has a different type of but still apparently supposed to be endearing but just sounds condescending accent like Sarah Palin.

How? - yunafreya648

22 The way her fans keep insisting she really was the only legit choice as if they knew the full results of the Smash Ballot
23 Her clothes and her hair are one and the same

And of course that's even if you can even call them "clothes". Either way, creepy and actually kind of disgusting.

24 She's getting an Amiibo

Worse, she's getting TWO! And here I was hoping Nintendo had decided not to make her or Cloud into Amiibos after all.

Amazon, stop shoving this never-should-have-been-produced Amiibo in my face just because of all the other Amiibos (Smash and otherwise) I've bought. Show me the Chrom Amiibo that Nintendo promised at E3 and we'll talk.

25 Her game makes no sense

It's not supposed to. Her extreme rudeness and... constant visual reminders that she is a woman were the big, and only real, selling points. The fans of course think that's awesome in and of itself, making me fear all the more for humanity.

So Cereza's both her younger self *and* her daughter? What?

Well it's not for you then :/ - yunafreya648

26 Nintendo cut a trophy for being too sexy for Smash 4's E10+ rating yet included Bayonetta as a playable character without a second thought

I'm no fan of Tharja (yes I have played the game she's from), but it's the principle of the thing.

This is true. The 3DS Smash was supposed to have a trophy of Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening (and indeed had trophies of many of the rest of the characters from that game), but it did not appear in the final product because while Awakening itself was rated T Nintendo still wanted Smash to be rated E10+. Then the Smash Ballot happened and they put in this playable character who's actually even more inappropriate than Tharja ever was even in her own game.

27 Her fans make certain Elsa fans look sane

You mean the ones who keep saying "she's cool" at every opportunity and leave it at that? That say the haters make up lies while they make up lies themselves? That say she's only hated for being oversexualized and being in Smash Bros yet giving no compelling reason (or any reason at all really) why anyone should look past that and love her as much they do themselves? The ones that outright bully other users for daring not to like her? Yeah, I wouldn't go so far as to say they make the Elsa and Frozen fans look sane, but they are just as if not more annoying.

How is her presence in Smash Bros more overhated here or anywhere else than Elsa (as per the "most overhated things" list)? Oh yeah, because the Elsa fans surprisingly aren't getting hyper defense of her like one would expect while the Bayonetta fans are.

Note to fans: saying stuff like "Best female character in smash because the rest are garbage or can't fight." is not going to win anybody over to "your side". The other characters in Smash, male and female alike, are not "garbage" and *can* fight.

The one that keeps trolling this list with their "[other character] sucks" comments, leaves baiting comments ("how? " "so? " "[her games] are not for you"), and typed the offending taunt repeatedly under that listing for example. Elsa fans just have broken caps lock buttons.

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28 Her part in perpetuating that "Villager is EVIL!" meme

That stupid promo poster that had the otherwise wonderful cast now sadly reduced to playing second fiddle to this obnoxious, overrated, word-I-don't-think-I-can-say-here split between a "good" side and "evil" side behind said overrated you-know-what? Villager was on the "evil" side even though neither they nor their game has anything "evil" about them. That "ha ha Villager's actually evil" thing stopped being funny very soon after it started and it sure didn't need a boost (especially not from that insufferable word-not-allowed who dear god I hope isn't in the next Smash game at all).

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1. They are other characters that fit better with Smash Bros
2. She's overpowered
3. People are now happy to be able to use her to beat up undeserving characters
1. People are now happy to be able to use her to beat up undeserving characters
2. Her clothes and her hair are one and the same
3. They are other characters that fit better with Smash Bros
1. She ruined Super Smash Bros.
2. She is not for kids
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